The Christmas Penguin :p
Lol, I know, the title sounds crappy to me as well ;) Also, apologies if everyone's OOC, I'm tired.
Disclaimer: The lovely Fielding and Barret own all. All I have is a penguin and my own (Rather bad) writing skills.

"Oooh! What about this? Or this? Or this?"…

It was Christmas Eve, cold, and everyone just wanted to finish their last-minute shopping. Two men were left in the changing rooms of Topshop. One was sat on an uncomfortable red plastic bench, while the other kept strutting out of one of the cubicles, changing the top or trousers, or even just a jacket.

"Come on Vince, I've been patient enough, just get a move on, I want to go in one more shop".

Vince's head poked out the cubicle, an impossibly wide grin alighting his perfect features.

"Is it for my present?"

Howard shook his head fondly, but tried to look disapproving.

"You won't be getting any presents if you don't hurry up"

The younger man quickly stuffed all of the tried on clothes into the arms of a bemused shop assistant and hastened to the entrance, where his friend was waiting.

The two walked out into the cold and headed towards the main shopping centre. Vince moved closer to Howard in an effort to keep out the worst of the winter breezes.

As they got into the centre, Vince looked around and groaned.

"This place is rubbish! It's only got one decent shop, and that doesn't even sell clothes!"

Howard rolled his eyes, pressed some money into his companion's hand and pushed him in the direction of the café. Vince smiled, knowing this ploy well. "Just a cup of tea Vince!" He warned at his friend's retreating back. "I am not going to try and pull you out of the fireplace like I did last year!" Vince turned back and pouted at Howard

"I was only trying to see how Santa could get down there without getting soot on his clothes! 'Mazin! Next time I send him a letter, I'm so gonna ask him!"

Howard stared at Vince with his mouth open slightly and his eyes wide. Vince still believed in Santa? Even after that time at the zoo when Fossil had put on a Santa suit and paraded round, but then started dancing to Slade's 'Merry Christmas' whilst ripping his top off?

"What?" Asked Vince, seeing his friend's disbelieving eyes.

"Erm, nothing, just, er, go to the café"

Vince was slightly alarmed at this abrupt dismissal but gave Howard a cheeky smile and left.

Howard shook the thoughts from his mind and proceeded to the 'one decent shop' that Vince had described earlier. They had passed the brightly coloured toy store a couple of weeks ago, and Howard had turned back to say something to his friend, only to see him with his face stuck to the window…


"Look at the penguin…"

"Isn't it cute?"

Although he would never admit, no sir, Howard found the penguin rather sweet. You could definitely tell why Vince liked it. It had huge puppy dog eyes, a sparkly waist coat, and a silver top hat that had 'Electric Dreams' written down the sides in colourful thread. He smiled whilst paying. Vince was going to love it.

He made his way back to the café and found Vince sat at a table near a huge lamp, tapping a tune against his cup with his spoon.

"Hey little man, we can get going now"

Vince looked up at him and gave him a dazzling smile. Howard's heart warmed and when he saw the huge bag that Howard was carrying (It was a very big penguin) he smiled even more, causing Howard to give him a huge grin back.


They were in the car when Howard noticed that Vince was being uncharacteristically quiet. He glanced over and saw the electro boy biting his nails and looking out of the window. The older man leant down and and turned the tape player on. Jazz funk came blasting out, but Vince didn't even bat an eyelid. Howard frowned.

"You ok? You don't feel ill do you?". Vince looked up, as though surprised that Howard was still there.

"Yeah, m'fine, just thinkin'". Howard was rather worried. Vince never really thought about anything, apart from Jagger or that new hat/belt/pair of boots he was getting.


A surprisingly short time later, they were both at the shop, Vince struggling with various bags, and even trying to carry one in his mouth. He looked appealingly at Howard, his blue eyes shining as he made a puppy dog face at his friend. Howard rolled his eyes but grabbed some of the bags from Vince's arms.

"Aw, cheers Howard". Vince gave him a huge, genuine smile, to which Howard replied,

"Just get a move on Vince, I'm not going to stand here all day"

Vince's eyes were twinkling as he bounded upstairs, leading the way to their shared bedroom.


It wasn't until later, when they were all clustered around the T.V, various presents under the tree, fairy lights blinking all over the place, a tinsel scarf wrapped around Vince's neck, that said sparkly man crept right up close to Howard (Much to the surprise of Naboo and Bollo), looked him right in the eyes and said,

"Howard, y'know Santa? He's, well... he is real isn't he?". Vince's eyes were staring into his own, begging him to contradict him. However, Howard could see that Vince was absolutley shattered, his eyelids drooping, but he was repeatedley shaking his head in a desperate attempt to chase away sleep.

"Erm..." Howard wasn't sure how to proceed, he just wanted to keep Vince happy, but at the same time get him to bed before he passed out right there. He looked over to Naboo for help and got a half stoned nod.

"Listen, erm, you get presents in your stocking right?" Vince gave him a nod, and Howard could tell he wasn't really listening anymore. So he just finished with "Of course he is Vince, come on, bed, after all, he only comes when you're asleep right?"

Vince looked up at him and smiled, an adorably dazed expression on his face. Howard got up and pulled Vince up with him. Saying goodnight to Naboo and Bollo, he had to practically carry his friend to their room.

Howard pulled the younger man's boots off and lay him down on the sparkly sheets. He smiled as Vince's eyes closed peacefully.

"Goodnight little man"

Vince was barely awake but managed a "''Night H'ward" back.

As he drifted off into sleep, he was sure he felt a small brush against his forehead, as though someone had kissed him gently.