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Harmless Bet

"No." Hinata looked directly at Sasuke with uncertainty filled in her grayish-white, pupil-less eyes.

Sasuke pointed at his cheek. "Here."

"No!" Hinata yelled, backing away from him further only to hit the wall behind her, giving her only limited amount of space.

"Why not?" Sasuke asked, coming a little closer.

"Because! We never agreed on this…this…bet," Hinata puffed, trying to put as much space in between them as possible. 'Just how did I end up in this situation?'

"Yeah, we did. You said it yourself that you would do it when I rescue you from danger," Sasuke shot back, with annoyance and impatience in his voice.

'Oh yeah, I was half-joking, half-serious about it. He took it completely serious.' Hinata was indecisive about how to avoid this soon-to-be embarrassing situation.

"Well, the only 'danger' I encountered was only failing to answer one question in class," Hinata told him, gaining a little confidence. 'I should be able to get out of it soon.'

"That danger must be enough because Ms. Hanako was going to give you a detention for daydreaming too much," Sasuke explained being exasperated for having to elaborate all the known details even though she knew already.

"Well, it still doesn't count as danger because it wasn't life-threatening," Hinata voiced out, trying to convince him out of their so-called bet.

"Hmm…what if your dad found out that you got a detention? I bet that will make his day a lot better," Sasuke said, his words full of sarcasm, looking straight at her with piercing gaze as if daring her to contradict to what he was saying.

He let those words settle before continuing on. "Therefore, it was life-threatening."

Hinata was speechless. She knew he was right. 'My dad always require perfect grade, manner, habits, strength… Ugh, I don't even want to imagine what my dad would've said after he--'

"Hey, hey. Hinata! Are you in your own dreamland again? Seriously, it's a miracle that you haven't gotten detention up until now," Sasuke uttered, looking hopeless and irritated at the same time.

'Make it quick and fast,' Hinata thought as she prepare herself mentally.

"Wake up! Hinata, we should rea--" Sasuke stopped as he felt the soft lips on his cheek for a second.

"Okay, my debt has been paid off," Hinata declared as she darted out quickly to the side. She started running toward the girls' locker room and stopped about in midway. She looked back at him, who in turn, looked back at her with smirk on his face. "Bye! Oh, and the bet is off now," Hinata laughed. "See ya!"

He watched Hinata run to the locker room, her long blue hair swinging carelessly and freely behind her.

'Next time, it won't be so easy,' Sasuke thought to himself as he saw her disappear behind the door. "Be prepared, Hinata."


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