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Halloween: A Duck Watch Story

Chapter 1

Oh Halloween, my favorite party weekend of the year! I mean, when else can we girls scamper about in naught but panties, a bra and thigh high fishnets and no one can say anything? Haha, just kidding, sort of.

What's our skate skank going to go as? She can't go as girl who screwed two best friends inside of a week, leaving her with neither, since you can't go as yourself.

Newly single brunette guaranteed had some kind of perfect couple costume planned. Maybe your sort of kind of boy toy will still wear it.

What about our fave prepsters? Maybe they'll go with their collars down, it would be an extreme.

And the captain and the smaller Bash brother, well, considering all they do is hang out together anymore, maybe they'll do a couple costume. I'll at least bet on Batman and Robin.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Saw you at homecoming. You looked hot!

I did indeed. How did you know it was me?

Hey! Did you know that there's another girl doing the same thing as you in New York? I mean, obviously it's not about the Ducks.

I had heard. What makes you think that we're not the same person? Or at least exchanging notes.

"You can still wear the dress and just be a princess," Julie groaned laying on her bed, Connie sighed. She and Guy, well mostly her, had planned on going as Lancelot and Guinevere this Halloween. "Or just ask Luis, since now that I think about it, he's um, a little more Lancelot like, given that you cheated on Guy with him."

"True," Connie nodded, "I guess I can still wear the dress, I think asking Luis would be too coupley."

"Oh but having sex with him three times a week isn't," Julie said, Connie looked at her, "I'm just saying." Julie'd already picked her costume, she was going as Supergirl, it was flirty enough without being slutty and not totally lame. Dean, her boyfriend, was going as, well, he wouldn't tell her, which lead her to believe that just like the Halloween before he would be going as Eminem, which meant that he was just going to put a hoodey on over his regular clothes. Boys were so lame.

"What do you think Tammy'll wear?" Connie said softly.

"A thong and a push up bra?" Julie said. Connie giggled.

Annie Bryant sighed, looking through all of the costumes. She was completely overwhelmed. She didn't know what Adam was expecting her to wear. And she would not be going to this party if it weren't for him. She never went anywhere if it weren't for him. Did he want her to get all skanked out? Did any guy really want his girlfriend on display like that in front of pretty much their whole school? Strike that, any decent guy.

"I'm sorry," She heard a voice say, bumping into her, "Oh hi Annie!"

"Hey Tammy," Annie mumbled. Tammy Duncan was persona non grata lately. After all, she'd deflowered Charlie Conway and then cheated on him with Fulton Reed. While Annie was mostly on the periphery of all of the Duck drama, she was aware of it, and out of loyalty to Adam she'd been mostly cold to Tammy. Not that it was hard, since Tammy's whole hyper sexual vibe was a little bit off putting to someone as shy and conservative as Annie.

"Are you looking for a costume?" Tammy asked. Annie nodded. "What exactly do you want to do?"

"I don't really know," Annie shrugged. She sighed, Julie had talked about how as much as they could all hate Tammy in theory when you were conversing with her you couldn't help but like her. "I mean, part of me wants to do the whole slutty Halloween thing," She sighed, "But I don't know how Adam would like it."

"Please honey," Tammy rolled her eyes, "All boys like seeing us parade around on Halloween barely dressed. Even nice ones like Adam." She looked through the rack, "This," She held up a school girl costume, "It plays on your whole super prep thing." Annie sighed taking it and holding it against herself. Maybe it would work out. Then she got a flash to the girls filing out for the Halloween party last year, and thought of Carlyle Walton all dressed up as a sexy cop, her beautiful black curls wild around her face and the material hugging her little curves. Carlyle, who'd had her Adam before her, before he'd known she existed.

"Yeah," Annie smiled, "Yeah, this could work. What are you doing?"

"Oh, I have a plan," Tammy grinned happily. "Don't you worry about me." Annie nodded.

"Hey," Emily Singleton walked over to where Fulton Reed was standing at his locker.

"Hey Em," He smiled at her. They'd been hooking up on and off since the beginning of the year. Emily was notorious for doing everything but have full on sex with a guy. Fulton really didn't mind much, except for that he really liked the noises Emily made when she was feeling pleasure and he'd like to hear more of them.

"Are you busy?" She whispered.

"I'm never too busy for you baby," He smirked and kissed her. "Your place or mine?" She giggled and they walked into his and Fulton's room. He fell back onto the bed as she pushed him and kissed him straddling his lap. "God, Em," He groaned as she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed down his chest.

"I've decided something," She whispered in his ear.

"Mm," He nodded, rolling her under him and sliding her shirt over her head, she wasn't wearing a bra, perfect, "What would that be?" He asked slowly kissing her breasts.

"I'm going to let you fuck me," She giggled. He looked down at her. "I mean, you've got that whore Tammy Duncan out of your system now," He nodded, restraining the almost involuntary sigh that came out whenever someone brought up Tammy. He was in love with Tammy Duncan, he always had been, and they'd finally had sex about a month before, but of course it hadn't been simple. Tammy had been dating Charlie Conway and they hadn't broken up yet. "And you've been so good to me." Fulton smiled, and slid his hand down undoing the fly of her jeans. Then he undid his own. He would fuck Emily, and he'd fuck her good. Maybe being with another girl would get Tammy out of his system for good. It had never worked before, but you never know.

"You going to that Halloween party?" Russ Tyler asked, passing the joint he'd just taken a hit off of to Guy Germaine.

"Maybe," Guy shrugged, inhaling the a hit, holding his breath for a second than exhaling, "Depends."

"On what exactly?" Russ laughed. Guy looked at him, "You know she'll be there, chances are she'll be with him. They're still hooking up."

"She deserves so much better," Guy shook his head. "We were supposed to dress up as Lancelot and Guinevere, her idea."

"That's kind of ironic," Russ laughed.

"Tell me about it," Guy shook his head, he looked at his watch, "Fuck dude, we're gonna be late for practice."


One queen bee looking for something to top her sexy cop costume from last year. Maybe she should go for something sweet and simple, that is what the guy she's been eyeing since homecoming seems to be into.

Captain MIA. We miss him, and his dimples. Twice bitten, four times as shy? He has had his share of heartbreak lately.

Cat and Bash playing footsie over their science homework. Aren't they just so cute you could hurl?

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