Taken for love

A SasuSaku fanfic by Laura-Chayn

Chapter 1- you call that a mission!?

"SASUKKKEE-KUUUN!" Roared a voice from the end of the street. Hanging outside of the Uchiha mansion was Karin, oh how Sasuke loathed her. He hated her hair, the way she looked and that annoying voice of hers. "SASUKE-KUN!" She belled once again. Sasuke poofed on top of the wall.

"What!?" He asked impatiently, glaring at her with a look most evil. Karin swooned at his voice, and replied "Tsunade-sama want to talk to youuuuu" She sing songed. Sasuke hung his head and sighed. "What for?" This caused Karin to giggle, this was probably the longest conversation they had ever had! "Oh i don't know, Silly" She teased at him, winking. Making Sasuke gag slightly. "But i know it's about me" She said pointing at herself "And you..." She finished, acting all seductive-like. Once more making Sasuke gag even more! Karin held out her hand to him and giggled flirtaciously "C'mon, i'll walk you!" Sasuke replied a simple "Hn." As he poofed himself half way down the street. Away from her...

"Wait!" I distant Karin yelled down to him, but he ignored her and continued his walk to he Hokage's office.

"Sasuke?" A shy voice called out from a ramen stand. He paused for a moment, recognising the voice. From behind the stand's curtian appeared Sakura. Her hair reached her shoulders and those green eyes met with Onyx. Those eyes always caught Sasuke off guard. "Where are you going?" Sakura asked him, directly. Placing his hands in his pockets he looked toward the tower in front of him "The Hokage." He answered plainly. "She wants to speak to me." Sakura's eyes dropped to the floor quickly. "Well, uh. I was on my way to give this ramen to Naruto, he's bugging Tsunade again. Maybe we could walk together?" She asked cautiously, her eyes darting every where, not looking back up to him.

"Hn." He answered her, as he resumed walking. That meant yes, so Sakura caught up to him in a few steps. He could smell her bubblegum hair swaying in the air next to him, the scent of Cherry blossoms mezmorized him, enough to not notice Karin gaining on him. That was when 'Boosh!' Karin charged straight through Sakura, as if she wasn't there.

"Tough luck, Loser!" Karin grinned evilly towards the floored Sakura, covered in Ramen all over her clothes, and in her pink hair. Sasuke snarled at Karin, but she ignored it. "Sorry Sasuke-kun" She smiled innocently "I was only doing what's best for you!" She finished, placing a finger on his blue t-shirt. "By knocking over my friend?" He questioned, smacking her hand from his chest "No thanks." He stated, picked Sakura from up off the floor and continuing walking. Leaving Karin glaring at Sakura, who was still stained from her fall. Sakura looked up at Karin and ran home to quickly clean herself up. "Wimp..." Muttered Karin under her breath.


At last, Sasuke arrived outside Hokage Tsunade's office, with Karin looming around him like a cloud. Only not nice to look at...He knocked on the door and heard an 'enter' from the inside. As he stepped in, Tsunade rolled up a scroll and took another one out of Shizune's hands.

"Sasuke!" Tsunade smiled towards him, then turning her attention to the lingering Karin, clamped on his arm. She could tell from the look on his face, he was not pleased. "And Karin" She soon finished off. Unrolling the scroll she placed in front of herself, she signalled the Uchiha and the...girl over to her desk.

"I have a mission, for you two." She read from the paper. Sasuke stiffened up slightly, but Karin was too busy drooling over him to listen.

"Hn. Hokage-sama, can you hurry up." Sasuke requested, annoyance rang in his voice at Karin still attached to his arm. He wasn't enjoying this...who would? Tsunade nodded slightly and continued with her mission.

"Sasuke, your 16th Birthday is in three months, am I correct?" Tsunade quizzed him. He simply nodded back at her.

"Oh!" Karin suddenly screaming "So is mine! What a coincidene! It's fate! Right, Sasuke-kun?" She clung tighter to his arm, if possible, causing him to wince with anger. Karin giggled violently away to herself, day dreaming.

"I was getting to that.." The Hokage added after her, she was too busy to listen to any thing again though. "I have a scroll here" She said, passing the scroll over to Sasuke to read. "It says 'An heir to the Uchiha clan must be wed to a daughter of the (i have no idea what clan Karin is from) clan'." Before Sasuke got a chance to read it himself, his face turned pale white

"WHAT!?" Karin and Sasuke yelled, one in Excitement, one in Sheer terror! Tsunade winced at the noise, so she poured herself a glass of Sake.

"You can't be serious!" Sasuke roared, obviously outraged by the Hokage's proposition. He shook the extatic Karin from his arm and lent over Tsunade's desk.

"Sadly i am, Sasuke. There's nothing i can do." She stonely replied to the clearly upset Uchiha.

"You call this a mission!" He shouted in Disbelif once more, holding the scroll up to Tsunade. "It's more like a death sentance!" Tsunade chuckled at this, then stood up, seriously.

"Really, i'm sorry boy, now leave! I have a head ache." She demanded to him.

Sasuke sighed deeply as he left the Hokage's office, annoyed, depressed, with a happy Karin clinging to his arm once more...


Okay, i know it's kinda short, but really. There's some good description in there :P

So, what do you think?

Sasuke: I hate it...

Karin: OMG! i love it!

Sakura: what? Why?? Sasuke's getting married?

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Naruto: YAY!! O.o Sakura-Chan! Where's my ramen?

Sakura: Sasuke's getting married?