The Meaning Of Family.

Pairing Harry/Sirius

Chapter 1

October 31st 1981,

Albus Dumbledore was on a mission, he had to get young Harry Potter out of the house and into his 'blood' relatives house as soon as possible, he was on a tight schedule as he was not only trying to get him away from here before the neighbours were aroused out of their beds and sticking their noses where they didn't belong, but he also had to make sure he got him out before Sirius Black came for him as his Godfather he has that right, but that will not help my plans for this young boy if I let that happen, so here he was under an invisibility spell leaving Godrics Hollow.

'I have to get this done as soon as possible', thought Albus, as he started walking forward.

"Well young child, you will be very useful when you are old enough to come to Hogwarts wont you?" Asked Albus, even though the boy couldn't answer he stared as if he understood.

"We better get you out of here before we have any visitors coming looking for you" Albus said, as he started walking down the path leading to the front gate.

Harry was quiet the rest of the journey to the one place he would never stay, the Dursleys.

Albus left him on the doorstep with a letter for Mr and Mrs Dursley to find the next time they opened the front door. As Albus was about to leave the driveway he stopped to look at Harry and said "until we meet again Harry you will be safe but i doubt you will be happy, but then again it will be better if you arent" then without another word he disappeared. Little did Albus know that in the shadows was a big black dog sitting watching their every move and listening to every word said, while thinking, 'that's what you think Dumbledore'.