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Transformers Cities


Altihex: Altihex is an orbital torus state that fell to the Decepticon incursion early in the Great War, during Sentinel Prime's tenure as leader of the planet's military forces. It borders Iacon, Kalis, the Neutral Territories, the Rust Sea, the Tagan Heights and Uraya. It tends to blow up. A lot. Bad things happen in Altihex

Ankmor Park: Ankmor Park (sometimes referred to as just Ankmor) is a city/region on the planet Cybertron.

Axiom Nexus: In one of the oldest dimensions in the multiverse, one Cybertronian city, Axiom Nexus, is a hub for travelers from other dimensions. According to New Arrivals Coordinator Silverbolt, it is a city "unlike any other in the multiverse." To continue its harmony, all Megatrons, Optimuses, and MacGuffins are considered illegal. Some travelers arrive here by their own design. Others, however, arrive by accident, and must be processed and given identification bolts.



Central City: Central City is the capital of Cybertron in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family. It is the home of the "Control Room" that gives the user access to all of Cybertron's functions, and features heavily in the last third of the Energon cartoon.

Cyber City: A Cybertronian City.

Cybertropolis: The capital of Cybertron under the Maximals, the city of Cybertropolis was home to ten million Transformers before Megatron and the Vehicons took over. Master of the House It was built upon the ruins of Iacon City, the former base of the Autobots.

Crystal City: The Crystal City was famous for its elegance in construction, and the scientific minds that hail from it. It also has a habit of getting slagged by those who fail to recruit certain inhabitants.





Gygax: Gygax is a city on the planet Cybertron.


Hive City: From their stronghold in Hive City, the Quintessons ruled Cybertron for one million years, inflicting torturous abuse upon the Cybertronians. But without the Dark Guardians, Hive City was a house of cards.

Helix: A Cybertronian City.


Iacon: Iacon is an Autobot-controlled city-state, located near the north pole of Cybertron. It is also the location of the capital city of the same name.



Kalis: Kalis refers to a city/region on the planet Cybertron.

Kaon: Kaon is a Decepticon-controlled city-state in the southern hemisphere of Cybertron.




Nova Cronum: Nova Cronum was a great place before the Great War began. But the Autobots and the Decepticons have a tendency to blow it up.



Polyhex: Polyhex is a Decepticon-controlled province of Cybertron.

Praxus: Praxus was the home city-state of Prowl and Bluestreak. One of its key locations was the Helix Gardens, where crystals were arranged in a beautiful manner to create a place of contemplation. It also hosted The Assembly, a "center of Autobot science, technology, art, philosophy and culture." Like so many others, Praxus went from shining metropolis to bombed-out wasteland during the course of the Great War.




Simfur: Optimus Prime's armies provided a distraction at Simfur while Bumblebee guarded the All Spark at Tyger Pax. However, Megatron saw past the diversion and moved straight into Tyger Pax.


Tarn: Tarn was one of Cybertron's many city-states before the advent of the Great War and was ruled by a military dictator named Shockwave.

Tyger Pax: Tyger Pax is a city-state on Cybertron.



Vos: Vos was one of the many city-states on Cybertron that had existed before the beginning of the Great War.




Yuss: Yuss is a small town in the Stanix region of Cybertron. Yuss is a peaceful town largely untouched by war (Stanix was conquered early in the war and the Decepticons moved on.) Its inhabitants go about their simple lives in and around the village, clothed in colorful metallic fabrics.

4 million years ago, Yuss was located just 3 hics from Fort Scyk. (Because Transformation was invented at the outset of a war which quickly passed them by, it is likely that the inhabitants of Yuss did not have the ability to transform.) In the modern era, Yuss is deep within the Acid Wastes.


A bit of extra information on Cybertron.

Cybertron was historically organized into city-states, the largest and most important being Iacon City. Others have included Helix, Polyhex, Kalis, Kaon, Tarn, and Vos.

Beneath the sewers, the Demons in the Darkness (will be added to my list of terms for the next chapter) were locked away.

Cybertron appeared considerably smaller than the planet Earth. Entirely metallic on the surface, some of the lowest levels of Cybertron consisted of rock and dirt, suggesting an organic beginning to the planet. Its gravity was light enough that humans were able to traverse the surface without any trouble, and it possessed a breathable atmosphere. Water, or at least a substance resembling it, was in evidence on the planet-lakes and rivers have been shown to exist, albeit sparingly. Many levels below the surface was the energy-furnace, the Plasma Energy Chamber, and at the heart of the planet was the spherical mega-computer, Vector Sigma. Cybertron was orbited by at least two unnamed moons, but its own place in the cosmos appears unfixed-in 1984, it was clearly shown to exist outside of the Milky Way galaxy; however, nine million years prior, Starscream and Skyfire had been able to fly from the planet to Earth under their own power, suggesting that it may drift freely through space, and had been passing through the Sol System at that point, going on to drift out of the galaxy over the ensuing millennia.

Cybertronian Animals




Dynametal ducks


Glitch mice




Photovoltaic pussycats



Titanium moosebots