I was watching the episode where Bob rigs the elections and had an idea. That and the fact that I'm trying to procrastinate reading Julius Caesar, I decided to write the idea into a short story! It's something of a romantic tragedy…

Idea: An 18 year old Lisa Simpson enters college in hopes of becoming a scientist. Sideshow Bob, roughly early to mid 40's, is in jail…again. What for this time? He finally killed Bart Simpson!

But wait! Bob has an alibi for the night Bart died. Despite everyone ignoring his pleas and evidence of him being innocent for once, a young girl hesitates to assume his guilt immediately. In the middle of studying gene research, Lisa Simpson goes to talk to Bob.

After a much needed talk and thoughtful analyzing, Lisa agrees to help Bob get out of jail only because she wants the real killer and he agrees to help her find him…yet in the aftermath of Bart's death blossoms something new, something confusingly good.

Can Bob and Lisa admit their feelings and find the real killer?

The telephone was shrill in the half empty apartment it lived in. Footsteps were heard echoing as the owner made its way to said phone. Attempting to balance a rather weighty textbook in one hand and a bottle of soda in the other, the person barely managed to pick up the phone and place it on her shoulder before it hit the ground.

"Hello?" The young lady took a sip of the soda, trying to shrug off the empty lonesome feeling the room gave off. The apartment was just recently moved into about a week ago and although there were several boxes scattered out in a very unorganized way, it still possessed no warmth.

The voice on the other side of the phone was one familiar to the young lady. It was nagging yet sad, almost hauntingly. "Lisa? How are you?"
Lisa Simpson stood there, knowing her neck would get a cramp soon in she didn't fix the phone yet was unwilling to give up her source of caffeine; yet what college student would? Placing the book on her knee, balancing on one foot, she turned the page and grimaced when she heard a soft rip. Picking it up before she and the book fell, she replied, "Oh hi mom! I'm okay; just busy with this research paper Professor Bovar is making me do. Are you alright? You sound…depressed."

For the past two months ever since Maggie went to Paris, France to study abroad, her mother Marge Simpson had started to take notice of her husband's foul habits. What with Bart Simpson out of the house and managing several construction jobs, herself in college, and Maggie studying school over in another country, Marge was lonely. She no longer had anything to distract her and now that she was completely focused and alert, she realized just how…dare she think, horrible her husband was.

Of course because of this, she tried to discuss his drinking problem only to end up fighting with him. These fights slowly progressed into him leaving the house and going who knows where. Had Homer finally left Marge? Had Marge finally kicked Homer out? Lisa knew that either way, Bart would rejoice that his mother finally opened her eyes!

There was a long pause on the other side of the phone before Marge's shrill voice exclaimed, "Bart was killed!" There was a howling sob of grief that made her sentence sink into Lisa's smart mind. The bottle of soda fell onto the ground and bounced back and forth twice, the book slammed into the ground; both sounds echoed for a full minute.

"K-Killed?" Lisa stuttered, shock overwhelming her nature ability to pull out any word from her mental dictionary. How could her brother be killed? Although she was now in enrolled in Yale, she didn't speak to her family as much as she should have. Even if she did, Bart was always busy with construction…it was rare besides holidays to talk to him.

Yet killed? "How?! I know construction sites are…dangerous of course but what do you mean killed? Killed by a beam? By getting hit by a crane? By getting a ride in the wheel barrel?!" Had it not been for the seriousness of the situation, it would have been comical.

Marge seemed to be crying too hard to speak, there was rustling that hinting someone was taking the phone. Moments later the (shockingly) sober voice of one Homer Simpson answered her question, "He was stabbed through the chest the other day in his apartment. They arrested Sideshow Bob since they found a lock of his hair in Bart's hand…as though it was ripped out in a struggle. The trial's tomorrow."

"I-I'll get the…the first flight out." Lisa hung up the phone and stared at one spot of the wall for a long moment. Her mouth was hanging open, her legs shaking until they gave out. When she joined her book and soda on the ground, she sobbed softly, hugging herself.

It would seem after all these years, Sideshow Bob finally got his revenge…

Next chapter: The trial, Lisa's thoughts, the 'evidence' against Bob. Review if you wish.