Hmm, is MM returning to Pellinor? Maybe, maybe not. But I recently quit forum roleplaying, and since I'm going through withdrawal, I wanted to type something like what I used to type there. But it's a little watered down, so probably a little easier for the public to understand ;) Enjoy! Oh, and feel free to PM/review if you don't understand something... I really have to update the terms sheet. :P

And oh yeah...Imi, Darsor, and the Hutmoors are not fabricated by my own mind...ask Alison Croggon; I think she knows something about that...

A murky dawn, off-set by churning nimbuses above, greeted the pair that had advanced all throughout the darker hours. The sun did not dare show its face through the foreboding atmosphere, suggestive of precipitation, and merely slumbered behind ranks of roiling masses above. Similarly, yet at once entirely different in manner, every stride of the duet subjugated the terrain in a manner that left not destruction, but beauty, in its wake. Perhaps a golden morn chose not to appear, in terror that its brilliance would be dim in comparison to the equine masterpieces traversing.

The twosome, having crossed an expanse larger than previously thought, were slowly tiring. Stamina declined, and the powerful strides that stirred the very core of the crust beneath them were devoid of strength that had been present in previous moments. Yet their worry at having to stop, when they were so eager for what lay tantalizingly close, was for naught. The chasms perched amongst the facade of the czar were concentrated as they observed the territory, and he was pleased to announce their arrival upon his lands. The proprietor allowed himself a proud toss of the chiseled iron crown and a spring in the cadence, and the mistress accompanying him gave an amused snort in response to the action.

Slowing, as their destination was close and rest was in order, the gaze of the stallion once again slid over to his companion, a perturbed expression crossing his features. "What? Is a king not allowed to feel welcomed in his own kingdom?"

Her dark opts delivered more than her dialogue ever could. "It is right that he feels welcomed. It is humorous when he exhibits his pleasure in a little dance of his own. If you do not mind my saying, m'Lord."

A chuckle rumbled throughout the barrel in a bass that warmed the maid to her hooves. Rediscovering her inner fire after an absence in which she felt washed out and empty, left her emoting a certain joy as well, and a spark in her conversation with the male was only further evidence of the fact. He, too, enjoyed the side she now bared to him, and found the stimulating exercise of their discourse a pleasant thing. Yet as his labrum parted to deliver lines, both found their towers attune and erect to the call of a feminine in their own species.

"It appears we're here. Welcome, my lady Imi, to paradise." Although he was modest, and not vain in the least, he felt a certain arrogance overtake his senses when it came to boasting of his home. Not many flourished upon the Hutmoors, and those who did were of the toughest sort - so it was no little thing to feel any sort of pride over. Observing her, he thought it seemed justified as well, as she was clearly daunted and retreating into the shell he'd found her in. To be pleased or sympathetic, over her reaction to his land? Ever accommodating, he sought to make her more comfortable. The elongated surface of his convex muzzle bumped her withers, and she fought not to shiver as warm breath spread across her shoulders. Her own arch swiveled to face him, and Imi found solace within the depths of a gaze that was as limitless as the depths of the universe. Drawing strength from the one she'd only just met, the one who had changed her already in such a short time, it was the mare who sauntered forwards first.

Certain that he'd done the very best for her confidence, he followed, measures soon matching hers, then overtaking as his impatient strides lengthened. Inwardly, she felt spasms of laughter at his enthusiasm, and wondered what it was like to feel like that upon returning to loved ones.

Well, maybe now you'll know.

Hey, much anticipated - in the next chap, Imi meets la familia! (yay for Spanish! and before you ask: no, I'm not Spanish, nor am I taking it, so if I messed up a simple word like 'family' then feel free to not blame me.) Stay tuned... maybe some more Pellinor (not just this fanfic) is in your future.