I hope this turns out okay, I wrote it very, very quickly. Written for the HPFC's Drabble Request mini-challenge. I hope it's close to Fred and George, I've never written them before.

For Bad Mum, as it was her prompt. :)

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"Never in a million years."

That was their phrase.

"Never in a million years, would we have pulled that prank. That's below us, Ma. Don't you trust us?"

They used to so often, that it became a joke around the Weasley household.

"Never in a million years, Mum, will I set the table."

The table would be set within the next five minutes, as their mother watched, laughing.

"Never in a million years, Ma, this is safe, I promise."

An explosion would echo from the backyard, and their mother would sigh, and tell them to make sure the damage wasn't permanent, or it was coming out of their 'never in a million years' hides.

"Never in a million years."

It was their phrase, their code, and how they lived. They lived for the moment. After all, a million years never came for anyone.

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