Peyton Sawyer sighed as she opened her suitcase. She was moving to Tree Hill for the summer because her father was going away again on a job and he didn't want to leave her alone in the house by herself. Although, she reminded herself angrily, that never seemed to stop him the other 9 months of the year.

She was seventeen, nearly eighteen, years old and had lived in Los Angeles her whole life; it had it's perks, she would admit. Peyton had a lot of friends but enjoyed her own company as much as hanging out with them. She was unique, one of a kind, which was why she was well liked, so she was told. Boys wanted to be with her and girls admired her, she sometimes wished she could just be normal. Not have anyone admiring her because in her eyes she had nothing about herself to be admired. It was her personality that attracted people and sometimes pushed them away. She was a cheerleader, but not an average stereotype one. She'd rather throw herself off a bridge than wear pink and if anyone played 'Barbie Girl' to her she was tempted to give herself a quick pain free death rather than listen to the song. She liked what she liked and no-one was going to tell her any different, least of all change her.

'Honey, you ready?' Larry asked as he entered Peyton's bedroom.

'Do I look like it?' Peyton said gritting her teeth and looking at the empty suitcase.

'Peyton, don't do this. I don't want to leave you alone for the whole summer.'

Peyton kept quiet, she'd heard this a million times already and was getting tired of it. She haphazardly pulled clothes out of a drawer and stuffed them into the suitcase as her father stood at the doorway.

'It's only three months.' He said soothingly.

'Yeah, should be a right laugh. Living with people I don't even know and in a town that I've never even heard of.' She returned sarcastically

'You know Karen!'

'Oh that's right. I've met her once, maybe twice. We're practically best buds.'

'She's really nice; I've known her for a long time. Actually, since I used to live in Tree Hill.'

'For all you know she could have turned into a mad axe murderer, I mean you never know nowadays.'

Larry laughed. 'Peyton you'll be fine.

Peyton raised an eyebrow and turned to her record collection.

'Your not going to take all of those records are you?' He father smiled teasingly.

'I would if I could. Luckily most of them are on my ipod, else I really would refuse to go.'

Larry smiled slightly at his daughter's attitude. She really was a feisty one, totally independent. She actually scared him sometimes with her quick wit and sarcasm dripping off every answer she gave when she was angry or upset but she had a good heart, he knew that and he loved her dearly for it.


Hours later and they were boarding a plane from Los Angeles to Tree Hill. As soon as Peyton was seated she stuck her ipod earphones in and turned up the volume of one of her favourite songs.

'Dashboard Confession huh.' Her father said leaning over to have a look.

'Oh dear lord. Dad, its Dashboard Confessional!'

'Sorry, so they good?'

Peyton pulled the earphones out of her ears and looked at him.

'Cut out the small talk Dad. What is it?'

He chuckled once again and said, 'You know me to well. I just- I just want to make sure you'll be okay for the next three months.'

'I'll be fine.' Peyton said, her face softening.

However much she was dreading going, she knew her father would worry about her. She loved him a lot, seeing as he was her only parent.

'Karen's a really nice person you know, and a mean cook. She also has a son called Lucas, he's great too, I hear.'

'Great, isn't it convenient how you forgot to tell me I'm also living with an adolescent, probably arrogant, boy.' She cut in, drowning out the softness she used only a few seconds ago.

'Well cut out the boy part and he's you!'

Peyton playfully shoved her father but there was a smile on her lips.

'I bet he's an ass, Lucas that is.' She murmured.

'Boy, I feel sorry for the poor guy.' Larry muttered as Peyton put her earphones in again.


'Lucas! Get up! We have guests arriving at any moment.'

His mother's voice cut through him like a drill as he put The Great Gatsby down and sat up swinging his legs off his bed. He wasn't looking forward to the girl coming to stay with them for the summer, he was happy with life the way it was. A girl coming into the house would mean he couldn't laze around in his boxers while his mom was at the café working, or he couldn't read in peace, or write in peace. Basically he wanted the three months, or so, to go as quickly as they could.

Karen rounded his bedroom door and looked at him.

'Could you please do something with your hair? It looks like you've been dragged through a bush backwards.'

Lucas looked in the mirror; his hair was scruffy and getting a bit out of control. He'd have it cut soon anyway. He flattened his palm against it and pressed hard then removed his hand; his hair sprang back to how it was before. He sighed and admitted defeat, moving out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. He sat at the table watching his mother flutter about straightening pictures on the walls, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and pressing her skirt with her hands.

'Ma relax.' Lucas said.

Karen nodded and sat down, just as she did so the door bell rang and she shot up again hurrying to open it. Lucas groaned and followed her. Karen gave Larry a hug as he stepped through the door bringing a suitcase with him. Lucas shook hands with Larry politely and took the suitcase from him, taking it through to his room and just dumping it there. Sighing he headed back to the kitchen but coming through the door he froze. Sitting next to Larry was the girl, she had curly blonde hair and as he made himself noticed in the room her eyes rose to his and he felt his heart flutter slightly. She had beautiful hazely green eyes that held nothing but mystery. He was definitely intrigued, he smiled slightly at her as his mother talked beside him not taking a word of it in and he was sure she gave him a small smile back.

'Lucas.' His mother said and he snapped back to reality.


'This is Peyton.'

'Oh hi.' He answered looking at the girl before him again and sitting down opposite her at the table.

'Hi.' She said back unable to take her eyes off him, then she realised what she was doing and tore her eyes away having them fix on Karen again, who was speaking.

Lucas just stared at her noticing her Ramones T-shirt with the leather jacket over the top, he was even more intrigued. He suddenly wanted to know more about this girl, his resolution of not speaking to her more than he had to was quickly evaporating.

Suddenly Larry and Peyton stood up and Lucas tore his eyes away also standing.

'So I guess I should be heading back now. Thanks for the tea Karen.'

There'd been tea? Lucas thought frowning and not remembering his mother making tea at all, probably too busy wrapped up with his thoughts.

'Are you sure you don't want to stay overnight at least, it's a bit late.'

'Thank you but I can't. I've got a job to get to in two days and I really need to prepare back in LA.' He turned to Peyton and pulled her into his arms.

'I'm gonna miss you Dad. As much as I hate to say it.' Peyton whispered and Larry chortled.

'I'm gonna miss you too honey. And remember I'm always a phone call away, all right?'

Peyton nodded and they let go of each other, he gave her a wink and she returned it smirking slightly. He squeezed her shoulder and turned, walking back down the drive and into a taxi that stood waiting. They watched until the taxi drove off, Karen shut the door and turned to Peyton who suddenly felt completely out of her depth.

'Do you want to unpack and get settled?' Karen asked kindly.

'Erm, I'll just go for a walk.' Then added quickly. 'If that's okay.'

Karen looked worried but then said. 'Sure. But don't be out too long.'


Peyton sat with her hands wrapped around her knees, listening to the waves crashing against the beach. It always held a calming effect for her. She sighed, here she was, alone again with people she barely even knew.

Peyton turned as she heard footsteps behind her; Lucas approached slowly and took a seat on the sand next to her.

'How'd you guess I'd be here?' She asked surprised.

'It's where I would have come, if i'm honest.' Lucas answered simply, looking sideways at her. She quickly looked back out at the ocean and sighed.

'Why are you here?'

'My mom was getting a little worried.'

'Sorry.' Peyton said shortly. 'I'm used to doing my own thing.'

Lucas nodded and looked out to sea as well savouring the warm breeze that ruffled his hair. They sat in silence for a few minutes each enjoying the calming sound of the waves crashing before Lucas turned to look at her once again. He felt stricken when he saw water glistening in Peyton's eyes and even worse when a tear fell slowly down her cheek. She impatiently pushed it away, she couldn't cry in front of him, she wouldn't.

'I'm left pretty much to my own devices a lot when my dad goes on a job but I still hate it when he takes up another one and has to leave again.'

A few more tears fell, much to her own displeasure. I must look like such of an idiot She thought savagely wiping them away.

Lucas did the only thing he could think of, he scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Peyton pulling her into his chest and resting his chin on her head as the waves crashed on and the moon illuminated them sitting together on the beach.


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