DISCLAIMER: Stephenie owns Twilight, Edward, and Bella. I own the toad.

This is actually very stupid. I wrote it at 4 a.m. I'm usually pretty crazy at this time. If you read this, I'm very sorry. Where this came from? I have no idea!

I am a toad,
Stuck on the road.

I was hit by a truck.
Because I'm a sitting duck.

I am so sullen.
Wait, is that Edward Cullen?!

He dazzles me so!
I saw him chasing the doe...

When he started stripping,
I began piping.

He froze as he read my mind.
When he dropped his pants, I swear I went blind.

He was so glorious
It made me furious!

Now here comes Bella
Edward is a lucky fella!

Eddie hid in the bushes
But Bella pushes

She sees him in all his glory
Then began the orgy!!

I was the horrified witness,
Who watched them in their fitness.

To this day
I still hop away.

Forever I shall have nightmares
As I watched them go at it like bears.

A/N: This is the result of my hyperness. I dunno why i posted this. Anyways, it made me laugh. Then again, I laugh pretty easily. Yikes! I'm insane... Again, i apologize.