Piercing Through the Dark
by 1Speak-th3-Truth

What started out as a normal day turns out to be a week of nightmares to come. Dr. Eggman is up to no good again. And this time, he's gotten smarter. Now Sonic and his friends must once again stop the evil doctor's plans and save the world. This time though, it would not be so easy!

Rating: T (Teen) 13+
Content: Violence, Mild Language, and Suggestive Themes
Rating Notice: Some content within this story is not suitable for young children under 13 years of age.

Chapter 1
A Care-Free Day...or Not

The sun shinned bright upon the peaceful metropolis as all of its citizens remain fast asleep. It was the awakening of this kind of day that makes you wonder, 'Why isn't life always this good?'. The feeling wasn't for forever, but it was the kind of feeling that made everyone, even the most fiendish of people, feel happy for a moment or two.

Well, all except for one person...woke up on the wrong side of the bed he did. But...we aren't concerned about Old Man Heatherbottom, 'cause he has absolutely nothing to do with this story, so, ah...goodbye ya old goat! Ahem, back to the story...

Let's look at Sonic and his friends, shall we?

10:30 am in the morning wasn't Shadow's happy hour. In fact, nothing was his happy hour. His muscles tense and wary. His mind about to snap. Sweaty palms and head. His frequent growling. All of this just because of one hedgehog.

"No, no, Shadow. Move it to the left!" Amy scolded. She had asked him to come over to help her move fruniture.

It wasn't like Shadow to want to help Amy move her furniture. But when the pink hedgehog had offered him 50 dollars, (she had to be desperate) he couldn't turn it down. 50 dollars was a pretty sweet deal for just moving some furniture only in the living room. But at this rate, she'd drive him nuts before the day was out!

And of course, I'M the one doing all the work!! Shadow thought angrily. "Why don't you do some of it, Princess?" he snapped at her.

"Cause my fingernails were just painted and I don't want it to get scratched off or something." Amy explained as she looked enviously at her own fingernails.

"Oh, Lord help us all...so you broke a nail. Big deal!" his snarrling words stormed through the livingroom and all through her house. Amy didn't answer for awhile, however. She just huffed and turned her gaze away from him. Not because she was mad, but because looking at Shadow's expression when he's pissed off isn't something pretty to look at.

"Well, if you were a girl, you'd understand." Amy noted. Shadow just huffed and went back to moving the couch and coffee table. "Yeah well, thank God I'm not!"

The furniture was not easy to move, though. The silky thick carpeting as white as clouds themselves, was not exactly the easiest to got through with heavy objects such as a couch, coffee table, TV, etc.

Shadow grunted as he finally got the entertainment stand...TV and all...to finally budge. "Uh...you...owe...m-me...big time, girly!" he said in between grunts and stalls. "Yeah, yeah, just keep going, okay?" Amy asked. Her voice was more polite this time than her other comments.

Shadow looked back by the staircase where Amy had stood scolding him, to find she wasn't there anymore. "Great, now she ditched me too, damn!" Shadow made a fist and punched the couch hard enough to feel wind move through its creases. "Whadda ya mean I ditched you?!"

He turned around to see Amy by the doorway with a glass of lemonaid in her hand. "You can have some if you want, Shadow..." she started.

The relieved hedgehog whiped his head with his hand to stop the sweating and walked over to the kitchen doorway. A step away before a voice interrupted him. "BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE NICE!" Amy finished her statement.

Shadow looked back at her with a hesitating look on his face. "Fine, but no promises...got it?"

Amy smiled and nodded her head. "Okay. Just try...anyway."

She watched him until he was in the kitchen and out of her sight. Suddenly the door bell rang and Amy turned around to open the door. "Coming, hold up." she said.

She twisted the knob and opened the door. Sonic was standing there, holding a bag of chips in his hand. At first, the pink hedgehog cocked her head confused at the moment. Why is Sonic coming to find me? Don't I do the finding anymore? she tried to hide what she was thinking by changing her expression to a content feel.

"Sonic!? What are you doing here?" Amy started out. Her voice still let out some of the suprise she felt, though she tried hard to conceal it.

He finished eating and threw the bag over his shoulder, only for it to fly into the trash can by her mailbox perfectly. "Just thought I'd stop by to see a friend, I guess." the blue hedgehog answered with his usual tone.

Shadow had just walked out of the kitchen to see that she had let Sonic in. "Sonic? What's he doing here, huh?" Shadow asked. His tone was blank as usual. But Amy could tell that somewhere deep down he was sort of suprised. But of course, someone like Shadow never shows his true feelings.

Sonic got off the couch, where he'd been sitting for a few moments. He stood face to face with Shadow.

"Didn't expect to see you here, either. So...how's it going for you, anyway?" Sonic stated firmly.

"Hmf, just helping Princess here set up furniture." Shadow said. He then took a rather large sip of his lemonaid. "And believe me," he started again, "it's harder than it looks."

Sonic looked back at Amy, who was reading a book. She looked up at him and shrugged her shoulders with a look that said, 'What did I do?'.

Sonic sat back on the couch and starred at the blank TV screen. "So you set this all up by yourself, I'm guessing?" Sonic asked. Though he had a feeling he knew what answer he was about to receive.

Shadow nodded and leaned against the staircase by the kitchen doorway. "Yep. All of it." he looked on the work he had done, then back at Sonic. "But I guess it was better than doing nothing."

Sonic nodded before standing back up. "Well, hate to bring bad news but, Amy...Shadow...we need to go."

Before Sonic rushed off, Amy yanked him by his neck and pulled him back towards her, causing him to plump onto the couch again.

"Hold up, Sonic." Amy said.

"Yeah. You didn't even tell us where to go." Shadow commented.

Sonic sighed as he stood to brush himself off. "Tails found something weird last night." he began. Amy and Shadow listened very carefully. "Next thing I know is he's waking me up shouting in my ear something about...err...Eggman's plans or something."

Both of their eyes widened. "Great, Egghead's at it again, I suppose." Amy said in disbelief. "Does that guy ever give up." Shadow agreed with a fist high at disposal.

Meanwhile, a familiar doctor stood high on the mountains for the completion of his new high-tech fortress.

"Excellent. Tails received warning of my plans. Just as I wanted him to." the doctor exclaimed looking out at the sky through his dark, round glasses. "Now the world will soon belong to me...Dr. Eggman. Muwhahhahaha!!"

He raised his forearm and punched a few bottons on a wrist-device. "Step one is now complete. Time to move on to step two. Now that my base is finished, I suppose it will be easier than I had suspected. Sonic had better be careful this time around!"

And with that, Eggman walked through the massively impressive steel doors to begin...yet again...another nightmare for Sonic and his friends.


Sonic, Amy and Shadow had just arrived at Tails' work shop.

Cream the Rabbit stood outside by the front door. "Mr. Sonic, Ms. Amy. And Mr. Shadow?" Sonic gave her a small nuggie on her head, making her giggle. "Didn't I tell you, Cream? Just call me Shadow." the black hedgehog insisted. This made her smile even more. But her smile slowly fainted into a frown. "I'm worried about Tails." she started. "He has been pacing for hours now, and will not stop to even eat."

"Aw, it's probably nothing." Amy lied, hoping to make Cream feel better.

"Maybe..." Cream said

The worried expression on her face, however, did not change. Sonic, noticing that Cream seemed to be way down, knelt down to match her height. He then rubbed her shoulder gently and said, "Hey, why don't you come in with us?"

Amy looked at him strangely. Why would he ask that? She was already inside. Amy thought deeply to herself.

"Alright. Maybe after knowing you are here, he will stop to eat, perhaps." Cream noted.

Sonic gave her a smile while Shadow and Amy were already making their way inside. Sonic and Cream followed close behind.

When they walked in, Tails was still pacing nervously. His shelves with numerous inventions left untouched. A plate of food on a nearby table Cream had prepared for him was also left untouched. Perhaps this was as serious as Cream had described.

"Tails?" Sonic said. Tails just kept on pacing, dragging his heels as he went. "Hey, fox boy, we're trying to talk to you!!" Shadow snapped, hoping to grab his attention. To his satisfaction, Tails flinched and lost his balance, causing him to fall. "Oh, sorry." Tails said. The young fox rubbed the back of his head to sooth his pain.

"You didn't have to yell, though." Tails pointed out. "Well, should've listened the first time, eh?" Shadow disagreed. Amy finally stepped in. Now in between both of them, she pulled out her hammer, ready to whack both their heads off.

"Alright," she began sternly, pointing first to Shadow, "you stop bothering Tails," then she pointed to Tails next, "and you get down to why we're here, okay?!"

Tails studdered and drew back towards his computer. On the other hand, Shadow just huffed and turned his gaze away. "Fine."

"Okay, how about we get to the main reason why we're all here." Sonic insisted. The others nodded, now looking at Tails. The yellow fox seemed to be worried to even speak of it. He looked even more terrified as he turned his gaze to Sonic. The fox grabbed a seat and sat promptly with stern posture.

He spun the chair to face his computer monitor. The fox typed several things in computer text and then pressed enter. A new window popped up. A blueprint of some kind. Strange calculations and mathematical expressions took up most of the screen.

"Hm...interesting but, what is it?" Shadow asked curiously, standing to the right of Tails. "Even I can't make all of it out." Tails confessed. The fox typed some more computer text, causing the equations to be simplified. "However, " Tails began, "I did manage to find the basis of this blueprint."

"And?" Shadow urged the fox to continue.

"It's a device of some kind."

"No offense, Tails, but that's not really helpful." said Amy. Tails spun his chair around to face the others. "Sure it's a device and all...but how does that help if we don't know what it does?"

"I was just getting to that." Tails corrected.

"Apparently it rapidly increases the mass of a given target..." Tails said with uncertainty.

"So it makes you gain weight?" Amy shouted out.

All of them looked at her with their heads tilted. A look of confusion on each of their faces. "What?" she asked. She began to blush from embarrassement.

"Ah, not exactly, Amy." Tails continued to lecture. The fox typed even more onto the screen to show a virtual demonstration of the device. "It increases the force of a given object. You don't get fat...but your mass becomes too much to bare." the yellow fox explained.

"So in other words," Sonic began.

"It's a torture device..." Everyone looked at Shadow. "Trust me," he began, "I know what torture is."

The yellow fox nodded before continuing to type on the screen. This time, a large diagram showed Sonic being targeted by the strange device. "Hey, that's me." said Sonic. The blue hedgehog continued to watch with the others as it showed how Sonic's once fast pace being slowed down by his dangerously progressing mass force.

"Oh no!" Amy gasped. "So, he's planning to stop Sonic in his tracks." Shadow listed. "Hm, only one problem..." Everyone turned their gaze to the black hedgehog. "...how can this work. He'd have to hit Sonic right on the dot, wouldn't he?" Shadow asked.

Cream stood up from the couch and walked over to Tails. "Yeah. Mr. Sonic is much faster than the doctor." Tails looked at her with a concerned look on his face. "That's just it, Cream. After the part about the device, the equations and calculations become too complicated even for my processor to simplify."

Shadow closed his eyes in deep thought with his head facing the open window. "Looks to me as if things are uncertain." Shadow began. "We should be careful," the black hedgehog remarked, making eye contact with each and every one of them. "all of us...that includes you...SONIC!" He pointed fiercly at the blue hedgehog.

"Yeah, yeah. I know that already, Shadow. Don't have to be such a nagger!"

"I bet..." Shadow muttered beneath his breath.

Back with Dr. Eggman...

"You know what must be done, correct?" the doctor questioned a mysterious figure in the shadows of his lab.

"Yes. I will use Matter Shot...I will stop that meddling Sonic...once and for all."

"But of course. I knew you wouldn't let me down, K24-Z. And now that you are comfortable with you mission objective, how about we get started?"

"Yes, master."

Now back with Tails' discovery...

"What are we going to do?" asked a worried Amy. Sonic stood by the workshop door.

Things were stirring up in his mind. What's Eggman up to this time! he thought angrily. Dr. Eggman always had a plan for Sonic to be destroyed so that he could create the Eggman Empire and what not. Sonic had always been there to stop him. But all the other times, there wasn't such a mysterious device. If there was one, Tails could uncover it. This time, things seemed a bit different.

Shadow noticed Sonic wasn't as high spirited like always. The black hedgehog sighed, knowing he'd regret this later.

"Hey," Shadow called out, walking over to the blue hedgehog. Sonic turned to face Shadow. "everything alright?" Shadow attempted to sound nice. Sonic sighed and leaned his head against the door in dismay. "No. I'm not sure what to do." Sonic admitted. "You gotta be kidding me!" Shadow exclaimed in disbelief.

"This, coming from the guy that loved danger for fun. Hell knows what you'd get into just for kicks!" Shadow remarked.

"C'mon, Shadow," Tails called out. "leave Sonic alone for now."

"NO!" Shadow snapped. "This isn't the Sonic I remember."

Shadows statement of shock caught the blue hedgehog's attention. Sonic turned and looked at Shadow. "Whatever happened to that love for thrills you used to have?" Shadow continued to question out of his own shock in Sonic's discouragement.

"So what if Eggman's got a new toy. Let's break that toy just like all the others!" Though the others thought that'd be hurting Sonic's feelings, Shadow knew what he was saying was right.

In an instant, the frown on Sonic's face quickly changed back to a smile. "You know, you're right, Shadow! What is wrong with me? This is great!"

All the others smiled. "Looks like Sonic's back!" Tails remarked, sitting next to Cream on the couch. "Be careful, Mr. Sonic. You too, Mr. Shadow."

"Okay seriously, just call me Shadow." the black hedgehog said, looking at Cream. "Okay, Mr. Shadow!"

Shadow slapped his head in response to her statement. "No-You...ah, never mind."

The others laughed at the moment. "Hey, what's so funny, everyone?" Cream asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Tails replied.

"So," the fox began, gathering everyone's attention, "guess we should start making plans."