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Howard was wrapped in a warm and cocoon-like duvet cover, not quite asleep but he wasn't quite awake yet. The light from outside drifted in through the curtains and he could just about hear church bells in the distance.

Ahhh, Christmas day, no fog no mist; clear, bright, jovial, stirring, cold; cold, piping for…


With a flying leap from his position cross legged on his own bed, Vince was on top of Howard, his legs straddling the other man's stomach (Because by this time Howard had rolled onto his back). He was bouncing quite happily and grinning down at the man he had pinned to his own bed. Said stomach did an odd little squirm, and Howard could only stare at the raven haired beauty that was Vince Noir. From the sun shining through the curtains, he looked like an angel. Even just from sleep (Although Howard doubted he only woke up ten minutes ago) his hair still looked like he had straightened and carefully groomed it. He looked ready to impress someone. Probably going out with some girl later. Howard thought.

"Merry Christmas Howard!!" Vince's eyes were bright blue and shining. Every Christmas he got as excited as small child, it was all too much for him. The sweets, the lights, the decorations, the presents. Howard grunted and pretended to complain while Vince just bounced regardless and eyed him like a hungry lion that had seen a fat gazelle.

"Come on Howard!! Lets go to the tree, bet you I got more presents than you!" Howard rolled his eyes. It was probably true, and he didn't really care to be honest, but he put on a slightly worried expression that made Vince do a double take.

"I didn't mean it like that Howard, it's just well, y'know, you..." Vince was struggling, and didn't notice Howard smiling at his friend's distress "You don't send letters to Santa, so no wonder!" He finished triumphantly.

He looked down to see Howard with an odd look on his face.

"What?" Vince cocked his head to the side to look at the man underneath him. Howard quickly recovered and said,

"Well I can't exactly go downstairs with you sat on me, can I?" Vince pouted and whined,

"But you're comfy!"

Howard's stomach went into another loop but kept his face neutral.

"Am I going to have to tickle you off me?" Vince's eyes grew wide and a smile crept onto his face. Trying to get his face into a frown, he shook his head but started giggling.

"Right, thats it"

Vince wasn't exactly a powerful man, so Howard easily managed to push himself up, but came nose to nose with Vince. He swallowed and found his throat had gone dry. Vince's eyes widened and he shifted forwards ever so slightly...


They leapt apart as if they had both been burnt, to hear,

"Bollo you ball bag, I said carry two at a time, not eight!"

The voice came nearer to their door, and Vince twisted around to see Naboo opening the door and shouting at Bollo over his shoulder,

"Hey guys, me and Bollo are going out for the day with the other shamen. Might be the weekend, which is why I had Bollo bring suitcases," He paused and looked back again, only to see Bollo carrying five suitcases, "That'll have to do," He muttered to himself, "Bye" He said to them, and with that he and Bollo were off.

Vince looked back at Howard, with a spark of hope in his eyes, which Howard might have missed, as he just said,

"Come on little man, if I can't get up, you won't go downstairs". Vince gave him a small smile and hopped off the bed.

He was back to his old self as he bounced around impatiently as Howard looked out of the window and started talking (Probably Hamlet again Vince thought)

"'What's to-day?' cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had..."

"Howwaarrdd!! Come onnn..."

He turned to see a very impatient man who looked to be on the verge of a breakdown if he didn't get his presents right now. He didn't think that Vince was appreciating this fine bit of literature and was about to tell him so, when he saw that Vince's smile had slipped and he was no longer bouncing. Howard's thoughts must have appeared on his face, so he quickly gave Vince a smile.

"Lets go downstairs before the presents get bored of waiting and wander off" he joked, but Vince stared at him and gave him a smile he had never thought possible on a human face.

"Did'ya get me a puppy Howard??". Howard was puzzled for a moment before he understood how Vince had interpreted his joke. He laughed fondly.

"No little man, but I think you'll like your present even more than a puppy". Vince harrumphed as if he thought there was no present in the world that was better than a puppy, but he trusted Howard and made his way down the hall into the main living room, where the Christmas tree had been put up that very night. His smile vanished as he surveyed the scene. Naboo and Bollo had probably opened theirs before they had gone out, and the only pile of presents he saw were the ones that were badly wrapped, with sellotape stuck right around them, that he had gotten for Howard. He turned around to find Howard holding a glittery paper bag in one hand, and a huge squashy parcel in the other.

Vince squealed in a very un-manly way and leapt on top of Howard, causing him to drop the presents. Not hearing an intake of breath, Vince assumed that Howard had got him presents that were very hard to break.

"Woah there little man," Howard started, but was cut off as Vince gave him a bone crushing hug, his arms round his neck and his head nuzzling into his windpipe. Howard beamed as he actually consented to give him a hug back. Vince got off him, eager as he was to get to the presents, but gave him a very sincere smile.

He rushed to open them, but then, in a moment of selflessness, said

"Wait, you open yours first!"

Howard gave him a grin and got to work. It took him a while, as he realised that Vince didn't actually get someone else to wrap them, leading to alot of wrapping paper going in the bin. He ended up with a rare jazz record ("It took me ages! I had to ask Lester Cornflake to help!") a small toy bus ("It's for stationary village! You could put, I dunno, pencil sharpeners in there!") and a pair of light blue trousers ("I got 'em back off Leroy! He didn't really need 'em").

Howard put down his presents and looked at Vince. The younger man was stood looking at his feet, and twisting his hands, looking very nervous.

"Thank you Vince, I love all of them"

Vince looked up and his smile dazzled Howard more than a car with it's headlights on full.

"D'ya mean it Howard?"

"Of course I do! Come on, get on with yours"

It was obvious Vince had been waiting to get into the brightly coloured wrappings for ages. He dove into the glittery paper bag and found; A huge assortment of sweets from Woolworths, a belt that was all the colours of the rainbow, but also sparkly, a new set of paints along with an artists pad to use them in, and a pair of bright blue, fluffy bed socks (He always borrowed Howard's, but moaned about the colour). After finishing with the bag, his eyes darted towards the huge package in the corner. He approached it like a small child approaching a huge dog. Eyes full of wonder, he carefully took the wrapping off (He liked to keep the pretty paper) and stepped back and stared when he saw the penguin. He turned round and saw Howard looking anxious.

Laughing, Vince ran full tilt into him and jumped onto his lap.

"I love it Howard! I love itIloveitIloveitIloveit..." He felt a finger on his lips and shut up immediately. Blue eyes looked deep into brown eyes as the only sound heard from the flat was the ticking of the clocks in the shop downstairs. Vince looked at Howard, his heart thudding, while Howard's was similarly thumping under his beige turtleneck. Vince, inching closer was urged on by his one brain cell

"Just do it! 'E won't mind, 'e 'asn't pushed you away yet 'as 'e?!"

Vince surged forwards, but neither knew who actually closed the gap as each were too caught up in the other's face. The kiss was long, sweet and gentle. Eventually coming up for air, Vince looked up at the older man and smiled. Still sat on his lap, he snuggled up into him and said,

"Happy Christmas Howard"

Howard smiled and said back "Happy Christmas little man"

"May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One! "

"Shut up Howard"

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