Max entered the pod chambers alone, tip-toeing so that no one would hear him coming. He paused when he saw Maria laying on a glass bed, with a glass top. It looked as if she was floating in the air, a mist the stardust. She was as beautiful as snow white, with her eyes closed and her hands folded upon her stomach. He wanted to run to her, to carry her far away from all of this. However, he knew that wasn't going to happen with Kaviar and Keria standing on the opposite side of the pods in deep conversation. Max took a deep breath and watched as Tess made her way into the room, walking right by Kaviar. She had used her mind powers to help her sneak in. She ducked down behind the rock formation, waiting on Max to give her the go ahead.

Max swallowed hard at the lump in his throat. He had to be strong for Maria and his baby. "Kaviar,…" He said entering the chamber.

"M-Max, how did you?"

"The how is not important. I want you to let her go."

Kaviar walked over to Max. He laughed and quickly turned serious again. "That's just not going to happen, Max."

"She is nothing to you."

"And she is everything to you."

"Let her go and you can take me with you. You can slay me before my kingdom and no one will ever have to know about the baby." Max paused. "You can be thing king, Kaviar."

Kaviar place his right index finger on his chin as if to think. "Max, Max, Max, don't you get it! The thrown can never be mine as long as your blood line is still flowing. Besides the thrown won't even let me near it." He circles Max like a lion circling its prey. "I have no choice but to slay her and the child."

Max screamed out at Tess. "Now."

Kavair turned to see Tess as she touches the granolith and gets sucked inside. Max grabs the unexpecting Kavair and shoved him into the granolith. Keria made a dash towards the sleeping Maria. Max lifted his hand up, stopping Keria and lifting her off the floor.

"Max Evans, this isn't over by a long shot." Kaviar screams.

Max's hand begins to tremble, his blood begins to boil beneath his skin. He slings Keria into the rock wall, holding her there in the air. "If you hurt one hair on Tess's head, or if she doesn't make it back here with what I need. I will rip Keria to pieces with my bare hands. I promise you that on your life. Do I make myself clear?"

Kaviar began to bang on the walls of the granolith. The earth began to shake and the ship broke free from the earth. Max pulled his hand back and let Keria fall to the ground. He rushed to Maria trying to lift the glass shield from her, but it wouldn't budge.

Max turned to Keria. "Break the shield." He demanded.

Keria just looked at Max with her eyes drawn down.

"Now, Keria, or I will kill you."

She stood slowly to her feet, and walked over to the shield. She placed her hand on the end and the shield lifted up. Max knew he couldn't trust her, so he tossed her into the wall, just hard enough to knock her out. He took Maria carefully from the bed and placed her in the back seat of his car, then he put Keria who was still unconscious in the front seat. Max knew there was only one place that he could take them both.

Liz stood by the counter at the crash down wiping the same place over and over again. She knew that she had blown her chance with Max and she would have to except that. It wasn't going to be easy, because she still loved Max with all of her heart. She heard the bell above the diner door and she turned, hoping to see Max. Her smile disappeared when it was Michael who had entered.

"Hey, Michael…"

Michael didn't say a word, he just walked straight over to her and pulled her small frame into him. He stared into her eyes for just a moment, then he leaned down to kiss her. For a moment Liz gave into his lips. She wanted to believe that it was Max and part of her knew that Michael was wishing she was Maria. He continued to kiss her, lifting her up and placing her on the counter, knocking the sugar containers that she had just poured. His hands caressed Liz's back, he pulled away resting his head against hers.

"I want you, Liz."

Liz swallowed at the lump in her throat. "Michael,…" Her voice was soft.

He kissed her once again. His hands began to unbutton her blouse. She pushed him away and clasped them back.

"Michael, you don't want me." She paused. "You want Maria."

Michael sighed. He knew Liz was right. "What did we do, Liz?"

"We made a mistake that will haunt us the rest of our lives."

Michael fell backwards into the stool behind him. He picked up the alien straw, rotating it back and forth between his fingers. "She is pregnant."

"What? That can't be."

"She is sick. The baby is making her sick. Max left with her this afternoon."

Liz stumbled backwards taking the seat next to Michael. "They were going to your planet?"

"That's the only thing I can think of."

Michael and Liz sat in quietness for over an hour. Both replaying what they did that started this whole thing to spin out of control.

Michael entered his apartment, tossing his motorcycle helmet onto the couch. He turned on the light to find Max sitting on the coffee table, holding Maria's hand. He just knew that Max couldn't have saved her. He just knew that Maria was gone and it was all his fault.

"Michael, I need your help."

Michael nodded. He would do anything for Maria. 'Anything but love her the way she wanted', he thought to himself.