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Howard leapt up as he heard Vince shriek in pain. He had heard the back door open so he guessed that his friend was out there.


Howard walked out of the shop and into the alleyway out the back that used to have a crack fox living in it.

"Vince?" He saw the electro boy slumped down a wall, crying gently and rubbing his arm, "Hey, whats wrong little man?"

Vince looked up and attempted a smile through his tears.

"I don't know w-why I'm even crying," He looked up at Howard and smiled again, sniffing as he spoke, "All I did was b-bang my arm off the w-wall and it just hurts"

At this he suddenly burst into noisy sobs. Howard didn't have a clue what to do. The only thing that would make Vince cry as much as this (Concerning his arm at least) is if it was broken, and he was in agony.

"C'mon, I'll have a look at it inside"

Vince gave him a watery smile before sniff and rubbing at his eyes, trying to stop the tears falling and not even caring about smudging his eye make-up.

They went inside and Howard carefully rolled up the sleeve of Vince's top to look at his arm. From what he could see, apart from a small graze, it was fine.

"Ok Vince, enough with the tears, its fine".

Vince looked at him and smiled. A proper, sincere smile.

"Thanks Howard"

"No problem" said Howard, feeling a bit wary, Vince never made this much fuss.


A couple of days later Howard was moving some of his jazz collection around, and found Vince sat right in front of the cupboard a bored expression on his face.

"Move it Vince, I need to put my records away"

Vince just sat there and looked for all the world like a sulking 5 year old. Howard sighed; he just wasn't in the mood for this.

"Ok you little tit box, move it. Now!"

Vince sprang up and looked straight into Howard's eyes, his own shining with tears that were threatening to fall any minute

"Vince? Don't be like that"

But Vince had already run up the stairs to the bedroom they shared. Shaking his head, Howard turned to follow, but was stopped by a turban in his face.

"Howard you ballbag, what have you done? Vince is in tears in your room"

"Look Naboo, I didn't do anything! I don't know, he's been way more sensitive these last couple of days. Like on Monday, he grazed his arm and cried about it for ages!"

Naboo looked horrified

"Have you seen him eat anything out of the fridge that looked like jelly?"

"Erm, this is a bizarre twist in conversation, but yeah, he said he likes strawberry jelly"

"Oh no! That wasn't jelly! It was made using the water from the fountain of youth! The only good thing about this is that I didn't put in enough to make him revert completely"

Howard was trying to soak all of this in.

"So, how exactly will he revert?" Naboo smiled slightly

"He's gonna act like a three or four year old until we find an antidote"

"And how long is that going to take?" Howard was desperate and clutching at his hair.

"Well, me and Bollo will go to see the shaman council, you can look after him"

"Look after him? Naboo, I don't know anything about toddlers, let alone grown men who act toddlers!"

Naboo looked at him and talked rather slowly, as if talking to an idiot

"Well, the least you can do is go and apologise for shouting at him. He's probably cried himself to sleep!"

"Naboo, its 1 in the afternoon!"

"Yeah? 3 year olds get tired quicker! Have fun!"

And before Howard could say another word, Naboo was off, taking Bollo and his magic carpet and leaving him with a 3 year old Vince, who right now was probably curled up in a ball crying. Howard's heart tore just by thinking about it.

Howard sighed as he walked slowly up the stairs to their bedroom. His feet dragged against every step as he tried to take in what he had just been told. He tried not to panic. Naboo will be back in no time with the antidote, he was sure of it. Finally coming to a stop outside the room, Howard put his ear to the door for a second and heard the distinct snuffling of someone crying into their arms, so that no-one could hear them. Howard knocked on the door and murmured

"Hey little man, I'm coming in"

He had a sharp intake of breath but opened the door, slowly, so he didn't exacerbate things. He almost cried at the sight that awaited him. Vince was curled up on his (Howard's) bed, wiping his eyes and nose on the duvet. His eyes were red and puffy and it was obvious he had been crying.

Abandoning his 'no touch' rule, Howard made his way towards Vince and attempted to sit next to him and hug him, but when he went to hug him, the younger man flinched away.

Howard's heart almost snapped in two.

"Hey Vince, c'mon it's me. I'm sorry I yelled at you ok? I didn't think it would bother you that much" Vince sobbed a little more and said,

"I'm sorry Howard! I don't know why I've been crying 'n all this stuff so much! I wouldn't normally bother about you callin' me that stuff! I don't know what's goin' on! I'm…scared"

Howard gathered him up and gave him a comforting hug, which Vince immediately leant into.

"Don't worry; Naboo's worked out why you're acting like this!" Vince cocked his head and looked up at Howard with big baby blues that were alight with curiosity and a bit of worry.

"Remember when you ate that jelly in the fridge?"

Vince looked to be on the verge of a crimp, but Howard stopped him, and said

"It wasn't really jelly! It was made using that water from the fountain of youth! You're going to act like a 3 year old until Naboo comes back with the antidote!" Vince was gobsmacked. He looked at Howard with his mouth gaping open.


Howard noticed that Vince was currently struggling to keep his eyes open. He was snuggling deeper into Howard and his breathing was evening out. Howard found himself rocking him slightly, and making soothing noises in his ear. In a few minutes he was asleep and…Howard's eyebrows shot up through his hairline. Vince's thumb was making it's way towards it's owner's mouth. He smiled at his friend and carried him over to his own bed, took off his boots and pulled the covers over him. He stayed to watch for a minute before shaking his head fondly and walking downstairs.

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