Inside Trypticon, Shockwave commands his troops. "This is how it will go," he began, "Scourge will lead our air strike, Hook will lead our ground strike, and I shall remain in Trypticon for the main attack. Now go to your respective groups and destroy the Autobots!"

            "Yes sir!" the Decepticons shouted as they ran off in various directions, leaving Shockwave, Hook, and Scourge alone.

            "I noticed Cyclonus was not among us." Scourge stated, "What happened to him?"

            "Don't worry about that idiot." Shockwave replied, "Cyclonus is off on some fool's errand. Now stop asking stupid questions and lead our forces to victory!"

            "As you command, Shockwave!" his two lieutenants shouted as they ran off, leaving Shockwave alone.

            "Although victory is all but assured," Shockwave thought to himself, "I can not shake the thought of Galvatron's return. I know it is illogical for me to think of it, but deep inside of me, something tells me I have not seen the last of neither Cyclonus nor Galvatron. For now, at least, I'll put my doubts behind me and retake Cybertron for the Decepticons!"

            Meanwhile, Autobots Jazz and Blurr stand waiting for the Decepticon air wave to attack. "Are you sure that this is a wise idea?" Blurr asked, "I mean, just the two of us against the mighty Decepticon air fleet? I mean it sounds kind of one sided in their favor."

            "Don't worry, Blurr," Jazz replied, "I've got Cliffjumper and Hot Rod manning our anti-aircraft weaponry."

            "But what about Arcee?" Blurr asked, "Isn't she supposed to be with us?"

            "Don't worry about her." Jazz answered, "She's standing by with our insurance policy. If things get out of hand, I'll call her and she'll come help us out."

            "Insurance policy?" Blurr asked, "What on Cybertron do you mean by that?"

            "You'll find out soon enough." Jazz replied as his communicator rang, "Hold on Blurr, I'm getting a message. Jazz here."

            "We've got problems here." Hot Rod began, "Me and Cliffjumper spotted the Decepticons, their heading our way."

            "Just open fire and take them down!" Jazz shouted, " Just leave some for us!"

            "We'll try," Hot Rod replied, "Hopefully these guns pack enough punch to put a dent in the Decepticons plans! Hot Rod out."

            "You heard him, Blurr." Jazz said, "They're heading this way, so we'd best be prepared. Hope you've exercised your trigger finger, because you're going to need it today."

            Meanwhile, Scourge leads all the airborne Decepticons into battle. "The Sweeps and I will take out their anti-aircraft weaponry! Astrotrain, Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust take out the rest of the Autobots. Now move!"

            "Yes sir!" Astrotrain said as he and the other Decepticons left. Scourge and the Sweeps began to attack, just barely being held off by Hot Rod and Cliffjumper.

            "This doesn't look good." Hot Rod thought to himself, "I hope the others are faring better than we are!"

            Meanwhile, Jazz and Blurr notice the approaching Decepticons. "This is it, Blurr!" Jazz yelled, "Let's give them all we got!" The two Autobots fired at their Decepticon attackers, but they were soon overtaken by the greater Decepticon forces.

            "This is bad, Jazz!" Blurr shouted, " Where's that insurance policy you were talking about? It looks like we're going to need it!"

            "Dammit!" Jazz exclaimed, "I was hoping to save it for Trypticon, but it looks like we haven't any choice! Hold these guys off while I contact Arcee, Blurr."

            "Yeah, sure, no problem!" Blurr replied as he fired into the air, "I'll make sure you'll be alright!"

            "You'd better." Jazz said as he activated his communicator, "Arcee! We need them NOW! And hurry because…" Before Jazz could finish, he was cut down by Astrotrain.

            "One down, one to go!" Astrotrain shouted as he shot at Blurr. Blurr tried his best to avoid Astrotrain's blasts, but he too eventually fell to Astrotrain's fire. "Well, that's the end of that!" he shouted, "Let's go back to Scourge."

            "Not so fast!" a voice from behind exclaimed.

            "What the?" Astrotrain said, "That's no Autobot I've heard before!"

            "Maybe because they're our newest Autobots!" Arcee stated as she transformed, "Decepticons, meet the Aerialbots! Silverbolt, Slingshot, Air Raid, Skydive, and Firefight! "

            "Thanks for the introduction, Arcee!" Silverbolt shouted, "C'mon Aerialbots, Let's show these Decepticons what we can do!"

            "These guys talk to much!"  Ramjet shouted, "I'll handle this!"

            "I doubt that!" Air Raid shouted as he shot at Ramjet, "Let's see how you like that!" Ramjet was struck in the wing by the blast and made an emergency landing on the ground.

            "Let's just see you try that on me!" Thrust shouted as he fired at Air Raid.

            "Don't worry Air Raid!" Slingshot shouted as he fired at Thrust, "I've got your back!" Slingshot's blasts connected with Thrust, who was sent crashing to the ground below.

            "Foolish Autobots!" Dirge exclaimed, "You know that I rule the skies!"

            "Well then," Skydive said as he fired at Dirge, "Looks like you didn't know I just took your crown!" Dirge too was sent crashing to the ground.

            Astrotrain and Silverbolt had been firing at each other when Astrotrain noticed his comrades had all been shot down. "Dirge! Ramjet! Thrust!" he exclaimed, "Respond!"

            "I'm the only one still functional!" Ramjet shouted, "We need to get back to Trypticon… NOW!"

            "You're right!" Astrotrain shouted as he landed. Ramjet loaded the fallen Decepticons into Astrotrain, who promptly took off. The Aerialbots landed and transformed near Arcee, who was tending to the fallen Autobots.

            "How do they look?" Silverbolt asked.

            "Not to good." Arcee replied, "They're alive, but barely. If I don't get them into some type of life support quickly, then they'll die. I'll take them back to headquarters, you guys go help Hot Rod and Cliffjumper!"

            "Sure thing, Arcee!" Silverbolt shouted, "Aerialbots, transform!" They transformed and flew off. Moments later, they find Scourge and the Sweeps firing at Hot Rod and Cliffjumper. "These guys might be trouble!" Silverbolt said.

            "What do you suggest then?" Skydive asked.

            "What I'm suggesting, Skydive," Silverbolt replied, "Is that we bring out the big guns! Aerialbots! Merge to form Superion!" The Aerialbots merged into one giant robot.

            None of this went unnoticed from Scourge. "What the!?!" he shouted, "Sweeps! We have a new target! Attack!" Scourge and the Sweeps now focused their attacks on Superion.

            "Good effort, Decepticons," Silverbolt began, "But not good enough!" Superion swung his massive fist toward the Decepticons, who barely avoided it.

            "This guy's out of our league! Sweeps! We're falling back for now! Return to Trypticon immediately!" Scourge yelled as he and the Sweeps retreated.

            "Thanks a lot, buddy." Cliffjumper said as the Aerialbots separated.

            "Yeah," Hot Rod added, "If not for you guys, we'd be piles of molten metal by now."

            "You guys are welcome," Silverbolt began, "But we need your help now. Jazz and Blurr were critically injured in the attack and we need to get them help… FAST!"

            "Let's do it then!" Hot Rod shouted, "I just hope our other forces did better than we did."