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Chapter 1: Starting Out

Kristine (Kris) is a 15-year-old shark-eyes selkie with great physical attributes. She is the Merchant's daughter and is one of the richest families in town. She speaks her mind when she feels it will make a difference. She is intelligent and skilled in magic.

The sun danced on Kris's face. She opened her eyes to realize that she was going to go on a crystal caravan today. Reluctantly she got out of her warm bed and grabbed the clothes she had laid out the night before and got dressed. She grabbed the bag she had packed full of supplies and tried to creep down the stairs as quietly as she could to avoid her siblings, who were hopefully still sleeping.

Too late. She hit a VERY loud creek in the steps.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going?" Kris turned around slowly to see her little sister, Sarah, who was 7, pouting on a higher step. "Were you going to leave without saying good-bye to me?"

"And ME?" Joshua, her 17-year-old brother, said, appearing at the top of the stairs.

"Nnnnnnno…" Kris hesitated, looking for a good excuse. "I was just coming down to get some breakfast, and I didn't want to disturb you."

"Oh. OK!" Sara said, seeming happy with her excuse.

"Unnhunnn…" Joshua said, already knowing she was just saying something to make Sara happy. Regardless, they all went downstairs to get some breakfast that their mother had prepared for them.

"Kris, your father and I are so proud of you!" her mother gushed as Kris finished her breakfast.

"We sure are." Her father stated as he walked into the house with Kris's new racket.

"And you're not proud of me? I'm the one taking over the family business!" Joshua joked.

"Of course we are son!" He turned his attention back to Kris. "But before you go we want to give you a few things."

First of all, Kris got a new dual shooter. Then she obtained a pouch containing 1000 gil. Lastly she got a silver chained necklace with a pendant bearing the selkie tribe symbol. The pendant had a small mold in it, waiting for a gem to be put there.

"Thank-you." Kris said honestly. "Bye!" She said as she walked out the front door. "Don't forget to write!"

"BYE!" Her family yelled.

And with that she headed to the crystal in the center of town.


Tyran is a 15-year-old natural clavat who is a natural born leader. He is strong and wise in battle. He is the Blacksmith's son and proud of it. He is a big showoff when it comes to things he knows people already admire.

Tyran woke up after being yelled at by his mother for the thousandth time that morning.

"I'm up! I'm up!" He yelled back down to her. He pulled on his clothes and finished packing, then went downstairs to see a big breakfast laid out before him.

"Before you eat we have something to give you." His mother said, gesturing to his father, who was failing to hide something behind his back.

"Here, son." He held out the finest sword and shield he had ever seen.

The sword was long with a blade that could chop down a tree with one stroke. It had a smooth surface and was golden all but around the edges. It was light and easy to handle even for a toddler. In it was etched the name Excalibur, while the shield was light weight but very durable, being forged from orichalcum, and had a large clavat symbol on it.

"Oh! Mom, Dad, you didn't have to!" Tyran said in amazement, taking Excalibur and the Chocobo Shield.

"We just want to make sure you and the rest of the caravan is safe son." His father announced.

"Well, thank you in every way." Tyran knew that even though his father didn't know it, he was thinking about that awful day about 4 years ago. Tyran stopped himself from remembering any further. That was then, this is now. He couldn't linger in the past forever, and he was joining the caravan so no one else he loved got hurt.

He quickly finished eating and headed out towards the crystal. There, he saw Kris sitting idly on the steps in front of the large, sparkling blue crystal.


Mike is a 15-year-old cowlick clavat who is very shy but very kind. He dislikes conflict though will fight if necessary or if for a good cause. He is the Alchemist's son and is respectful to others. He is Tyran's best friend, and looks upon him as a sort of older brother he never had. He moved to Tipa when he was 7, and he and Tyran have been friends ever since. He likes Kris.

"Wake UP! Wake UP! Wake UP Mike!!" Diane, Mike's little sister, said, jumping on his bed.

Mike glared at her, "I AM up. I've been UP ever since you started jumping on my bed 5 minutes ago! And I've been telling you that I AM up, ever since you started! Now, if you don't mind, can you get off my bed so I can start getting ready for the caravan?" Mike said, annoyed.

"OK." She hopped off his bed, "But if you're not down in 10 minutes, I'm commin' back up!" and with that she stomped down the stairs.

'Uhg, such a pain.' Mike thought as he pulled on his clothes. He then ran downstairs with 3 minutes to spare, much to Diane's delight, and ate breakfast.

"Hello son." His father said, dropping a bag of 300 gil in front of him. "I've grabbed your sword and shield from the shed. They're waiting outside for you when you're ready for them."

"Thanks dad. I think I'll go now. I've already made sure I have everything, I've eaten, and now I have my equipment. So-" He was cut off by his mother.

"You're not going anywhere until you say good-bye to everyone, or this!" She said, holding something out to him.

He took it, realizing it was a handkerchief woven from mythril silk. It was black, and had a red border with golden clavat symbols within the border. He recognized the handkerchief because his great-great-grandmother made it.

"Thank-you!" He said as he tied it securely around his neck. "I'll always keep it with me."

Before he headed out the door, he said good-bye to his parents, Diane, and his older 18-year-old sister, Karen.

When he approached the crystal he saw Tyran and Kris sitting next to each other having a conversation. Mike knew Tyran might have just used Kris as a replacement before, but now they were friends, but weren't nearly as close as Mike and him.

'This is going to be the greatest caravan ever.'


Rob is a 15-year-old Wolfie selkie who likes Kris and makes sure she knows it. He does anything he can to get close to her, no matter the consequences. He is the Fisherman's son and his only direct relatives are his father and brother, for his mother died of an illness years ago. He has liked Kris ever since she moved next to him 4 years ago.

Rob rolled over in his bed. It was getting late, and the caravan would be leaving in half an hour. He wasn't even sure if he was going. 'Maybe I'll just stay here and sleep.' He thought. He hasn't even packed, and he would have to rush if he decided to go now.

"Little bro, you're gonna be late." Jackson, his 19-year-old brother, said as he looked out the window.

"Who said I was going?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I would want to go on this particular caravan, especially since it would mean spending years together with a beautiful woman…" He said, glancing at Rob.

"WHAT?!" Rob said, racing over to the window. There, in front of his house was the town crystal, and sitting at it was the beautiful Kris. "Why didn't you tell me SHE was going on the caravan?!"

"She just showed up. Now if I were you, I would put some clothes on and start packing. I'll get your racket." Jackson then went downstairs.

Quickly Rob put on his purple outfit and stuffed his bag with anything he thought he would need.

He ran downstairs and ate a striped apple for breakfast. He grabbed a bag of 300 gil and his fishing pole from his father. He then said good-bye to his father and brother, said he would write, and headed out the door. He then walked to the town crystal, seeing Roland approaching the 3 people already sitting there.

'This is going to be great.' He thought. '1 hot selkie and 2 spineless clavats.' He then sat down on Kris's right side, away from the clavats.

"Helllooooooo beautiful!" He said to her.


"Is this everybody?" Mike asked Tyran as he sat down next to him.

"Is that all you have?" Tyran asked, ignoring the question and instead focused on Mike's copper sword and makeshift shield.

"Um, yeah. This is what we had." Mike said, blinking as Tyran made his sword catch the sunlight.

"MY parents gave me this sword and shield as a parting gift. What did they give you?"

"Um, my parents gave me this." He said, pulling the cloth from his neck to show him. "It was woven by my great-great-grandmother from mythril silk."

"Oh." Tyran said, putting the equipment down.

Suddenly they heard 2 doors slam one right after the other. One was owned by Roland, and the other by Kris's neighbor, Rob.

"Helllooooooo beautiful!" He sat down next to her, his comment doing just about everything except flatter her.

"Wow, still as desperate as usual, hunh Rob?" Kris smirked.

Rob didn't have time to respond before Roland came up.

"Caravanners," He said, causing them to stand. "Today you set off on a journey to protect your village, your home. Allow me to explain your mission. You are to take this-" He paused to hand Mike the crystal chalice. "-And gather myrrh from the myrrh trees growing in all parts of the world. You're also to record your journey in this-" he paused again to hand Kris an oversized book, "-to remember your journey in full. Now! Go and seek the water of life. Your wagon is waiting at the entrance of the village. Oh!" He said, stopping them dead in their tracks. "Before you go you must choose a leader."

"I'll be leader." Rob said with his hand slightly raised.

"Haha! Right! I don't think so!" Kris exclaimed, then she and Mike looked over at Tyran.

"Sure, I'll be leader." Tyran smiled as Mike and Kris shook their heads vigorously.

"It's settled. Tyran will be the leader of this caravan unless chosen otherwise at a later time." Roland assumed.

Then they went to the caravan and got a good look at it. It was OLD. It had 2 sets of bunk beds with thin, dusty, worn mattresses that were only about three inches thick. The bunks on the left side of the caravan were 2x large than the ones on the right. The selkies took the ones on the left, with Kris on top and Rob underneath, while Tyran was on the top bunk on the right and Mike on the bottom one. The roof had worn wooden planks with large gaps between them.

After they stowed their supplies and belongings in the wagon, they took off with Tyran at the reigns, Mike walking next to him, Rob inside the caravan sleeping, and Kris sitting on the backseat.

Looking out over the town, Kris waved to her friends who were engaged in a heated conversation. They looked up, smiled, and waved as the caravan left.

'This is gonna be fun.'

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