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Okay, this is probably the last chapter of the whole short story! I know it seems a bit fast but like I said, it's short…so yeah lol. I hope you all enjoyed it because I just HAD to get this idea out there. From what I know, and I could be wrong, this is the first Bob/Lisa paring ever.

"A visitor?" Bob wore a very dull expression on his face as he sat up. "Oh joy," he mumbled with heavy sarcasm, "I wonder who it could be! Perhaps Krusty the Clown! Or maybe Apu…" He stood up from his 'bed', wincing at how his back protested in agony. Maybe he was better off sleeping on the ground; same difference, just high elevation for the bed.

He headed towards the door and gave a soft sigh. Was he ready to face Lisa after such thoughts? Probably not but what other choice did he have? He wanted to go in there and find out if she had gotten evidence that would prove his innocence. He needed to go there and confront her and her findings; it may mean his freedom once more.

On the other side of the prison paced Lisa Simpson. Her cheeks were warm; her brows scrunched together in an attempt to review the information, new tears in her eyes yet none fell. She looked stressed and worried, saddened yet strong. This new evidence, this new information proved that Sideshow Bob was indeed innocent! She was both terrified and overjoyed that she could help him out of this place.

She knew she had feelings for this man. She knew it for quite some time on a subconscious level of her mind and now it was a well-known fact. Yet she knew better, after all she was considered something of a genius, than to confess her emotions like a child. He'd only laugh at her or use her and hurt her; she'd be better off just to free him and leave back to college immediately.

At hearing the creaky almost rusty door open, she wiped away the unshed tears quickly in a blurred motion. The simple sound signaled that Sideshow Bob had entered the room. The need for strength and bravery flared up inside of her; she had to push aside her foolish feelings to free an innocent man from prison.

Glancing up at the man, she felt her cheeks warm up instantly. Despite pushing her feelings away, she still felt rather…well, embarrassed because of the evidence and what it said. Clearing her throat, she sat down and shivered softly from the chilled metal touching her hot skin. Unlike the visit before, she wore dark blue jeans with a short sleeve sweater outfit with a V like cut. It had shrunk in the wash, thanks to college washing, so it made her more exposed than she liked to be. Her hair was pushed behind her ear, showing flower earrings that Bart had reluctantly bought her for Christmas.

Sideshow Bob's gaze traveled up and down her in a brief subtle fashion. He took notice quickly of her shirt. Yes it was a bit ungentleman like and he rarely ever did such a thing but…well he was male after all! Clearing his throat as well, he sat down across from her, placing his hands on the cold table. He noted just how tensed and embarrassed she looked. What had happened?

"Hello again, Ms. Simpson." His rich voice floated around Lisa like some sort of virus. She suppressed a shiver but gripped the folder she held a little tighter. For a moment, she actually forgot the effect he had on her.

"Hello Sideshow Bob." She spoke in a stern yet soft tone, struggling to keep eye contact with him. It felt like he could see every image, hear every thought in her mind. It was…creepy.

Although he knew very well of why she was here, he decided to make light conversation…or risk annoying her. Either way was fine with him. "What brings you to my humble home?" There was a light sparkle of amusement in his eyes that showed just how dry his humor could be at times.

Deciding to play ball, Lisa shot back smoothly. "You could really use a decorator; this place is so boring. The colors are dull; they don't match your colorful personality at all." Such light talk going on while heavy thinking stormed in both of their brains. It seemed that neither was willing to let the other triumph, they were determined to act as calm and play it off cool. Was it pride? Or was it the subconscious desire to make their visit longer than was necessary? Either way, it took two to tango so cue up the music!

Referring to her slightly pink cheeks, he bluntly stated, "Nor do they match your colorful appearance, Ms. Simpson." The corners of his lips twitched as if wanting to grin.

Quite quickly she realized what he meant and hated how her cheeks darkened even more. Gulping dryly, she felt her spine straighten without her command, hinting how uncomfortable she was at the moment. Bob's eyes missed nothing; he was as sharp as a tack and quick as lightning. "Ah, Ms. Simpson, if I didn't know better I would say you rather disliked that. Did you dislike my comment or the fact that I paid attention to you? Why, I must be one of the few males who do." That probably was one of the worst things he could say.

Her eyes dimmed with injury, sparkles of rage fluttering in and out of them. With her lips twisted into a frown, she growled softly. Slamming the folder on the table, which shockingly made a loud slapping noise, she sneered, "I'm trying to help you, you arrogant monster! For your information I've dated several men and they all agree I'm very attractive!"

Bob crossed his arms, his own eyes hardened, his lips turned upside down into a frown. What he had hoped to say which had been a very snappy comeback had turned into something far worse, worse for him at least. Instead of snapping back, he found himself spilling part of his forbidden thoughts that was on his mind earlier. "I'd jump to agree."

Both froze, replaying the words in their minds.

"I mean…" The man in prison ware hesitated, for the first time loss for words. Clearing his throat, he shifted uncomfortably while Lisa just remained there, frozen like a statue. Her back was straight as a board, her eyes rather large, her lips parted to breathe slowly.

"You…Did…Did I hear that right?" She whispered in a soft tone. Oh how she feared that if she spoke too loud that this would become a dream and dissolve! Was this all a dream? No, she felt the chill of the metal against her skin, it had to be real.

Tapping the table a few times to regain her attention and get the shock out of her system, Bob spoke. In hopes to lead her away from what he accidentally confessed, he asked, "What about the evidence? What does it prove? That is why you're here, isn't it? I'm sure you didn't just come to look at the zoo full of common idiots we call criminals."

Inhaling slowly, all emotions left her. Shocking how she could be so…flared up and try to push her feelings aside when the moment she needs them, they flee. However, he was right; she came here to share the evidence only. A sorrow like a thunder cloud swirled around her suddenly. With a gentle sigh, she opened the folder and placed several pictures before him.

Four were pictures of the crime scene; the knife near by, the hair in Bart's hand, the blood on the carpet, Bart Simpson now pale and dead. Another was a picture of a red car, no doubt Snake's, zooming by a red light. Instead of Snake's head sticking out to show the camera his tongue, it was his replacement, his apprentice, Nelson! It was black and white, nothing that special…or so one thought.

Raising an eyebrow, the man looked over the pictures. Besides the picture taken by the red light, he had already viewed these before. The day in court, his day in court, was…still vivid. Was she trying to review the lies that made him go to jail? Did she believe those lies now?

"What is the meaning of this?" He questioned with his tone being a little sharper than he meant.

Lisa looked reluctant to speak. She looked like she wanted to be sick. She was upset, holding in tears. Biting her bottom lip for a moment, she inhaled to speak. "The pictures show that it is your hair in Bart's hand; they even matched the DNA on the skin cells on the ends to you.

"According to the autopsy report…" She took out a packet of papers, "the knife wound was downward when it entered; you are taller than him. Your alibi, of course, is weak since you went strolling the streets. Well…I dug around a bit."

Tapping the picture of Nelson who imitated Snake running a red light, she continued. "As you see in the corner at exactly the time Bart died…you're there. You were walking around at the right time, right place." Indeed if you looked closely you could see Bob about to take a step, glancing at some window.

The next piece of paper she had to take out must have been painful, Bob guessed, since she seemed to be in slow motion. Wiping away a tear that hadn't fallen, she pulled out a crumpled looking piece of trash. "This was found at the crime scene, see? It's what the knife was laid on." On the crime scene photo, the bloodied knife rest on the folded crumbled paper. "No one really noticed or cared about it…until I opened it."

Opening it, words appeared. She inhaled shakily, forcing herself to be strong and speak. "This is from Bart. It was…just listen.

"I'm not great at making long poetic last wills. I'll be lucky to spell everything right. Over the past few weeks, I've been sick. Not sick physically but sick as in love sick. It's been hell trying to realize my feelings towards my own gender and keep it secret. I don't know what was worse; fearing if Homer ever found out or never having the man I've fallen for. I know many will be shocked at this but I fell in love with someone who has always hated me. Despite the hatred and the fear I had for him and he for me, I started to dream about him. I know he'll never love me; he wants me dead. So to end my misery, my loneliness, and to give one last silent gift that he'll never thank me for…I'm ending my life. I'm sorry Lisa, Maggie, Mom and Dad. I'm sorry, my friends. I just can't stand it anymore.


Tears were streaming down Lisa's face as silent as the grave Bart was buried in. Her voice cracked at the end. Slowly folding the paper and placing it on the table for him to view, she looked at him. "…He loved you, Bob. He was a homosexual and he fell for the man he could never have. Weird isn't it? Humans always want what they can't have but this was…to the extreme." Wiping her tears away, she let out a strangled sob. "So he killed himself. This proves it and so does the street picture. Show those to your lawyers." With her hand over her mouth, she turned sharply. She was about to sprint out of the jail and go back to college immediately, never to see the man again. Never to see the man she secretly loved once more.

First Bart fell for him, then Lisa…was Maggie next?

"Lisa…" His shocked voice rang out, stopping her dead in her tracks. What could Bob say? He could say he was sorry, yes. He was the reason why Bart was dead; he may not have physically brought the knife into Bart's heart but he might as well have. Life was too short, he realized this now…so he let his mind switch over. Thinking of earlier, he blurted out, "I love you."

The young Simpson female felt like ice traveled down her spine. Love? Oh how she wanted to spin around and confess her feelings. Yet was he not the reason of why Bart killed himself? How ironic; Bart ended his own life to please Bob which made Lisa come and realize her feelings while helping the man out. She knew that how she hesitated and how she froze so still that he knew she loved him too.

"…I'd suggest not coming around Springfield anymore…all it holds is bad memories and bad luck." Lisa whispered loudly but was it to Bob or was it to herself? As she walked out of the visiting room looking as broken as she had been at the funeral, she looked up at the sky.

Was Bart watching over the man he secretly loved now? Was he watching over his sister who helped the man they both loved?

One thing was for sure…

Lisa may be persistent about freedom, but about love, she was not…

Not in this case…