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This wasn't supposed to happen.

This was like the opposite of what was supposed to happen.

He was supposed to be standing at the end of that aisle with his big brother, not standing here declaring his love for the girl, his brother was supposed to marry.

But still, here he was – waiting for her answer.


Two very similar boys walked towards apartment complex in sync.

The boys had same coloured hair, and were both very fit, with the taller one being more than the other. Both of the boys had blue eyes, with only slight difference – the taller one had more of a bright blue eyes while the other one had more of greyish blue. Their bickering was heard from a long distance.

"Oh, please, like you could do any better", the one with the bright blue eyes said.

"Oh, I could do more than better, I could fucking dominate."

"And yet somehow, you were standing in the stands watching me play the game that you could 'dominate'. Isn't life just funny sometimes?"

"Fucking hilarious", John looked at Troy from the corner of his eye, "but, I'm seriously proud of you little brother, it's not everyday you are chosen as the MVP of the Lakers." He reached his hand and mussed the 23-year-old boy's hair; Troy pushed his hand away and decided to make the mood less serious, as always. "Cry me a river, dude."

John laughed at his brothers antics, it wasn't Troy's style to confess your emotions out loud, it's too girly, he had once said. But still, both of the brothers knew that they loved each other, even though they never said it.

"So, couldn't help but notice that certain brunette wasn't in the stands – how's G?"

"Oh, we broke up – she wanted marriage, babies and the whole shebang and I'm not ready for it, so thought it would be for the best to drop her."

"Your cold dude – real cold, and I really liked Giselle – maybe you could give her another change?"

"No way, that ship has sailed. And it's not like you're most committed person in the world, how long has it been that you had a girlfriend that lasted more than a month?"

"I have you know, that I have dated Gabriella for eight months now, we're getting pretty serious. You shouldn't be surprised if you heard wedding bells in a month", Troy came to a complete stop. He had never heard anything related to matrimony from his brother's mouth, this was getting serious.

"Wedding bells? Are you serious? Didn't you once said that 'marriage is complete waste of time and energy, and they only end up in divorce'?" Troy quoted his brother.

"Yeah, I used to thought like that, but with Gabriella it's like, like – I'd loose my eyesight if I could see her smile again", John declared with a goo-goo eyes.

Troy looked at his brothers googly eyes, before breaking down in a complete laughter, "What a bunch of bullshit", he wrapped his arms around his midriff while laughing harder, "When did you become a total sap? That was funnier than – than – well, something really funny."

John looked irritably at his brother while waiting for him to come from his fit. He knew he shouldn't have shared something like his feelings towards his most serious girlfriend. Troy just couldn't understand, he had never felt anything close to this for a girl. "Are you finished? I'd really like to get home before it gets too late, Gabi will be wondering where I am."

"And then she wouldn't smile, right?" Troy chuckled while wiping the tears from his cheeks that had spilt out with his non-stopping laugh.

"No, she would not smile", John cracked a smile in spite of himself, "C'mon, don't you wanna meet the love of my life?"

"Okay, a moment to mock that phrase please, the love of your life? Where is all this romantic bullshit coming from?" Troy asked while they started to walk again, this time seeing their destination only few blocks away, "Is it the power of being in looove?" Troy batted his eyelashes.

John punched his brother on the shoulder, "Shut up, man. And so help me if you say anything like that in front of Gabriella, I'm going to erase you from my life."

"And give up for the free courtside tickets? I don't think so."

"Yeah, you do have a point there."

The brothers continued to walk towards John's apartment. "So, tell me about her." Troy suddenly said.

"Well, she's petite, brunette, Filipina, funny, smart, beautiful, she's doing her internship at St. Gabriel's – she's going to be a surgeon, she's your age…"

"So, two years younger than you?"

"Yep. She's just so amazing, Troy – when you meet her you can't help but falling in love with her", John gushed, Troy had never heard him gush over something or someone before. Neither of them had no idea how true John's statement was going to be.

"Sounds like your kind of girl, Johnny."

"She is."

Troy took a look of his happy brother. "Well I can't wait meeting her," He patted his brother on his shoulder.

"Luckily you don't have to wait much longer." They had stopped in front of John's apartment building and John opened the door for them. They walked through the brightly lighten lobby towards the elevator.

"Just remember to be nice to her, okay? She's a very nice girl and means a lot to me", John said as the elevator door closed in front of them.

"I promise to be at my best behaviour and not to make a simple joke about your googly eyes and sappy talk", Troy said while rolling his eyes.

They stepped out of the elevator and came to halt in front of a green door that had number 14 hanging form it. Troy briefly thought 14 being his lucky number in high school.

John opened the door to a bright house. "Gabi? You here?" he asked tentatively. Troy resisted the urge to roll his eyes for his brother being such a mouse, scared that his girlfriend was going to be mad.

"John, is that you?" a sweet voice flowed in to their ears.

Troy's eyes widened when a beautiful brunette came in to the view – no, beautiful wasn't the right word, more like breathtaking.

She was exactly like his brother described her to be, but Troy already knew this.

Troy had met Gabriella Montez.

Troy had flirted with Gabriella Montez.

Troy had slept with Gabriella Montez.

Troy hadn't call Gabriella Montez back.

"Hey, honey", she said and threw her arms around John's neck.

"Oh, for fuck's sake", Troy muttered under his breath.

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