"Hurry up! I feel like drinking and seeing the sites," the three German soldiers laughed as they pulled up next to the curb of Ricks Café Americana.

"Wait a minute Hans … someone has to stay with the car. We can not leave a military issued vehicle unattended with so many enemies around" Dearg smiled at the weaker soldier while Bruno chuckled in the front seat.

"But I wanted to go out and have fun tonight Dearg, why can't Bruno watch the car?"

"Because I have a better chance of meeting fine young women with Bruno, you might scare them off" hopping out of the car both Bruno and Dearg howled in laughter as they walked into the café.

Hans sat in the backseat and huffed "Why do I let them treat me this way? They'll see … one day I'll show them who's top dog."

"Those men are buffoons."

Turning around, Hans saw a beautiful French woman looking him up and down.

"Men who act like children will attract weak and undesirable women, you on the other hand, seem to show class …" Yvonne walked up to the side of the car and began stroking the soldiers' arm "Would you like to show them what type of women you attract monsieur?"

The German soldier nodded dumbfounded and got out of the car. Extending his arm Yvonne took it and began charming Hans until they were laughing like old friends as they marched into Ricks'.