There was always a certain arrogance he had when it came to her. He ignorantly believed that he was her one and only, and if not for the fact they were linked to each other by such a strong bond of love, she would've went through the rest of her days as a lonely spinster. This was only strengthened by the fact that he never known her to be any good with guys, nor had he ever caught someone looking at her with the same eyes he did. So he was quiet sure of himself, in a way that was perhaps a little to egoistic for his own good, that there was no way possible on this earth that she could've ever found love with out him, and if they did not find each other she would have withered away a lonely old lady without ever knowing love. Not the most realistic thing, but this was his way of thinking and he would hold fast to it no matter what. Sadly for him, there was a quake that would come and shake down his whole thought process, and do the inconceivable by making him falter in this thought process…

I watched her in the glass as she rambled on about whatever latest trend she'd fallen into. I smiled, watching as she perused the shops looking for anything that caught her attention. She was completely oblivious to the fact I was staring at her, watching carefully the expressions in her eyes. Trying to memorize the way her eyes slightly widened when she saw something she liked, or got excited over what she was saying. I was happy being here with her, the way she clung on to my arm, the sound of her voice washing over me. I noticed that she grew up since I first met her in her first year of junior high, now in her third year of high school I could tell how she matured. I could see how much her beauty had begun to shine, but even as I dully noted the stares I was receiving from other envious males I couldn't see her dating any of them. I just couldn't imagine them next to her like I was now, and I didn't want to in my head I was the only thing that kept her from dieing alone.

I smiled smugly to myself, and pulled on but she had stopped. Staring at some shining beauty, I peaked over her shoulder to just see what she was staring at. A golden locket a beautiful heart with a shining jewel that had to be a diamond sat in the center. She seemed entranced by the glow of it, letting her hand sag slightly around my arm. I quickly noted where we were, and what shop it was. I'd get it for her later and surprise her with it. I let myself give off a big smile at the thought of her face when I showed her, but then pulled back. I wasn't going to ruin my perfect surprise already, after composing my poker face I gently pulled on her arm breaking the trance the jewel had given her. She looked up at me, dazed and confused like she didn't know where she was but it passed quickly and she flashed me her smile.

"Serena…?" That one single word was all it took. We both turned to the unfamiliar voice. I smiled smugly as I took in the boy who'd called her name. He was just a few inches taller that her, with caramel colored hair that fell shaggy half hiding his eyes. His eyes were green, but a bright vibrant green. I thought nothing of the boy, some one insignificant to me. I saw him as no competition, I thought of this boy as just a boy. My smile faded as Serena detached herself from me to run into the boys open arms.

"Jordan!" She cried as her arms circled around him, giving him a hug. I was completely put off, now regarding the boy named Jordan in a new light. Why'd she run to him so? What does this boy mean to her? What made her run to him? These thoughts circled my head, as I waited to be introduced to this Jordan. But as time stretched on it seemed as though I was forgotten. My composure was becoming fragile but I still managed to stand even as I was forgotten as she asked why he was back in Japan, or how his mother was doing.

It seemed like an eternity for me before the boy nodded at me. Serena turned around and seemed to realize that I was still there blush claiming her cheeks as I smiled at her, annoyed at best at her forgetfulness. I might have been more forgiving if this boy had not been looking at her as though she belonged to him. I was doing all I could to keep calm, how come this boy was looking at my girlfriend like she was single?

"Oh! Him?" She asked the question casually, I could feel the shudder going through my body as her voice dismissed me as practically nothing. But her actions proved different as she came back to cling onto my arm, smiling. The boy looked a little distressed at that which made me feel better. "This is my boyfriend, Darien."

I could feel my pride coming back, and I looped my hand around her waist pulling her close to me. I could see the hint of a challenge in his eyes, but he held back making me worry. He somehow forced himself to smile and held out his hand to me. I took it, knowing this would be a test. He grasped my hand firmly as he introduced himself. "I'm Jordan," He stated to me plainly, his eyes glinting with something I couldn't recognize "I'm the ex-boyfriend."

Before I could control it my eyes widened, only a fracture of an inch but I knew he caught it. His smile widened along side his pride. His eyes let me know that while I might have the title of 'The Boyfriend', for now, he was back and he was positive he would win her over. I reached the smugness in his eyes with my own; I knew what I meant to Serena. I wasn't worried in the least bit. With the connection between us that reached back into our past lives, and the guarantee of our future I knew I would always have the title, no one could take that away from me.

"Do you have time for tea, Serena?" Jordan asked the question specifically to Serena to make sure I felt out of place, but instead of whole heartily agreeing she looked to me. "Do you have time? Don't you have class?" She had included me in the invitation even though it was obvious that Jordan didn't want me there. I smiled, looking down at my watch even though I knew I had hours before class. Jordan tensed not entirely happy of her dependence on me, and I played with it staring at my watch pretending to do the math in my head. It wouldn't have mattered if I had two seconds or two days till class I would've stayed. I don't think there could be anything that would tear me away from Serena right now.

"I'm good, Sere. Let's go." I caught him flinch at my nickname for her, but I only caught that out of the corners of my vision, I focused my eyes on hers watching them grow with happiness and joy as I agreed. Serena was dense most times, but she was picking up on our friction quiet easily, and seeing how hard I was trying not only made her grateful but ecstatic. I don't think I could've said no to her if I wanted to. It never really worked, all I had to do was look at those big blue beautiful eyes, and get swept away losing all self control. She turned her eyes away from me to smile at Jordan, "That sounds awesome Jordan. Can we also get cake?"

I uncrossed and recrossed my legs for what had to be the fiftieth time that night. It was the only thing that could keep me from scowling and drumming my fingers across the table. We sat at a round table outside of a café. Some how during conversation Serena seemed to gravitate towards Jordan as they chatted on about people and memories I wasn't involved in. She had unconsciously scooted closer to him as their conversation dragged on. They were practically on top of each other, I noted with an internal grimace. I didn't want Serena to see me this jealous, but it wouldn't matter. I figured I could be banging a gong in her ear; Serena had completely been immerged in her own little world with Jordan. I was positive that she had forgotten that I was even here.

Along side the fact that there was no doubt Serena had forgotten me; people passing by were staring at the two. If that wasn't bad enough, they were commenting on how cute the couple looked or that she was such a lucky girl. I bit down on my tongue, I wasn't going to say anything to the nosy people misconstruing what was really going on nor was I going to explode in anger at the fact I couldn't even comment in on the conversation. I stared off into the distance trying to ignore what was going on around me, but after a few minutes I found it was too hard to ignore my surroundings. I looked down at my watch. Still another hour to class, I inwardly groaned at the thought of what he might try once I was gone.

"Oh! The time I completely forgot? Do you have class now?" The shock of her voice jerked my head up. Had she been paying that much attention to me? Or had I zoned out while looking at my watch?

"Me? Oh no, I'll be fine." I stuttered out after a moment. Serena did not seem convinced with my answer, and how could I expect her too? It sounded like I had five minutes to get to class but not wanting to leave. I was going to have to think of something better than that. I knew she wasn't going to let it go, but what I didn't expect (but should have) was Jordan helping her.

"Darien, you go. Don't let us hold you back." Jordan

"You shouldn't neglect your studies! If you have to, go!" Serena

"It's alright we understand, you are a university man right?" Jordan

"Come on! Get going!" Serena

How could I explain to her now, or attempt to explain to her now that I had another hour left before I had to be in class. Jordan seemed all to ready to get rid of me, and my eyes narrowed at him. Serena was still going on about how I had to study hard to accomplish my dreams, and how going to class was important. I found it funny that Serena would be the one lecturing about studying but she was really going all into it. She was trying her hardest, and I knew that sometimes she felt like a burden to me. I wasn't going to stop hearing about it till I went, even if I was an hour early. Sighing, I put my hands up. Serena nodded, and Jordan extended his hand to me. We shook, he already gloating over his victory in his eyes.

Too bad his plan backfired, as I stood up so did Serena. "Thank you so much Jordan. It was really great to see you again." She bowed, leaving both me and Jordan left in shock. She sounded like she was saying…good bye? Her hand wrapped around my arm automatically clinging to my side. She turned ready to leave with me. I smirked looking at him before turning with her to walk away. He still didn't seem to get it, he weakly called her name. "Serena..?"

She turned toward him, "Darien's got to go to class and he promised me I could walk him there." She said with a smile, truly excited about seeing the outside of the university. I felt like releasing a laugh, as I saw him wither to nothing under her love for me. But he was not so easily broken.

"Do you mind if I come along? I wanted to see your mother again." I could feel my heart beating faster at the anger in him asking to go to her house. I felt like punching him, and I knew he could tell from my eyes what I wanted to do. But we both know my fantasies were just fantasies. If I ever touched him Serena would never forgive me, or if she did it would take a lot of sucking up. Serena took a moment to absorb the information, and then looked to me. "Do you mind?"

Do you mind? What the hell was that? Not only did she ask the wrong question, because of course I minded, she asked it with her blue puppy dog eyes. How could I say no? How could I deny her when she looked at me like that? I hated the look; it sucked me in making me feel like if I said yes it was as though all her dreams came true. Begrudgingly I nodded my head, "Sure."

The walk had been uneventful. The two of the rambled on about some type of cake her mother made for them all the time. Apparently he had been her childhood friend for years. He living in the neighborhood was always around and in her house. That did not make me any happier, and I was glad I had an hour before school started. I would go cool down before trying to actually learn anything. The only thing that made this whole torture worth it was Serena never once released her grip on my arm. I used to find it annoying especially as we reached my school but today I found it empowering and showing that even though she was deep in conversation with this loser I was the one who held her heart. That was the only thing that kept my smug smile on my face.

We reached the gates of the school; she was astonished at the size and beauty. I smiled as I pointed out things to her explaining what the students used it for most. That tree was the best to study under, or that bench had the greatest view. Not only was I doing something that Jordan couldn't, I felt needed. A few of my friends spotted me, called my name. I waved to them, and they waved back before heading into the building. I looked back to Serena who'd stop staring at the campus and started staring at me.

"You have to go, don't you?" I nodded even though I knew I still had at least a half an hour left. She nodded once in understanding then gave me a hug. I pulled her close, enjoying her in my arms. I let the seconds tick away before I pulled back from her. She gave me a weak smile, and I turned starting to walk into campus. I was mentally torn at the thought of letting her go home with him, but I hoped that Serena's mom would end up talking to him most of the time. I could see my friends hanging around the entrance, obviously waiting for me. I could see their evil grins, waiting to probe me for information about my girlfriend. I think this is the first time they'd seen her. The first time they believed she was real.

"Daariien!" I turned as I heard the familiar whine. Serena ran towards me, grabbing me into a hug that quickly turned into a kiss as she pulled my head down to hers. I could feel all eyes on us, but I didn't care. I pulled her closer to me deepening our kiss. The kiss was needy. She pulled away only when she had to gasp for air. She smiled at me, but I could see the tears in her eyes. I wiped one away ready to ask her what was wrong, but she seemed to answer it for me. "I was so happy I caught you, I forgot to give you your kiss and I just had too." She cried a little harder when she said this, but after a few seconds she caught herself and forced herself to stop. She took a step back smiled at me with reassuring eyes, and the turned running back towards the entrance.

I was completely satisfied with the kiss, but also significantly embarrassed. I turned back toward my friends only to see their grins had turned into cocky smirks. As soon as I was in their grasp the questions started.

"Is that your girlfriend?"

"Why didn't you tell us your girlfriend was that hot?"

"So she does exist, the rest of you saw that right?"

"What's her name again? Hunny?"

"What was that kiss about?"

"Was that a normal good bye?"

"What do you do to say hello?"

"How far have you gotten man?"

Their comments just continued as I slugged to my locker trying to block out everything they were saying. They cornered me in the hall and with still fifteen minutes till class I had no where to escape. Sighing I silenced them all, and began answering their questions. Well most of their questions, not all of them. Some of them were answered with a punch. But once everything had calmed down and their curiosities were filled I started to drift into thinking of what Serena was doing. No matter how I tried to keep my thoughts happy, they turned incredibly dark.

The quiet that settled around me as I hesitated outside her door only made things worse. Not only did I already feel like an over-bearing jealous boyfriend, but now I felt like a stalking over-bearing jealous boyfriend. He is just her friend, just her friend. I kept repeating those words over and over in my head on my walk over, but no matter how hard I tried the images that settled in my head from class stayed. No matter how hard I tried to listen to the professor, I couldn't. My mind kept creating images of them, sitting around her living room or even worse her room. He slowly enticing her hand into his, pulling her close and stealing a kiss from her lips, the thought of it made my hands clench. It took me more than a minute to force myself to calm down. I once again repeated my mantra; he is only a friend, just a friend. I forced myself to concentrate on the door in front of me. I raised my hand, it hovered over the doorbell.

Too afraid that in fact he would find her wrapped in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. He knew he hadn't always been the kindest to her, remembering the coldness he'd shown her recently. He got caught up in studying, growing annoyed by her constant calls or appearances, even if she only called once a day, or they bumped into each other on accident. He could see the way she calculated her moves around him, those few times they unexpectedly bumped into each other. He, as always, could only see how damaging his behavior was days after it happened. He had always believed in his theory that she could never know love without him there, but as the thoughts of his recent coldness kept his finger poised above the door bell his shell was cracked.

Swallowing as hard as I could, I pushed the button with what seemed like all my strength. It took me a while to realize a new fear inside me. I combed my hand through my hair aimlessly, as I hoped and prayed that her father would not answer the door. Serena's father didn't like the thought of a high school student with a collage student, nor did he like a high school student with a middle school student. But more so than that, I think he didn't like me personally, because I was the one that was taking his girl away. I could hear movement beyond the door, and I wished that it wouldn't be her father, anyone but her father.

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. It wasn't Serena's father that answered the door, it was Jordan. I didn't think about him answering her door, because I didn't know that at such a late time would he be there, or would a guest answer the door. My eyes narrowed at him, anger rising inside of me. All my jealous rage that I had let built up began to boil my blood. His green eyes were bright with arrogance and anger like I'd interrupted something. I felt my jaw set, and teeth grind together. "What are you doing here?"

"Your girlfriend." He whispered to me softly. He wanted to sure I was the only one who heard what he said. My hands clenched into fists, ready to punch him when a noise made me look up. There was Serena, coming out of the living room. She had slipped, but was getting to her feet walking closer to me. She was still in the same clothes she'd been in earlier, a thought that made me glad, but as she walked closer to the door I found myself analyzing the way her clothes wrinkled. Did it wrinkle in the same place before or was it made? Did that piece of hair fall out by itself, or because of activities? The jealousy I was trying to hold on to silently was burning away at my mind.

But the one thing I did notice was the way her eyes had slightly swelled, and had a tint of red blushed her cheeks. The swelling of her eyes indicated crying, but the red flooding her cheeks indicated something else. Jealousy ate at me, and sent an image of Serena being held down while Jordan had his way with her. I looked at Jordan, hate resting in my eyes.

"What did you do to her?" I asked my voice caught in a husky whisper, anger surging through my body. My knuckles were white, and I was on edge. It didn't take long for him to catch on my mood, and just before she could get close enough to hear he whispered right back, with a hint of challenge in his voice, "Nothing she didn't beg for."

There was nothing that could have stopped me once he said those words. I punched him, right across the jaw sending him flying back into the house. I had busted his lip open, I could feel the blood on my knuckles as I stood in the door way like a mad man, huffing trying to catch my breath. She ran to his side, tears glistening in her eyes. She looked at me, and asked one question, "Why?"

I knew that I would never be right again. The way those beautiful cerulean eyes looked at me, chipped away a part of my heart that I would never get back. Amidst the dew drops of tears resting on the edges of her eyes waiting to be spilled sat an emotion that I never once wanted directed at me, fear. I never saw those eyes projected at me, even when I'd been under Beryl's mind control she never once shown me fear. Now I had no answer for her question besides the obvious, jealousy. I couldn't find my voice, as I watched those eyes full of fear. I couldn't explain now, my actions couldn't make her comprehend why I did what I did. I turned and ran from her, even though her voice called me back to her. She screamed my name as I took off down the street, and I could hear her feet behind me, but not for long. No matter what I didn't turn back, I don't think I could handle it if I had to look into those eyes again.

I stood in my living room panting. I had practically run home after I saw the look in those eyes. My heart, which had fallen into pieces hurt each time it beat and every time I closed my eyes I saw hers. Those big beautiful cerulean eyes full of fear. My breath came in raggedly, and my hands tremble. My legs shook but I couldn't move to sit down, I couldn't move my body anymore. It took a while before I could unclench my hands, and even though I felt the dried blood crack I couldn't make myself wash it off. If I did, I wouldn't be able to tell that I actually did it.

I could still feel the bones of his jaw lightly on my skin; it tingled as my breathing slowed. I couldn't count the minutes I stood there shaking in my living room. It was dark I hadn't bothered to turn on a light, and I fumbled around now even though I knew my apartment like the back of my hand. But now just as the blood that coated my hand, a dark haze coated my apartment making everything different.

I just flicked on the light when I heard knocking. I took a deep breath to steady my self as I moved to the door, and each second I took to get there only intensified the knocking. I opened the door without bothering to look through the peep hole, but now wished I did. There she stood heaving with tears running down her cheeks. Her eyes no longer filled with fear, but worry. She stood there for a minute with her hand still raise to knock, and I took her in her hair blown every which way, shoes half-way on and no jacket.

She grabbed onto me with such force I had to take a step back to steady myself. I closed the door as I felt the tears seep into my shirt, and as the wet spot grew so did the grief in my heart. I had caused all the tears, and I wrapped my arms around her. "Serena…"

She looked up at me with big eyes, and all my words died in my throat. What was I going to say? What could I say? I gulped, and it seemed to shake her out of her daze. She broke away from me walking a few steps into my apartment, I was worried. Was she going to tell me that she was done with me and my overbearing jealousy? I waited while she calmed herself.

"Darien, I'm so sorry that I'm so childish, and selfish. I know I'm a burden, and I'm holding you back, and then all those games Jordan went on to play…" She prattled on about being useless, and it took me a while to realize she was apologizing to me. Anger filled my system; did I really make her feel like this? I grabbed her from behind pulling her close to my chest, which efficiently shut her up. I buried my nose in the top of her head, holding her as tight as I could. I realized she was shaking, and I inhaled a whiff of her sweet scent before replying to her.

"Serena, you are the best thing in my life. I did what I did because I was jealous. I had been so mean to you the past couple of weeks, and then you were alone at your house with your ex-boyfriend…" I trailed off to afraid to continue with that train of thought; I would keep my dark nightmares to myself. "I was so scared you'd get fed up with me, Serena."

She gasped, and turned in my grasp to look me in the eye. I couldn't help myself, as I lowered my head and hers came up to meet mine. Our lips connected and I could feel her uncertainty, I broke away from her and into her eyes. It was only a few seconds before she pushed herself up on her toes and secured my lips with hers. This time to prevent me from moving away she worked on of her hands into my hair and pulled me to her. I complied, and her tongue brushed alongside my lower lip, before she parted her mouth. I took that as my cue to let my tongue explore her mouth tasting her. She moaned into my lips, and I angled my head even more to deepen the kiss.

We kissed each other hungrily before she broke for air. Her breath ragged as she looked up at me. She looked nervous. She started talking but turned her head, as though she was ashamed to ask. "Who was that other woman?

"Other woman?" I both asked her and myself. I was trying to think of when I was with another woman? Serena seemed agitated at the blank I was drawling, and I wondered if she thought I was lying.

"On your last day of exams, you walked from the university to a block from your apartment. A tall brunette?" I mentally made a note of her knowledge of where I was, slightly thinking I might be being followed. The only tall brunette who would walk home from the university would be Kali; she was in a few of my classes. She worked at the Deli, a few blocks from my apartment. Did she walk me home that last day of exams? I was so exhausted I didn't even know I was walking.

"Were you spying on me?" I asked her. She tinted red, and looked down at the floor, but only for a second. Her face turned back up toward me in anger, and she took a step back against my embrace. I only clenched my arms around her tighter in response.

"It isn't spying if you didn't come specifically to follow them around." She muttered, and I felt myself chuckle before I could stop it. She took a second step back quickly breaking through my defenses, and she took a third step back out of my reach. "You didn't answer my question. Who is she Darien?"

"Her name is Kali; she's in a couple of my classes. She works at that deli a few blocks up, I was exhausted she walked me home to make sure I didn't collapse on the way, and then she went to work." I stated, and she seemed to lose that edge. I was tempted to grab her again, and pull her into one of those earth shattering kisses, but I stopped. Somewhere in the back of my head images of her a Jordan still loomed. "What about Jordan, who is he?"

She looked at me perplexed for a minute, before she understood what I was actually asking. I wanted to know what had happened between them, and if I should be going back to punch him again. She smiled at me.

"Jordan is my ex-boyfriend. We dated…" She paused, and I could tell she delighted in the way my body automatically tensed. "…for a week." I could feel my body relax, and she clung to my shirt again. "He's too much like an older brother, than a boyfriend." She pulled my head, and brought her lips close to my ear. "Nothing happened." She whispered, and I felt myself shiver. I pulled back to see her face, and her smile. I felt my lips twitch into a smile, and I knew I should have never doubted her love for me for a second.

I leaned my head down to claim her waiting lips.

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