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Chapter 1

"Nani!? How the hell am I going to live in Kohona alone?" complained Hinata a girl with long indigo violet hair and bright white and lavender eyes. "Don't worry Hinata I will be going with you…" said Ino a girl with blond hair tied up in a ponytail and warm shockingly blue eyes. " Really? You're really going to come with me?" asked Hinata enthusiastically. "Ino replied dancing around Hinata's bedroom and it made Hinata sweat drop.

Hinata's Point of view:

"Oh! Come to think of it…you will start addressing me as 'Aoi' when we are with strangers, and I will be dressing up as a nerd in school or with anyone I know." I warned Ino, which made her frown a little to what I had said to her. "But Hina-chan, why do you have to hide your pretty face?" complained Ino.

"Well, I don't like other people to see me when I'm sad or something, it bothers me when they do" I replied, I kind of felt sad when I don't do what Ino says since we have been childhood friends. Ever since my family died in a car accident she has been paying for my tuition fees and other expenses, we think of each other as sisters already. "Ino, I'll do whatever you tell me to do…" I said meekly.

"Really? I'm so glad you woke up from your senses! But why all of the sudden?" she asked me. "Well I thought I owe you too much but that does not mean you can't call me Aoi or you can stop me from acting like a nerd!" I protest when I reached my deal. I saw her sank slowly on her bed. "Anyways, we have to sleep early for tomorrow, our flight to Hong Kong is really early" I continued.

Two figures stood up waiting for their names to be called behind the yellow line in Hong Kong's airport. "Hinata Hyuuga" called a girl with short red hair. Hinata stepped in front of the yellow line and showed her passport. The girl checked Hinata's passport, picture and her face. Before long she also called Ino's name and did the same thing she did to Hinata.

They both brought their luggage inside the hotel room. It has one bedroom that has two twin beds in it and one medium sized bathroom and a kitchen. They were planning to stay there until they were able to find their roommates in their new school and new dorm room.

Ino's Point of View:

I gave out a loud sigh when I was able to finish packing half of my clothes since school starts after 2 days. I rested on my bed and glanced at my best friend Hinata. "Can't you pack a little faster…?" I complained, it was taking her a very hard and long time to pack out her things "Can't you wait longer? I'm taking all my clothes out of my bag!" she fought back for a little while then faced me "And what's the rush anyway?" she looked at me until I was able to find words "Well school starts after 2 days so you don't have to pack everything out, and I was planning to buy you new clothes". She sighed in defeat, she knew she couldn't argue that long since she owes me a lot! I smirked at her then gave her a 'so-what-do-you want?' look. She nod and smiled warmly at me. I remembered how she cried really non stop when she heard her mother, father, and cousin died in a car accident a year ago.


" Hinata me, your mother and your cousin will be leaving to fix some things up, stay here and keep yourself safe" Hinata's dad Hiashi instructed. "Hai! I will please have a safe trip!" Hinata waved. She watched them go inside the car, as she turned around to open her door her cousin Neji shouted "Bye Hinata! I'll miss you! Don't burn the house down please." A smile appeared on Hinata's face then she pretended to be angry and said "I am not that of a klutz!". Then the car drove off.

An hour passed by while Hinata was watching television Ino arrived in front of Hinata's house crying. She knocked on the door rather shakily afraid to break the sad new she had heard. "Who is it?" shouted Hinata as she threw wide open the door, Hinata came in immediately and hugged her she was crying really hard on Hinata's shoulder. "Why are you crying Ino-Chan? Are you alright?" Hinata asked with a touch of concern for her best friend. She got distracted when she saw Ino's mom appear right beside their black limousine. "Konichiwa Mrs. Yamanaki" Hinata bowed. "Konichiwa Hinata-Chan, I have a bad news for you. Saying that sent cold electric down to her spines "Hai! Please come in with Tomoyo"

"Nani!" Hinata screamed as tears ran down to her cheeks non-stop. "Yes, your family died in a car accident about an hour ago, Gomen ne Hinata-chan, I guess you have to be part of our family now." Ino said. She couldn't stop crying for about 2 weeks or so, and visited her family's tomb almost about every day.

End of flashback

A single tear rolled down Ino's face as she remembered that day. 'Her family was also like a family to me' she thought. "Daijobu desu ka Ino-chan?" asked Hinata concerned for her friend. "Hai! Just reminiscing old times" Ino lied. She didn't want Hinata to cry ever again. Ino left the house around 20minutes later.

They shopped until they dropped from their very tiring situation. Ino bought about a dozen or so clothes for Hinata only.

Monday: School Day

"Everyone please behave, we have two new students who arrived from Suna. Please meet Ino Yamanaki and Hinata Hyuuga" everyone gave out a loud gasped as they saw the two new students.

The whole class gasped on what they have seen they saw a very pretty girl with long blonde hair with sparkling baby blue eyes. All the boys were basically drooling over her which made some of the girls sparkle with jealousy in their eyes. On the other hand beside Ino was Hinata her childhood friend, her face was not really admired by the boys or girls for she had squared frame eyeglasses on, they thought of her as an outcast, nerd and a geek.

"Okay, everyone please settle down and let's begin their introduction for themselves" Ms. Yuhi announced to the class who immediately settled down. "Ms. Yamanaki please introduce yourself first, for all I know everyone is dying to get to know you first." the teacher instructed with a hint of pity on Hinata. " Hi, I'm Ino Yamanaki from Suna. It is an honor to meet you all." Ino said as she bowed to the class and then smiled at everyone. All the students clapped and smiled at her which made Hinata smile for her too. "Your turn Ms. Hyuuga" the teacher then again instructed. "Yes" Hinata replied politely. "Hi, I'm Hinata Hyuuga from Suna please to meet you all" then she ended her speech. She knew very well that no one would really clap for her so she just smiled sweetly at everyone, Ino just frowned a little because she felt bad for her, very bad and she just wished that Hinata had never ever started this plan.

"Any questions?" asked Ms. Yuhi to the class. An onyx eyed boy with raven colored hair in the shape of a chicken butt raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Uchiha" as the teacher pointed to him, he stood up from his chair and began "Yes, Ms. Yamanaki are you really friends with Ms. Hyuuga?" he asked as he gave a look of disgust when he reached the Hyuuga name. "Yes, in fact we are, we're best friends" the whole class gave out a louder gasped than before. Hinata just smiled sweetly though she knew deep inside them they were disgusted, but she never gave a care.

A small evil laugh was heard behind the class which made some students look at him, he was named Uchiha Sasuke. The teacher was filled with utter anger which made her shout his name and made him stand up again "Mr. Uchiha stand up and please tell me why you are laughing?" He stood up without hesitation and answered her with a wide smirk which made him more handsome because all the girls began to drool over him.

Sasuke's Point of View:

"Well, why is a pretty lady Ms. Yamanaki hanging out with this nerd Hyuua" I smiled evilly which made the class laugh really hard. I looked around and liked the way they laughed at my cruel joke, but when I reached the teacher's face it became really red from anger.

"That's it! Detention after class!" Ms. Yuhi ordered. "No! it's okay Ms. Yuhi. I was not offended" Hinata protested from the teacher's punishment to me. Many whispers were heard like 'What a slut trying to protect Sasuke just to get him' 'Stupid nerd thinking that Sasuke would fall for her just because of that' and a lot more were heard until Ms. Yuhi finally settled the class, but before that I saw Hyuuga's face and she really was not offended by what I said. It surprised me. "Ms. Yamanaki please have a seat beside Mr. Nara the guy who is raising his hand right now."

Then the teacher guided her to her seat and then she stopped beside Ino, she looked around her then saw a vacant seat behind me she smiled lightly and stated Hinata to sit behind me darn! I cursed in my thoughts why does she have to sit somewhere near me! She sat behind me quietly without even making a single noise I did not even feel her stare or glare at me for what I have done to her.

An hour passed by and then the bell rang signaling that homeroom is finally over and it's time for our early break. "Hey. I'm Shikamaru Nara" Shikamaru introduced himself to Ino, she just smiled at him and went to Hinata.

Hinata's Point of View:

"Hey Ino, who's that guy he is totally into you." I whispered in Ino's ear. She turned scarlet and slapped me on my shoulder then whispered "Stop it Hinata-Chan!". I smirked at her until three pretty girls went near us. "Hey Ino, I'm Sakura" she greeted with an offer of a shake of hand. "Hey, nice to meet you" Ino greeted back and she shook her hand gently. "Me and my gang were planning to do something cool now, want to join us?" she asked " Of coarse with out that nerd of a friend of yours" she said and laughed with her friends. Ino became really angry and accidentally slap her really hard. "Don't you there call her a nerd or I'll make the nerd out of you!" she said with lots of uncontrollable anger.

Everyone stared at her and Sakura's gang started to help her and kept on asking if she was alright and all. After some moments some students gathered around us I just stared at Ino and the others. Sakura coughed genuinely then fixed her hair she raised her hand ready to slap Ino back when I grabbed her hand and threatened

"Don't you ever hurt her or else you will have to regret you were ever born here!" everyone was taken a back but then Sakura said "I'm scared now…ooh" then she gave out a loud laugh with her 'gang' then they left the room. I started to become my cold self but stopped myself from doing so.

Two pairs of eyes watched her from the door and she did not notice it. Hinata and Ino left the room ignoring the cold stares, shocked look, and happy faces. They ate quietly under a tree that gave a huge amount of shades.

ino's Point of View:

"We sure did show her some lesson not to mess with us Hinata!" I said proudly and then looked at the smiling face of hers. I frowned to myself reminding me of what had happened awhile ago thinking that Hinata risk her reputation again just for the sake of others. It makes me sad when she does stuff like that, but on the other hand my blackmail on her worked again! Hehehe! I thought evilly with a tint of evil laugh at the end.


"Hinata, I won't call you AOI!" Ino said proudly. "Why not?" Hinata asked as she raised an eyebrow at Ino while signaling her with a look 'I-will-kill you-if you-don't-call-me-that-name' . Ino looked at her with a wide smirk stamped on her face Hinata groaned a little she knew she was up to something.

"Spill it, I know you have something wicked planned behind that little brain of yours!" she sighed in defeat. "Well if you don't let me call you Hinata I'll show them your real identity!" she laughed evilly, it was becoming her habit now. "Fine you can but you have to call me AOI when I'm not wearing my glasses on" then they shook their hands in agreement.

End of flashback

The school bell rang right after they had finished their meal of the day. They have to wait for their lunch to come which is right after their math Hinata's worst subject. "You will pay for what you have done to me Hyuuga, but as for Yamanaki I will give you more chances."

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