Hinata opened the door slowly revealing a guy with blachish blue hair in the shape of a chicken's ass and onyx eyes looking through her lavender ones

Hinata opened the door slowly revealing a guy with blachish blue hair in the shape of a chicken's ass and onyx eyes looking through her lavender ones. She rolled her eyes when she saw the figure in front of her

"Oh! It's the jerk" she said with a smirk written on her face. "Well it wouldn't be the jerk who's suppose to be here!" Sasuke growled under his breath.

"Hinata who's there?" Ino shouted. Hinata stomped her feet lightly and let out a low growl on the mistaken name Ino called her. "Oh! Aoi! Why don't you let him in?" Ino asked nervously.

"Hinata??" Sasuke asked confused. "You're Hinata??" he continued in disbelief. "Dammit! Ino was calling my other friend, she thought I were Hinata." She explained and when Sasuke entered her house she gave out a heavy sigh, a sigh of relief. And when Sasuke's head turned around towards Ino she stuck her tongue out at him. Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!

Hinata stuck her head in the living room "So, what do want something to drink?" Hinata asked politely. "Yeah, I'll get some tea" Sasuke said while looking around the living room. Hinata rolled her eyes then she went to the kitchen to fix herself, Ino and that jerk some tea. It's a good thing they didn't eat yet.

Hinata's Point of View:

Why don't I just fix our dinner since that jerk is already here! I thought. I opened the refrigerator to get some beefs and vegetables. I started to cook right after I did some things with my ingredients.

"Here's dinner and your tea you're Royal Jerk!" I said with a huge smirk plastered on my face. I was satisfied when I saw his face turn bright red in utter anger "Why you!--" He said not finishing his statement when I stuck the spoon with rice on it in his mouth.

"Better shut up Royal jerk this is my house" then I gave out an evil smile. "Err…I think I need to get going" Ino said as she bid me goodbye then she left us alone in the living room.

"Finish up your dinner I can't finish all of this!" I said. "Why not?" Sasuke asked. "It's not like you live alone" he finished. But I do live alone you jerk I scowled behind my back. "Just finish it!" I retorted at him. He gave me one last look and I gave him one last look then we ate quietly.

'Tick-tock-tick-tock' the sound of the clock could be heard around the living room because of the awkwardness between me and that jerk Sasuke. I gave out a loud cough which captured Sasuke's attention, he looked at me with a questioning look. "Didn't you say you came here for someone?" I asked.

"Uh-yeah" he said as he took something from his pocket and handed a small box to me. "That's from Kiba." he said simply, yet she had a feeling he sounded a bit hurt too, but she pretended she didn't notice.

I opened it carefully and I gave out a loud gasp inside were cherry blossom petals. I dug it with my fingers and I gave out a louder gasp it was a silver necklace with a silver petal stuck on it. The petals of the cherry blossom tree hides the necklace beneath it.(a/n: I know it's lame full of gasping and etc…but yeah I guess it's pretty ok for me.)

It was truly beautiful; I gave out a loud shriek and started to jump up and down. I was so excited that I did not even realize I accidentally hugged Sasuke.

Sasuke's point of View:

I felt her gentle and warm soft hands on my skin it was like heaven at that very moment, but also at that very moment I felt a pang of jealousy hit me. I gave out a fake cough that captured Aoi's attention.

She let go of her arms that are wrapped around my neck and I can see she was blushing heavily. "Err…Gomen…I didn't--" she said when I interrupted her with a kiss on her cheek. I ran outside not knowing what to do. I was panicking for heaven's sake! I shook my thoughts away.

She will never notice me, won't she? Because I'm just an arrogant, cold, and selfish teme. I sighed.

"Hey! Hyuuga!" Sasuke shouted across the street. Hinata was walking alone going to school, she and Ino agreed to stay from different apartments so that they will be able to learn to be independent.


"Hey! Ino!" Hinata greeted while drinking her cappuccino lightly. "Hey! It's the first time I saw you so excited!" Ino smiled at her. "yeah…we have to talk about something." Hinata drank her cappuccino again and looked at her best friend Ino.

She doesn't seem bothered on what Hinata would tell her. She respects what her friend would tell her. Ino nodded in agreement on Hinata's statement. "First things first..." Hinata paused. "When are we checking out of the hotel?" Ino stared at the ceiling of the café thinking of the date there suppose to be check out of the hotel.

"That would be this Friday." She said fixing her gaze on her. "Good, I rented an apartment near Kohona university, I want to be independent for a while so I'm thinking of living separately from you, that's if it's okay with you. I rented 2 actually one for me and you, but different places though" Hinata said looking straight at Ino's gaze.

"Sure I understand you Hinata! I'd be glad if we live separately so that at least we get to learn on how to be independent."

They were fixing their things putting their clothes when Thursday night arrived. The room was filled with silence each were concentrating on what they were doing.

"Hey Ino!" Hinata greeted from the phone. "So how's the placed I picked for you?" There was a short silence "It's fine I like it." Ino stated while looking around the place. "Just taking a long time for them to put things on their proper places" she finished as she sighed.

"Yeah me too, it's kind of comfortable in this place though, but I'm having a bad feeling about this place." Hinata stated as she shivered. "I'll call you back when everything in here is done ok Hina- chan?"

Hinata nodded "Ok, then we can go to the park near your place I'll just take a cab." Then they both put the phones down.

End Flashback

Sasuke ran across the street going towards Hinata who's staring at him. "What are you doing walking alone?" Sasuke asked looking for her best friend Ino. Hinata just stared at him dumb folded she raised hands up then touched Sasuke on his forehead. "Are you sick or something?" Hinata asked raising an eye brow.

Sasuke immediately shook his head 'no' "Of coarse NOT." he shouted emphasize on the word 'Not' "I jog around every single day how could I be sick? Answer me Hyuuga" he said glaring at her with every curiosity inside him "oh, nothing" Sakura said waving her hands.

They walked together going to the school gates when Ino arrived "Hey Hina!" she said hopping at her back. They fell over each other. Hinata above Sasuke inches apart and well… Ino above Hinata.

Hinata stared at Sasuke for awhile in embarrassment until she heard him say. "Agh! You guys are so heavy get ooooof meeee dammit!" Sasuke shouted in embarrassment as everyone was staring at them.

Hinata was able to smell Sasuke's very 'manly' cologne and she blushed bright red. She shrugged her shoulders warning Ino to get the hell off her so she could get off Sasuke. "Move it you two!" Sasuke demanded when more people were staring at them.

"Whooo hoo!" someone shouted from behind. "Look at Hyuuga's underwear!" he continued. Hinata bolted up from Sasuke immediately turning as red as a tomato. She turned around only to see Kankuro. "Hentaiiiiiiii!" she screamed going running towards him and slapped him hard across his face.

Because of the embarrassment she ran inside the nearest bathroom. Washing her face slowly when Sakura and her gang went inside the bathroom giving her death glares flying around. She turned red in anger when she saw their faces.

Sakura went towards her. "Hey you Suna whore!" Sakura pushed her on the wall harshly. "Can you explain to me why you are with my Sasuke-kun?". There was a long quiet silence, Hinata couldn't answer her question when Sakura slapped her hard across her face. Karin slapped her on the other side the Kin who did a double slap (a/n: I know it's harsh and lame lets just go on!)

They turned around and left her holding both cheeks and wincing every time a tear drops from her eyes. Hinata cried at the corner of the bathroom when they left. She wiped away her tears putting all her anger in it, all her sad emotions gone along with the tears. She stood up and left the bathroom leaving all eyes staring at her.

Hinata arrived on the roof top she sat there and looked at the sky. She pointed to it and she started to write her mother's father's and brother's name on air. A tear silently fell from her swollen eyes when she heard a loud bang behind her.

She turned around to see Sasuke. "Hey" he said quietly sounding more like a whisper. Hinata on the other hand didn't even acknowledge him. "what are you doing here?" Sasuke continued knowing he wasn't going to get an answer. "Sasuke!" a female voice called behind both of them.

Why am I being like this? Hinata asked herself who by now is staring at the dark sky outside her window. It's not like I'm jealous or something! No! It can't be!He's just some jerk I hate! She shook her head lightly and continued looking out the window.

She stood up and went straight to her closet looking for clothes so she could go outside and shop alone. She wore a Red halter and a pink skirt paired with black high heeled sandals. She took of her glasses and went straight out her apartment door.


A tear silently fell from her swollen eyes when she heard a loud bang behind her. She turned around to see Sasuke. "Hey" he said quietly sounding more like a whisper. Hinata ignored him, still thinking about her family. "What are you doing here?" Sasuke knew she wasn't going to answer him.

"Sasuke!" a female voice called behind both of them. "What the hell are you doing with this nerd!" she continued. "Tayuya, will you quit that!" Sasuke said looking straight at Tayuya's eyes.

"Err, Hinata I would like you to meet Tayuya my--" "Fiancée" Tayuya finished it for him without hesitation. Hinata just stared at both Tayuya and Sasuke on the news she heard. She left her ace emotionless and turned to look at Sasuke after giving one last look at Tayuya.

"Why you telling me that? I don't care about this jerk." Hinata said with a low cold voice. "What are you talking about Tayuya! Who said I was your Fiancée!" Sauske shouted ignoring what Hinata just insulted towards him.

"Well, while you were out last night your mother arranged us to be engaged right away, and she decided to let me study here!" Tayuya gave out a secret smirk at Hinata. "Well, gratz I guess" Hinata said not really meaning it at all. She just left the two couple on the roof confused at her cold demeanor.

End of Flashback


I had to be all nice to Hinata because maybe Aoi didn't like me because of my cold and arrogant attitude, so in case that we do meet again Ino by then would have told her that I have totally changed.

I said to myself while drinking the last cup of my tea then another problem pops out! Why does that stupid idiot Tayuya have to announce to everyone that we are engaged! I banged my head repeatedly on the table. I turned my head around to see my fiancée staring at me weirdly.

"What do you want?" I said glaring angrily at her. She gave me that stupid puppy pout again "Onegai! Let's go outside and play!" she said with that baby tone again that I hate the most. "Will you stop acting so immature!" I said with a last glare at her I left her alone outside. I went straight to my room and gave out a sigh of relieve that I am out of her damn sight!

But why is it that I'm feeling something I have felt before when I first saw Aoi to the ugly Hyuuga nerd? There was a long pause. I think you might have fallen for her too! A voice at the back of my head said. I looked out my window thinking what my thought had just said to me. I chuckled at tht thought. Nah! It can't be! I'm just using the Hyuuga to get Aoi!

"Well anyways might as well go walk alone outside" I said "I'll sneak out before that girl sees me!" I said and trying to hurry out the door.

Sasuke wore black shirt and a white polo over it, paired with an army green pants, and black and blue shoes. He looked around to see Tayuya going inside her room, when she entered he went down the stairs and went straight to the back door so that she won't be able to see him inside her room.

"Ah! At last fresh air!" Hinata said loud enough for her only to hear. She looked around and saw a coffee shop near by. "Sugoy!" she said and halt in front of it. The coffee shop did look good it captured many customer's taste and since there were chairs and tables outside she went in and ordered "1 cappuccino please!" she ordered." "Coming!" said the person in charged.

Hinata sat outside, she picked a table where it looked kind of isolated and it's good for two, even though she was alone. She drank slowly while counting silently all the cars passing by her. "May I sit beside you?" a male voice said disturbing her.

Hinata looked behind her to see a handsome guy smiling at her. "S-sure" Hinata stuttered. "Thanks! By the way did I disturb you?" he asked staring contently at Hinata's lavender eyes.

"Of course not Sasuke!" Hinata finally said after a brief moment of blushing madly. She looked at Sauske's face seeing that he didn't see her blushing bright red. He continued staring at her when he touched her forehead "Are you sick? You seem nice to me today?" he said chuckling showing that he was just kidding.

"Aoi?" Sasuke called. "Yeah? What is it?" Hinata asked. "Well, I was thinking maybe if you want to go with me tonight?" he paused. "At the nearest bar over there…" he pointed to the direction of the bar "Don't worry we are at the right age to drink am I correct?" Hinata nodded "Fine, I accept your invitation."


"Well? What are we waiting for you are done drinking why don't we go now?" Sasuke said. "Ok!" I said with a tone of excitement. I don't know why but when I'm around this guy I feel free and happy, even if I dress up as a nerd and show no feeling at all I still feel happy when I see him.

He led me to the bar which was a couple of block away from the coffee shop. While we were walking we stopped by at some boutiques and I bought some clothes together with him. It felt like a real date really. I never had a date ever since, I closed my heart to the world ever since that tragic news reached my very ears. Well… everyone except Ino-chan.

"Come on!" he said running faster than ever in the crowded place "Catch me!" he continued and he gave that laugh. It made my heart bounce hearing it. 'What makes you so different?' I thought smiling at his childish antics. "Don't you dare under estimate me" I shouted and gave my most gentle smile when he looked at me.

"At last we came to our destination!" Sasuke said while catching his very own breath. I was pulling his polo down while bending over trying to catch my breath as well. I looked up to see the most eye catching thing. Sasuke was staring at me! With those handsome face and handsome onyx eyes staring at my lavender eyes.

He bent down to be level his height to my height. He was holding both my shoulder. "Move it!" a guy from behind push me then it happened! My lips met his lips. Our faces turned bright red and as our lips separated from each other. I stared at the floor while he stared at the sky.

He was whistling like nothing happened and my face turned tomato red. "W-well, w-why don't w-we get something to e-eat?" I said breaking the awkwardness between us.

"Sure!" he said giving that smile again. He held my hand, when he touched it I felt bolts of electricity go up to my spine. We ordered light beers since we have school tomorrow. I drank about 3 cups forgetting that I easily get drunk. "Well…" Sasuke said "Let's go it's getting late".

This feeling with Aoi is very familiar, it's like I have known her even before we first met…Sasuke thought while walking out of the bar. He looked at her, studied every feature, And then he saw something even more familiar. Her body structure is like someone I also know…but who?

He decided to ignore that theory and just enjoy the night. "Hey Aoi!" a deep voice called from behind them. Hinata / Aoi turned around her face red and her eyes look all sleepy. Her legs were shaking and she couldn't take the effect of the beer she drunk.

She closed her eyes closely and then she was beginning to fall when a strong arm caught her. "Aoi! Aoi!" Sasuke called her name loudly making everyone stare at them. The guy who called Aoi went closer and closer. Hinata's eyes opened a little and it closed again the last thing she saw was an onyx eyed boy and a shadow of the guy who called her a moment ago.

And then she entered a dark place…where in she will find her own dreams…

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