These are not songfics. Let me just get that fact out of the way right now. They're short stories inspired by songs. I discovered Scribbler trying out a similar idea with the Kingdom Hearts Videogame series, and decided I'd like to give it a shot.

Standard disclaimers apply. Reviews and concrit are both appreciated. Oh and uh... if anyone has a better name than "Sonic Symphony"? I'd appreciate the suggestion.

1. Unbound, By Robbie Robertson.

Honestly, he never knew exactly what Chaos Control is all about.

He understands the basics, yeah: It's powerful, and it glows, and he can take apart Chaos Creatures with it, but he's never been able to understand exactly why he has it.

'No no no no no don't you dare! Don't you even think about it!'

She's completely off the mark there. He's not thinking about it. Not at all. He hardly ever thinks about anything so why should this be any different?

He isn't thinking about it. He's just going to do it.

'Stupid... this is stupid you're always rushing into things like this, Sonic! For once in your life, stop!'


'No! Listen to me!'

'Amy, come on—'

'idiot, you're an idiot, I won't let you do it I won't I won't I won't!'

Probably better not to listen to her. Maybe he can hang onto her for a few seconds longer, though. Or she can hang onto him, gripping so tight that her gloves are leaving imprints in his arm.

...She'll let go when he tells her to.

It's not like he has any choice. Not really. He figures he's got about a minute or so left before the Chaos Energy runs out and he's reduced back to his ordinary form. It'll take just over that long for Eggman's portal to reach its maximum charge level before... what was it that Tails had said? Oh yeah, before it "rained great chunks of the other world down on top of them like meteorites destroying everyone and everything who happened to be in range." That was a helluva lot of world chunks and a helluva lot more people, and...

Well. They had to use something to block the energy flow, right?

He knows this. But he's waiting a bit before he has to tell her what she already knows. He's the fastest guy alive so a minute (fifty seconds, forty seconds, thirty...) is pretty much nothing to him. He's only staying still because she's holding him, and...

His Super form is perfect for that. Like a living battery capable of disrupting whatever he put himself in the way of. Like a short circuit. Tails thinks that he doesn't understand those kinds of things, and Amy knows he understands, but never thought he's do something like this with it. But they're both wrong. He does, and he will.

'I'm sorry.'

'No you're not!'

He opens his mouth. Stops. Closes it again and rethinks what he's going to say without the lies.Behind them, the circular surface of the portal shifts and crackles, like it's trying to move from one world to another. The cavern around them shudders like it's going to break apart and Sonic tries to think of a really bad word that he can use for Eggman. '...Okay, maybe not for what I'm doing, but I didn't wanna make you cry.'

'I won't let you go.'

'What if I say I' m sorry like I mean it?'

'I don't care! You'll die! I'm not letting go of you

'Simple stuff, Amy –everyone dies, if you don't.'

'Then... then, you'll have to drag me in there with you!'

Her grip tightens, but that's okay. He knows she'll do anything for him. He's counting on the fact that she will. 'I need you to find Tails and Cream and get outta here. This place will blow up, even if the rest of the world doesn't. You want them to die too?'

She looks at him. Her eyes are large and bright and angry. 'That... No... That's not fair!'

'Nah, I guess it isn't.' Doesn't stop it being true, though, and she knows that.

The portal glistens, and he can see the other world beyond it, contracting and expanding the way their world is, sucked inwards like water down a really huge plughole.

He hates water.

It's almost like it's calling him, anyway. Like it knows exactly what to do. Or more like, exactly what to do wrong the second he touches it. He can hear the Chaos talking to him. It says "ready", and he guesses that maybe drowning like that –in golden chaos rather than blue H2O– wouldn't be so bad.

'Let go, Amy.'

'No...' she says, but she doesn't sound as sure of herself this time.

'I guess you'll have to lose, Amy Rose. I'm sorry.'

And then she looks at him. She doesn't smile. He didn't expect that. The portal glows and glows until he's not sure which is brighter – that or his own fur, glistening gold with Chaos.

(Fifteen seconds... fourteen... thirteen...)

'You're a... a jerk, Sonic the Hedgehog,' Amy Rose says, as soon as she can manage it. 'You're a rotten, stupid, idiotic jerk, and I love you.'

And then she lets him go. Just like he knew she would.

"Oh nothing is forgotten
Only left behind
Wherever I am
She leads me down