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Chapter 1: The First Day!!

As the sun was rising, all was quiet in the small water tribe village in the South Pole. The first people up were three men, Chief Hakoda, his brother- in- law Amoka, and his best friend Bato. These three men were going to hunt and fish so their families would have a nice breakest to wake up to.

A few hours later the rest of the tribe woke up the the smell of stewed sea prunes. Two small girls ran out of their tents as fast as they could and jumped into their dads arms. Katara, the bigger of the two girls, was hugging Hakoda, and Kya, the smaller one, was hugging Amoka. Then Katara's older brother Sokka came out of the tent and started yelling at Katara.

"You stupid girl, you pushed me out of the way," he yelled.

"I just wanted to be the first to hug my daddy, is that so wrong?"

"Katara, did you push Sokka?" Her father asked sternly.

"Maybe, but I just wanted to see you. I had a really bad dream about."

Kya, Amoka, and Bato were all silently laughing and had to turn their heads to hide thier laughter.

Katara and Kya's mothers came out and as soon as they did Kya and Amoka suddenly stopped laughing, but Kya couldn't keep a straight face and was still smiling.

What's so funny Amoka," asked Maria, Kya's mom.

"Nothing dear," he asnwered.

"Where's Takka and Kiki?" Kya asked excitedly, wanting to go see her sisters.

"They're still sleeping, and since they're still so younge you should call them by their full named, Takka Lee and Kiki Lee," Maria answered.

"I still don't see why I should though," Kya said.

"I called you Kya Lee until you were five," her mom said.

"So, who's hungery for some breakfast," asked Bato.

"Mmmm, that sounds great," said Sokka, and of course it was him. He was always hungery.

After a great breakfast Katara, Sokka, and Kya went to see there Gran-Gran and Kya's little sisters. They went into Kya's tent and found Gran-Gran singing to Takka Lee and Kiki Lee.

"Hi Gran- Gran," Katara said.

"Hi Gran- Gran, hi Takka Lee, hi Kiki Lee," Kya said.

"Hi Gran- Gran, bye Gran- Gran," said Sokka.

"Sokka, where are you going?" Asked Gran- Gran.

"Dad wants me to go fishing with him but I wanted to say hi to you first."

"Well, be safe Sokka," Gran-Gran said.

"Takka, who's your favortie sister?" asked Kya.

"Kiki Lay," she answered.

"Looks like she doesn't like you very much Kya," said Katara from behind her laughing.

"Whose your favorite cousin?" Kya aksed because she knew Takka Lee would say Sokka since Katara was standing right there.


Katara started to laugh even harder at this. Kya knew that either Takka said taht to make her mad, or Katara had told her to say that, which she did. When Kya asked who her favorite sister was, Katara pointed to Kiki Lee, and when Kya asked who her favorite cousin was Katara pointed to herself.

"If you want to point then you can do it alone," Kya said to Katara angrily. "I'm going to play with Kiki Lee instead."

"No Kya Lay. I sowray," Takka said looking sad.

"I'm not mad at you, I'm made at Katara," Kya said with a smile, making Katara smile too.

After a while Takka and Kiki got hungery so Kya's mom told them to go play somwhere else.

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