A/N Again with the middle of the night ideas

A/N Again with the middle of the night ideas. Is there a mental health professional in the house?

"General O'Neill just left for Colonel Carter's quarters!" Walter said, running into the little storage room. Daniel, Teal'c, Vala, Mitchell and Landry were already crowded around a small monitor in the corner of the room.

"Isn't this a huge violation of…some rule sir?" Mitchell asked.

"Yes, it's a gross misuse of SGC property and an invasion of privacy," Walter said, calmly. Well, as calmly as Walter ever really says anything. "But it's necessary."

"How do you figure?" Mitchell asked.

"Hello? There are bets to be settled!" Vala said, smiling.

"Bets? You bet on Sam and Jack?" Daniel asked Vala.

"Well, actually, all of us did. I personally think he's going to sweep her off her feet like she so justly deserves. General Landry disagrees and so does Teal'c." Vala said, still smiling her huge, Julia Roberts smile.

"Oh, really." Daniel said. "And what do you guys assume will happen?"

"They think General O'Neill and Carter will dance around the subject as they have for over ten years," Walter said, fiddling with the monitor.

"With the same light touch as a German bluegrass group." Landry added.

"And that their feelings of obligation to regulations will get in the way, as always," Vala said.

"I see," Daniel said, frowning slightly.

"Walter agrees with me," Vala said. They all looked at Walter.

"You can tell," he said, not turning around. "Something's different."

"I chose not take part in the bet," Mitchell said, somewhat smugly. Vala rolled her eyes.

"Only because you're being a big baby. You agree with me, but you don't WANT to agree with me because it's me, yet you can't stand to bet against me because you know I'm right. And if I'm right then you're wrong and you wouldn't be able to stand that. Wuss."

Landry snorted. "Walter, how's the feed from that security camera coming?" he asked.

"Almost there General," Walter answered.

"Wouldn't you have to report them if anything does happen sir?" Mitchell asked. Landry shrugged.

"What do I tell them? I caught two of the finest the air force has to offer engaged in some shenanigans because I was spying into a female officer's base quarters from a storage closet with Walter, Colonel Mitchell, two aliens, and an archaeologist?" Landry said with a smile. Teal'c smiled next to him. Mitchell nodded.

"Fair enough."

"I still say we shouldn't be doing this, we should give Sam and Jack their privacy to do as they wish, we know they deserve it after all they've been through," Daniel said.

"After all they have been through Daniel Jackson, none of us would be surprised if either of them chose to pursue a romantic relationship with the other," Teal'c said, speaking for the first time.

"What muscles here is trying to say, is that if they don't realize that they are made for each other by now, then they deserve a slap in the face from a dead zirtarcl," Vala said.

"What's a zirtarcl?" Mitchell asked.

"It's a-"

"You really don't want to know," Daniel interrupted Vala.

"Sir! I got the footage from the security camera outside Colonel Carter's room! You can't see all the way into the room, they weren't designed for that but you can get about 7 feet in," Walter said, scooting back from the screen.

"Good job Walter." Landry said, and they all crowded around the monitor. Vala leaned forward, grabbing a bag of popcorn from beside her. Daniel shot her a look.

"What?" she asked, mouth full. "Want some?"

"There is O'Neill," Teal'c said, bringing everyone's attention back.

"There you go, there you go…." Vala said excitedly as he walked in. The miniature O'Neill on their screen grabbed Carter and kissed her and even from their little storage room, they could all see the passion.

Cheers erupted, chairs were overturned and popcorn went flying. Vala screamed and grabbed Daniel's wrist, turning herself around, all the while screaming, "Yes! Yes! I KNEW IT!"

Landry and Teal'c said nothing, but stood, smirking slightly. Mitchell yelled out a loud "Whooooo wheee!" that echoed through the room. Walter's jaw just dropped and he started stammering.

"They did it again!" Walter said, shocked.

Sure enough, there was Jack grabbing Sam again. Vala let out another shriek and bounded over to General Landry, arm outstretched in front of her, grinning like the Cheshire cat. He rolled his eyes and pulled out his credit card, pressing it into her palm. She smiled at Teal'c and stuck her tongue out. He nodded in defeat to her.

"You bet your credit card?" Mitchell asked, incredulous.

"With Vala?" Daniel added.

"Don't be ridiculous," Landry said. "It's only for an hour."

Daniel shook his head. "Sir, you really have no idea the kind of damage Vala can do in an hour."

"What can I say?" Vala said, smiling so hard, it almost touched her ears. "What benefits Sam and Jack benefits us all."