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         NOTE: If you have not yet read the previous parts of Transformers: Otherworld, I highly suggest you do so. It will help you understand what's going on.

         It has been a few weeks since a group of Autobots infiltrated Trypticon and sabotaged Decepticon leader Shockwave's plans of retaking Cybertron. Since then, Shockwave has thought about what he will do when he gets his hands on the Autobots. He won't have to think much longer, for construction of Trypticon has now been completed.

         "Despite our recent setbacks," Construction Hook began, "We have completed construction of Trypticon. He's ready to be tested."

         "Excellent!" Shockwave replied, "Trypticon, transform!" The massive Decepticon fortress obeyed his leaders commands and transformed into his alternate mode, a giant robotic dinosaur.

         "He's better than I imagined." Shockwave said, "With his might, we'll retake Cybertron in no time! Hook, gather the Decepticons, we are ready for departure."

         "As you wish, Shockwave." Hook replied as he ran off. Shockwave stood there, looking up at Trypticon.

         "Your plan won't work, Shockwave." a voice from behind said. Shockwave quickly turned around to find Cyclonus standing before him.

         "Your ridiculous opinion has been noted, Cyclonus," Shockwave angrily replied, "And ignored! With Trypticon on our side, none shall stand in our way!"

         "You could have all the might in the universe behind you, Shockwave," Cyclonus began, "But without a proper leader, you haven't a chance of victory."

         "You dare Question my leadership abilities?!?" Shockwave shouted.

         "Yes I do." Cyclonus replied, "Only one Decepticon is fit to lead us, and that is Galvatron!"

         "You truly are a moron, Cyclonus!" Shockwave exclaimed, "Even you can recall that Galvatron died fighting Swipeamus Prime! Besides, Galvatron was no more than a mere puppet, truly not leadership material. Logic dictates that I am the true leader of the Decepticons!"

         "All we know is that Galvatron was thrown into space," Cyclonus began, "We do not know if he is dead or not. We should be searching for him now, not preparing to loose to the Autobots once again."

         "If you want to go out and search for your precious Galvatron, Cyclonus, then do it!" Shockwave exclaimed, "There is no room in the Decepticons for those who do not share my vision."

         "There is also no room in the Decepticons for those who think they can lead." Cyclonus shot back. He then transformed and took off.

         "The fool." Shockwave thought to himself, "Even if found operational, Galvatron would prove to be nothing more than an insane lunatic due to all that time in space. Although it is highly improbable that Galvatron survived, a part of me worries that he could show up and ruin everything I have strived so hard to achieve."

         "Shockwave!" Hook said as he walked up, "The Decepticons have been gathered. We are ready whenever you say."

         "Excellent!" Shockwave exclaimed, "Decepticons! Enter Trypticon! We are about to retake Cybertron!"

         TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Cybertron. Swipeamus Prime and his Autobots have gathered to discuss their strategy for the upcoming invasion.

         "We all know what's ahead of us." Swipeamus began, "These past few weeks we had to prepare for the oncoming Decepticon invasion have helped us well, but now we are faced with the real thing. I hope that you are prepared to undertake the tasks ahead of you all. Prowl will now brief you all about what you are to do."

         "This is how we're going to do it." Prowl said, "We'll split off into different groups to combat each wave of the invasion. I expect an air wave, a ground wave, and the main wave which will consist of Trypticon, the Decepticons new attack fortress. I'll lead the group dealing with Trypticon. That group will consist of  myself, Kup, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Blaster. Jazz will lead the air wave group which will include Blurr, Arcee, Cliffjumper, and Hot Rod. Perceptor will lead the ground wave group, which consists of the Dinobots."

         "What about Swipeamus?" Blaster asked, "Don't we need or leader with us in combat?"

         "This operation is to risky." Prowl replied, "We can not afford to loose another leader just yet, so he'll stay behind. You all have your group assignments, so let's roll out!" The Autobots ran to their respective places, leaving only Swipeamus and Prowl.

         "Are you sure it's wise for me not to fight?" Swipeamus asked, "I mean, we're desperate enough as it is."

         "Trust me." Prowl said, "You're way to important for us to risk right now. Just imagine what it will do to Autobot morale if something were to happen to you."

         "I suppose your right, old friend." Swipeamus replied, "Good luck."

         "Yeah," Prowl began as he ran off, "We're gonna need it."

         "I just wish there was something more I could do." Swipeamus said to himself.

         "You're pissed, huh?" a voice from behind asked. Swipeamus turned around to find Spike.

         "Spike!" Swipeamus shouted, "I thought you and Daniel went back to Earth!"

         "Daniel did." Spike replied, "You know I couldn't miss this."

         "Yes, I suppose you're…" Swipeamus began, but before he could finish, he doubled over in pain,

         "What happened?" Spike asked, "Are you alright?"

         "Yeah," Swipeamus said as he struggled to his feet, "The Matrix… It's trying to tell me something… Telling me to go somewhere."

         "Then let's go there, then." Spike said.

         "Are you sure you want to go, Spike?" Swipeamus asked, "Who knows where this could end up."

         "I've been going with you guys for the past twenty years," Spike replied, "What makes you think I'm going to stop now?"

         "Well," Swipeamus began, "Since you put it that way, let's go." The two of them walked off.