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What Was Meant to Be: Epilogue

Brooklyn and Sata watched as Alex and her children swarmed Marcus. "Where's Roberto?" Owen asked, as Gary let his child run towards his new friends.

"Back at the hotel. Figured I should give him some time to unwind." Gary winked.

Owen shook his head with a smirk on his face. "Well, I'll be excusing myself. May you all have a good night."

Gary nodded and turned to David Xanatos. "I'm not really fond of leaving my kid behind, but... I know you have the best protectors living here. I'll trust you with my child. It's only fair."

"It will be our pleasure. Alex needs to be a normal kid, and its easier when there is no hidden agenda."

As Xanatos and Gary talked, Brooklyn followed Sata when his mate began to tug at his hand. She led him out of the castle and glanced up at the sky. Then she turned to him with a secretive smile. "Love," she began. "Seeing all these young ones, I should probably let you know that I'm nearing my cycle again."


"Shall we practice having another hatchling?"

Brooklyn looked at his mate in amazement. It had been a long time since she had taken initiative in mating. And it certainly made his blood boil in excitement when she did. Sata seemed to sense it, as she let out a giggle and then suddenly took flight. Brooklyn let out a chuckle, and giving her a few seconds to get ahead, he spread his own wings and gave chase.


Roberto glanced at the clock as he stepped out of the bathroom, giving his hair one last vigorous rub before he hung the wet towel over the bathroom's door. He made his way to the bed, dressed in only his sleep pants, his skin breaking out into goosebumps as his body adjusted from moving in from the warm, steamy bathroom into the cool section of the hotel room. He threw himself face down onto the bed of his hotel room, letting out a sigh and then a wince as he accidentally rolled over on his injured arm. A moment later, he heard the door open to his room, and then close.

"So did Marcus decide to stay with Alex Xanatos for the evening?" Roberto asked, without sitting up. Hearing no answer, Roberto lifted his head and glanced at the entrance. Gary stood there with a perplexing grin on his face as he was carefully removing his clothes. Roberto narrowed his eyes. "No," he said, sternly, not trusting that look. "I am so not in the mood for anything right now, Gar. I let myself fall out of a god damn window."

Gary shrugged as he made his way over to the bed, silently.

Roberto felt the hair on his back of his neck stand up. Despite the nonthreatening manner Gary was displaying, Roberto felt uneasy, which was rather unnatural. Even when Gary was "courting" him, Roberto only felt a threat to his "virtue" but never did he feel like he was in danger.


At the last moment, Roberto felt the urge to move, but it was too late. Gary pounced, pinning him to the bed.

"What the?!" Roberto's words were cut off as Gary's lips pressed against his, demanding entrance. Caught off guard, Roberto complied for a moment before fighting back. He really wasn't in the mood and even when he wasn't, Gary had a tendency to make him submit, but something still felt off and Roberto didn't like it one bit.

"Ow, you bastard! Let go!" Roberto hissed when Gary's lips left his and began trailing down the side of his face and to his neck. He tried pushing off his lover, only to find his hands grabbed and pinned over his head, Gary giving him a sharkish grin. Roberto huffed and glared at him.

"I just took a bath," he stated, as a form of protest.

Gary ignored him and captured his lips again, using his other hand to tug at the strands holding Roberto's pajama pants around his waist. Roberto struggled again as Gary pushed his hand into his pants, fondling him. Roberto tensed up and moaned as Gary pressed down on him.

A moment later, the door to their hotel room opened, and Gary released him in a flash. Feeling embarrassed and slightly perturbed that someone just walked into his room, Roberto struggled to sit up and got ready to yell, only to stop short, eyes wide in surprise.

Another Gary was standing at the doorway, looking shocked, and then murderous.

"G... Gary?" Roberto asked, confused. He glanced at the Gary sitting next to him, only to have the double shoot him a quick grin, give him a quick kiss on the lips, and vault off the bed towards the bathroom.

"God dammit!" shouted the Gary at the doorway, pulling out a gun. "These babies are specially made from iron, asshole!"

"Hey, can't blame me for trying to have one last taste," said the other 'Gary,' in a familiar voice.

Roberto felt his temper flare. "Puck!!"

"Ta ta!" The impostor transformed into his Avalonian self and flew into the bathroom mirror, disappearing.

"Twice!" Gary growled. "That is twice someone touched what is mine!"

Roberto head whipped around to face him. "Yours?!"

"Yes. Mine. I thought we've determined a while ago."

Roberto felt his temper flare. "Dammit, I'm not some piece of property. I thought we've determined that!"

Roberto went still as he watched Gary start removing his shirt, his piercing green eyes capturing his gaze. It was that cursed predatory look again, but rather than unnerving him, it sent a chill up his spine. He hated to admit it but whenever Gary looked at him like that, even if he wasn't in the mood, his body reacted instinctively. It was like Pavlov's bell test, only with Gary's eyes being the stimulus. Gary began to move towards him, and Roberto back up on the bed until his back was against the wall.

"G-gary? N-no..." Roberto said, knowing that if Gary laid his hands on him, he wasn't going to walk for a week.

Gary gave him a sharkish grin. "Sorry. But I have to reclaim what's mine."

Roberto let out a yelp as Gary pounced on him, dragging him down into the bed. He only had time to gasp for air right before Gary covered his mouth with his own, kissing him with a mixture of possessiveness and desperation. Gary's hands began to ghost over Roberto's bare skin, tugging gently at the towel that kept Roberto's modesty intact.

Roberto let out a muffled giggle, causing Gary to pull back with a frown.

"Sorry," chuckled Roberto, trying to get back under control. "But it suddenly felt like I was being molested by an octopus. Are you sure you aren't alien and pop out extra arms when I'm not looking?"

"You're killing the mood," Gary growled, his eyebrow twitching.

"Good! I'd like to be able to walk tomorrow, you know?"

"I paid for another night."


"And I already told work that we're stuck here because you're still in the hospital."

"But I'm not!"

"They don't know that."


Gary ignored Roberto and opened up the towel. Roberto let out a yelp as his left leg was jerked over Gary's shoulder, and then he let out a moan when Gary completely engulfed his cock without hesitation.

Gary smirked, knowing he had victory. He worked his jaw and throat so as to distract Roberto into submission. Roberto was his and he'd be damned if he was gonna let it slide that two fucking strangers touched what was his!


Brooklyn grinned as Sata curled her wings on herself and let herself drop from the sky again, dodging his hands one more time. He almost had her, and this chase was just making him more excited. It wasn't helping that she had started shedding some pieces of her clothing, holding them out and letting them flutter past Brooklyn when she dodged each time. He hadn't had this much fun since Ariana and Graeme were first conceived.

Brooklyn thought he almost had it figured out. On the next sweep through, he would have his mate in his arms.

Sata started her incline again, and this time Brooklyn followed her closely behind, knowing that when she dropped this time, she would swing to his left. He feigned right as he reached for her, and she moved to his left. As her wings folded inward, he slid right underneath them, wrapping both his arms and wings around her, disabling her ability to glide.

"Oh!" she cried in delighted surprise at her capture. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him to hold onto him as they fell. She tugged his loin cloth loose, and when the timing was right, Brooklyn positioned himself near her entrance, and snapped out his wings.

His wings caught enough air to snap him back upwards, the force alone being enough to enter his mate quickly and smoothly. Sata let out a growl as her eyes flashed red at the penetration, her claws digging into Brooklyn's back. His eyes went white as he began to thrust upwards into his mate as the wind carried him higher and higher. His own chest rumbled with a growl as the need to mate took over. Initially, mating was somewhat primitive, only the desire to fully claim each other driving their actions. Only a mild sense of logic drove him to guide their direction closer to the rocky shorelines. Sata clenched her own thighs in rhythm, trying to draw in her mate deeper. With a combined roar, both gargoyles reach climax, Brooklyn sending his seed deep into his mate as she trembled in ecstasy. With a passionate moan, Brooklyn drew in his wings around his mate, and they began to freefall without a care into the ocean below.


Roberto cried out as Gary pounded hard and deep into him, his arms being unable to support him. From hands and knees, Roberto slowly sunk to his elbows. Now he was also resting his head against the bed, arms shaking from exertion. He could feel Gary's fingers digging into his hips and he knew there were going to be bruises in a few hours. He let out another muffled cry as Gary seemed to hit his prostrate with deadly precision. Roberto could only arch his back as he tried to move with Gary's timing, but he found it difficult to do so. Gary seemed a lot more in control as his hands pulled and pushed at Roberto's hips in time to his own thrusts.

The sound of their flesh slapping against each other echoed in Roberto's ears as his chest ached for air.

His vision went white as he came violently at Gary's unexpected touch at his cock. Roberto collapsed, Gary on top of him, still deep inside.

Roberto groaned as Gary pulled out, his cock still heavy and thick. In a post orgasmic daze, Roberto offered little resistance as Gary turned him on his side. He could only whimper in protest as Gary hoisted his leg upwards while he straddled the other leg. Truthfully, he didn't like this position as it made him feel more exposed, and since he couldn't comfortably hold or touch Gary in this position, he felt more vulnerable. But having experienced one hell of an orgasm, Roberto didn't have the energy to vocalize his protest.

But as soon as Gary began to move again, Roberto felt his cock twitch and the heat go throughout his body again. He could only moan and whimper as Gary pistoned in and out of him at an increasing pace.

"You like that?" Gary grunted, a leer on his face. "Only from me, baby. Only I get to see and use you like this."

"G-gary," stammered Roberto, unable to say more to his possessive lover.

"God, I love how you tight you feel!"


Gary suddenly changed his movements from fast paced to deliberately slow, pulling out enough to just leave the head of his cock inside, then slowly sliding back in, snapping his hips once as he made full contact.

"Oh... please..." whispered Roberto.

"Don't worry, I know how slow you like it. Let me show you how much I love taking care of you."


Sata used her claws to get a good grip on one of the rocks near the shoreline as a wave pushed her against them, and then pulled back out. A moment later, Brooklyn's claws also dug into the rock as he pressed against her back. She lifted her tail out of the way and Brooklyn entered her once more, pushing deep into her. Sata let out another growl, eyes flashing red once again as Brooklyn continued to make the heat inside her grow. She suddenly pushed back, throwing his off, and she scrambled up to the top of the rocks and spread her wings. She leapt forward towards the shore, and barely made it past the waters as Brooklyn tackled her from behind, knocking her into the sand. She struggled for a bit until Brooklyn flipped her onto her back. Brooklyn quickly entered her and thrust into her hard and deep, both of them growling once more.


Gary could feel that Roberto was loosing strength fast as his motions slowed down. He thrust upwards a couple more times, hands still on Roberto's hips. Will skilled perfection, Gary rolled them over so that he was on top again, Roberto's lower back resting on Gary's knees until he was able to drag a pillow under his lover for additional support. Once in position, he resumed his actions while leaning forward and nipping at Roberto's neck lin.

Roberto shuddered, having already come twice and having nothing else to give. Gary continued to thrust steadily into him while sucking against Roberto's clavicle, ensuring that a mark of ownership would be visible on his lover's tanned skin. He pulled away and sped up briefly as he also came, spilling his seed deep inside. He collapsed on top of Roberto, relishing in the feel of his semen escaping from deep within Roberto's hole, making its way from around his softening cock.

Roberto grunted, his eyes closed but what Gary deemed an adorable pout on his face.

"You didn wear a con'em," he slurred.

Gary couldn't help but chuckle softly. He knew that although they were exclusive now, Roberto just didn't like the feel of semen inside him. But he also knew that at times like these, Roberto just complained but understood Gary's need to possess him in every way. He gently brushed his fingers against Roberto's face, moving the hairs that were stuck to his sweaty skin. He lay a gentle kiss on Roberto's lips, watching as the man's eyes fluttered open for a moment. A small smile flittered past Roberto's lips, and then his eyes closed.

Gary rolled the over so that Roberto was mostly on top and cradled him there, listening to Roberto's breathing slow down and even out.

Glancing out towards the window, Gary could see the moon. As he stared at it, he thought back to his life. He remembered the childish rivalry and supposed hate he had against Roberto. He remembered the confusion that plagues him and had him act out, although there were times when that was overridden with fear of loosing Roberto. He thought back to the time when Roberto left the team, and how he tried to fill the unexplained void, only to end up fathering a child and marrying the woman out of respect. He thought of how he leapt at the chance to win Roberto when he returned, and how more fulfilled he felt now that he had both his latin lover and his son by his side. He sighed, feeling content.


Both gargoyles roared as they came, Brooklyn feeling the heat escape him, Sata feeling the heat entering deep inside her. Brooklyn collapsed on top of her, panting for air. He closed his eyes, feeling Sata's heart beast against his chest. She let out a rumbling sound, very similar to a purr, to which he responded in the same manner. It was as if all of his senses became enhanced. He listened to the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline, and he could feel the mist of the water as the lowering tide kept the waves from reaching them. A soft breeze dried their skin, as well as bringing that salty sea scent. Cracking his eyes open, he was amused to see that most of Sata's clothing had already washed up onto the shore, which meant less time looking for it floating out in the ocean. A downside to mating out in the open like this but very well worth it.

He rolled off of her and she moved against him, snuggling into his arms. Looking up into the sky, his eyes were greeted to the sight of the full moon, causing him to reflect everything in his life. From his time growing up in the hatchery with his rookery brothers, to the time of his awakening in Manhattan. He thought back to the love he found with Roberto and the profound heartbreak that followed after a short time. And he reflected upon how the phoenix gate tore him from his family, and as repayment for good services done, offered him a new family. His time with Roberto was beautiful and brief, but his time with Sata was peaceful and long lasting.

As he slowly stood up, letting his mate sleep, Brooklyn glanced around and prepared himself to gather his mate's clothes. He took off into the air, letting the sea breeze carry him up.


Despite not being anywhere near each other, and the only common thing was the moon that looked down upon them, both Brooklyn and Gary were clear about one thing; Sometimes things happen that are never part of the plan, and sometimes it was best to accept certain events as things that were meant to be. Even if one had to fight a little bit to get there.


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