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The rain trickled down the leaves, each drop after the other harmoniously feeding the fertile soil. Her brown wide eyes peered over her bedroom window, well, if you could call it a window. She had always liked the rain. Her father had taken her as a child to see its miracles numerous times. How so much lush life could be formed from this sparkling heavenly liquid, she always wondered. Honor the soil and fruits that sprang from it, he had told her.

And it was in these words that Malina had grown up with. From as far as she could remember she could think of nothing more in life than her homey hut, the smell of fresh ground corn, the warmth of new alpaca sheets, the misty rain from the mountains at dawn...the terribly alluring solitude of the village at night.

"Malina, I need you to help me with this", a female older voice was heard from outside of the room. Malina shuddered her head and walked to her mother, she had been lost thinking about it for too long, she really needed to help around the house. Malina's mother, a rather similar version of the girl, fervently rolled the bread on the table, her delicate yet labored hands creating nurture for her family.

Malina turned over the yellow tapestry that covered the entrance to the kitchen, revealing the scene in her eyes. Other women were present as well, hustling with every chore they could think of. She stopped and smiled, she always felt comfortable being near her mother and her sisters. It gave her a sense of mutual womanhood. A taller, attractive woman was the first one to to note the teen, clapping her hands abruptly.

"There she is! Girls, look! Couldn't she be a most beautiful bride?!"

"The prettiest orchid of the village, I always said." another sister replied swiftly.

"Let's all go and adore the little queen. Ladies, here we have our new...Empress Malina!" a quirky woman leaped from behind the table and curtsied deeply. Malina gulped. This is exactly what she didn't want to happen.

"Um, thanks, Aunt Isha, but you don't have to..."

"Nonsense, darling...or should I say, your majesty!" she continued, kissing her hand exquisitely.

"That's enough, Isha." Malina's mother replied to her relief, moving forward to defend her daughter. "You always were a loudmouth. I think she's had enough from the enough village, let her be."

Malina smiled, her mother always had the habit of being right. She had already had enough compliments and public adorations from everyone she knew. As much as she liked being the center of attention, enough was enough.

"Thanks, mom." she whispered softly. Her mother smiled as well and handed her a nearby stack of llama wool. "You're welcome, my little dove..." Malina was caught by surprise with the stack on her hands "...but no matter how many miles away you leave me, whenever you're in this household, you will always do your chores." She giggled sweetly.

"Allright, allright". She walked down to the textile weaver and started loading it, her tall Aunt Anacha helping her. At least this one wasn't going to kiss her extremities. Malina calmly prepared the wool, putting each little stack on the coloring bucket, soaking her hands.

"So tell me..." her aunt mentioned causing Malina to get defensive.

"What? What do you want to know now?!" Malina felt sorry for responding in such a tone, but she was honestly irritated about so many people wanting to meddle in her life all of a sudden.

"Lighten up, honey face. We are all proud of you for your achievements, you can't deny us that. Who would ever think, the little girl who used to cry whenever she was teased about her hair...the Emperor's bride-to-be. Of course we are all curious to know," she stated frankly.

Malina thought of Kuzco. She remembered how he had told her that he was making every preparation for them both "and for the return of its super cool Emperor" he had said. She wondered how on earth she could have ended up with him, in spite of how much he got in her last nerve. I guess it really was a mystery, and her family had all the right to be curious.

"I...I'm sorry. I have been on the edge lately."

"I don't blame you. A compromise so important is really hard to be placed on a girl your age." She patted her on the back gently. "But I can't help but Emperor Kuzco really all 'he' claims himself to be? I always thought of him as, pardon me...nothing more than a selfish, conceited and obnoxious pig" she added flatly.

Malina couldn't help but giggle loudly. She rinsed the wool and put it to dry. "You know, that's the same thing I thought when I first met him."

"Then how..?"

"Sometimes you gotta look into people more deeply than the outer surface." Malina answered practically and stood up to empty the coloring water outside of her hut.