Author's Note: Sorry for being late guys...I think this month is cursed or something, lol. Anyway, this is something I quickly typed up a couple of days ago. It's short, but hopefully worth a read -grins-.


By Steph7085

John was screwed. It was just a fact he was going to have to get used to in life now, it was as simple as that. He couldn't - hell, probably wouldn't - change it, and if he was in a particularly generous mood he would even admit to liking it…maybe. He gave himself an internal eye roll and rubbed the back of his neck. It was at times like these that he was thankful Eliza…Doctor Weir wasn't psychic. He would definitely be a whole new level of screwed then.

The pen in Eliza…Doctor Weir's mouth rotated again and his thought process did a running dive out of the window. His eyes stared at the pen jealously, which was really stupid in his opinion considering it was a pen, the longing present on his face. He sighed, what he wouldn't give to be that pen right now.

"John…John," Elizabeth called out, waving a hand in front of his face. Her eyes showed her amusement at his lack of attention as he shot straight in the chair.

"Yeah, what?" John quickly covered, very badly if her expression was anything to go by.

"Where were you?" She joked, moving back around her desk and lowering herself into the chair. She crossed her legs and rested her elbows on the desk top, placing her chin on top of her hands.

He felt cornered and his heart rate sped up. He doubted the truth would go down to well, so he settled his face into an innocent expression and said, "It's lunch."

"Oh…" Elizabeth replied, glancing at her watch in surprise. It was lunch time, that was true but he doubted she would let him off the hook that easily. "Let me guess, turkey sandwich day?"

"Got it in one," John agreed with a grin, slapping his hands on the chairs arms and pushing himself up. "You coming?" He asked hopefully even though his expression stayed neutral.

Elizabeth eyed her desk and bit her bottom lip, no doubt thinking off all the paperwork she still had to do. Before she had chance to decline though John had lightly grabbed her elbow, guiding her from behind the desk and out into the control room.

"I would have said yes you know," she whispered. She was so close to his ear he could feel her breath, and it was incredibly distracting. He ran a hand through his hair to disguise his reaction and grinned.

"Just in case," he replied, earning an eye roll and a smile. He felt his face falling into a tender smile and mentally slapped himself for the hundredth time that hour…

He was so totally screwed - he was in love with Elizabeth.