A/N Another middle of the night inspiration

A/N Another middle of the night inspiration. I'm way happier with this one than the last.

I was shocked. Completely, unequivocally shocked. I was being replaced by Woolsey. I was being replaced by WOOLSEY! I had no words, there was no speech, I was speechless. Couldn't the IOA make up their collective mind? They didn't want Weir, a civilian running Atlantis, so there I go, an air force officer and a scientist and 'Nope, sorry Colonel Carter, never mind.' Ridiculous.

I walked to my base quarters still numb. My mind wasn't even working yet. I had things still in Atlantis, Sheppard still had a few strategies he needed to discuss, Teyla and I had lunch planned, and I swear McKay had at least eleven projects I was in the middle of reviewing. And now, now all I do was give them up and come on back?

And do what, come back to the SGC? Area 51? I feel like I just got caught up on what was going on in Atlantis, how am I supposed to make up all the lost time back here on Earth?

I crossed the sparsely decorated room I still had on reserve at the SGC and sat at the desk in the corner. Luckily, Landry decided I still had use for it, so at least I could sit here and gather my thoughts. Slowly, the numb shock was melting away into pure anger. They had no right to take this, I had worked so hard and there was still so much to get done in the Pegasus Galaxy. I could still help, I could still…

"Ahhrg," I said, pushing away from the desk and started pacing the room. If I didn't know any better, I was starting to sound like McKay. I wasn't invaluable, Atlantis could go on without me. This was as much about me not wanting to be left out of the Atlantis loop as anything.

I continued pacing faster and faster until the door burst open a few feet from me. I jumped and turned.

"General O'Neill, sir…I didn't know you were at the SGC. Why aren't you in Washington?" I asked, confused and still fuming. I don't know how my words sounded, but I guess it didn't matter because he didn't seem to hear them anyways.

He crossed the space between us in three quick steps and before I could draw a breath to even ask what was wrong, he grabbed my face in both his hands. He pulled me into him and kissed me, hard and fast.

For a few seconds I was stunned. For the second time that day, I was completely blank, I had no idea what to do or say. Thankfully, the numbness didn't lat long. My coherent thoughts came back and I did the only reasonable thing to do. I kissed him back. Just as furious and with just as much longing as he did.

A bit later, I'm not sure how long, it could be seconds or days, all sense of time and reality slipped, we came up for air. I looked up at him, eyebrows raised and eyes wide. My mouth gaped slightly as I tried to think of what I wanted or needed to say. Luckily, his big mouth saved the day. For once.

He cupped the side of my face with his hand and leaned down until there was barely any space between us.

"I've missed you Sam," he said, looking directly at me.

"I've missed you too, sir." My voice was only a little breathy, I swear.

"Jack. I think we pretty much just killed the last name and rank formalities," he said with a slight smile. I smiled back and I hope it didn't look too incredibly cartoon-y and goofy.

"Jack…I've missed you, too. How'd you know I was back?" I asked.

"Oh, the IOA was making a stink about wanting Woolsey in charge of Atlantis. I knew that meant you'd be back so I had to come see you before you disappeared into yelling at the IOA, or disappearing into some other project, not to be heard from for another year," he said.

I smiled. "I'm glad you found me then."

"Yeah me too. You know, not seeing you for that long, it just doesn't work for me…so, lets not do that again, deal?" he asked, pulling me closer again. I smiled, again, forgetting about my anger at the IOA as he pulled my face closer to his.

"Deal," I mumbled as our lips pressed together. Softer this time, but still with the same fire that had occurred the first time.

"Good, 'cause I ain't ever getting tired of this," Jack said, and pulled me to his chest in a hug. I wrapped my arms around his back and smiled into his shoulder.

Sure being away from Atlantis wasn't going to be fun or easy. But after all, being on Earth had some benefits that Atlantis just can't match.