Author's Note: I know this is a sort of strange story for Sonic the Hedgehog. Believe me, after this chapter, it'll get REALLY weird. But trust me on this, guys, it'll turn out fantastic, I swear!

Piercing Through the Dark
by 1Speak-th3-Truth

Chapter 7
Things That Go Bump in the Night

Two days have past. Times have quickly come and gone. A hedgehog of blue, and a hedgehog of black. Day and Night. Moon and Sun. Destinies soon entertwin. Fates become clear in the visions of another's eyes. Strange new beginnings, impossible feats. None can quite explain. The feeling is so strange, it feels so unreal. It feels like a dream, until you realize that you are incapable of waking up, for you are already awake.


A dangerous creature. That beetle is ruthless. Dr. Eggman kept it locked up and secured it in a high security vault. It will soon become his ultimate weapon. Though he can not call it his creation because he did not create it. In fact, as history has shown, know one exactly knows who created this creature.

According to ancient mythology, the Reliex Blood-Beetle was created by Osumos, the God of Destruction. Many had forgotten of this legend. The Forgotten Canyons are also explained about in this mythology. The planet's data continued to download into Eggman's computer files. He planned on researching everything to do with this Reliex Blood-Beetle. Why? In mythology, this creature will "act" like it knows you are its master, but will kill you once it learns enough about you. Only by feeding it the heart of a hedgehog will it truly become your humble servant.

But why a hedgehog? Eggman thought to himself. Then, he found the information he was looking for. He found it after several hours of searching and downloading. But all of the time consumtion was worth it for what he had found, in which was truly fascinating.

"The historical inhabitants of the Forgotten Canyons, were...HEDGEHOGS!" Dr. Eggman was dumbfounded at that very moment, but continued to read, "Osumos, the God of Destruction, made a deal with the village leader. Osumos gave him four years to make a worthwhile sacrafice, but he never did. In result, the God of Destruction punished them by creating a creature so terrible, the place would become barren, the Reliex. Only one exists, only one can exist. So, I am the ONLY one to capture it?" Eggman wondered. Surely if anyone else had captured it, they would have died. With his intelligence, he was able to outsmart it. He hoped he did.

So, THAT'S why I need the heart of a hedgehog to take full power over this thing. But I can't do anything right now. Matter Shot will take care of that for me. But I fear...fear that this beast may not be able to be controlled. I must continue my research!! the doctor thought. His thoughts processed slowly and carefully, making sure not to bypass anything. This knowledge may perhaps be the key to finally conquering the world. His dream may finally come true!

I wonder how Bokkun's doing. Hasn't come back for days! Dr. Eggman began to view Bokkun as more of a friend than an assistant. In past times, he always pushed him around. spend months in a deserted canyon with no one around. We'll see how far you get before you want to have people around you. That would be this case.

Dr. Eggman just relaxed in his comfortable leather chair, tightened the buttons on his vest, cracked his knuckles, and got back to his research, which in deed, involved plenty of typing and finger use.


"Morning, Amy. You up yet?" Sonic called as he came from upstairs. Amy wasn't exactly up, up. But she was awake, lying on the couch in a peaceful meditation, if you want to call it that.

The blue hedgehog walked over to the window in the living room and began opening curtains so that the sunlight may get through. Amy heard his huming and assumed he was in a very good mood, today. Problem was, he was happier than she thought. Sonic was always a free bird, but having someone around must have lifted the confidence in himself, and the will to enjoy life. In other words, he was beginning to feel even more connected to Amy than ever before.

Amy yawned and stretched, in an attempt to rise from her lying down. The warmth did not leave her as she sat up, and eventually stood up. She still felt that wonderful warmth on her way to the bathroom(other than the one in Sonic's room), in which she grabbed a towel, and stepped into the shower to get washed up.

Sonic didn't mind having Amy around. Sure he had to prepare larger meals because he wasn't the only one eating now. Sure he had to make the couch because someone slept there now, or she'd sleep in the guest room, either or, he'd have more chores. But he didn't care. That pink hedgehog had him lifted up high, for sure. He began to feel passionate around her. He knew he'd soon be able to come out and say, "I love you." But not quite yet.

"Hey Amy, eggs sound good you?" he asked, up next to the door. Through the sounds of running water he heard her say, "Sure, just make sure you don't burn them."

Sonic chuckled to himself. He always burnt things unless he had to give 110 of his effort towards it. But if she wanted them just right, then just right is what she would get from him. Nothing less, maybe something more.


"So, what brings you here, Shadow?" Espio asked, handing the black hedgehog a cup of coffee. Shadow took a few sips, then began to explain, "I need to know what you found in that base of Eggman's." said Shadow. Espio seemed shocked to her Shadow say that. Had Vector told Shadow without telling him first? If so, why would Shadow want to know that. Espio felt deep confusion. "I can't help you." Espio muttered.

Shadow made a stern look. "I think you can. You just don't want to!" Shadow set the coffee on the table.

Hopefully they wouldn't disturb the others who lived in the apartment. But things seemed to heat up, and Shadow knew it.

"Listen, I don't want to talk about it. Can't we change the subject here?" Espio seemed to secretly beg. But Shadow's will, as everyone knew, was unbending, unchanging. If the Ultimate Lifeform wanted something from someone, by any means necessary he'd have it.

"Espio, concentrate. You NEED to tell me." Shadow said calmly, not wanting to scare him into talking. Fear from others wasn't going to help anything, anyway.

Espio set his cup down with a sigh. He opened his eyes and looked directly at Shadow's. He seemed to be scared to even think of it. What could he be hiding.

"Alright, listen closely, now. I'm not going to repeat myself." Espio began, grabbing Shadow's full attention. "Some nights ago, Vector, Charmy, and I snuck into Eggman's base in the Forgotten Canyons. We noticed a shadowy figure in the distance as we stood by the main entrance. I turned invisible and went over to investigate. It was an android, at first I thought it was Sonic. But it was definately one of Eggman's creations."

"I see." said Shadow. His tone urged Espio to continue.

"When we finally broke inside, we saw Knuckles run past. Rouge and some cat was with him. I'm guessing a prison break of some sort. Anyway, I snuck into the doctor's quarters, he wasn't there. On his desk, I saw the plans for a most horrific plan. Then, I saw IT!"

"What? What did you see?" Shadow began to be very interested in the subject.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Espio concluded.

"No, I'll believe anything about now."

Espio gulped and swallowed his pride in an instant. "A Reliex..."

Shadow didn't laugh. He didn't say thank you. He just remained clueless. He never heard of a Reliex. It sounded dangerous, but what was it?

"A Reliex? I don't understand. What is a Reliex?"

Espio seemed pretty suprised that Shadow had not heard of the Reliex. Then again, he hadn't been born on this planet. If he had, he may have heard of it once before. "Are you familiar with any ancient mythology of this planet?" Espio asked. Curious to know. Shadow didn't want to admit it, but he didn't. Or at least, not very much. Knuckles once told him something about the Forgotten Canyons, but that was about it. Shadow shook his head. Espio made a serious look and nodded.

"I see. A Reliex-according to mythology-is an ancient monster that was used to make the hedgehogs of the Forgotten Canyons pay for their-"

"Hedgehogs?" Shadow blurted out.

"Ahem," Espio cleared his throat, "yes hedgehogs. Anyway, it was created by Osumos to punish them for not making a worthwhile sacrifice in which they were given several years to come up with."

Though Shadow didn't appear interested, he was underneath that complection Things were beginning to become stranger and stranger. But when would it all come to an end? Hopefully, that day would be today.

Espio went into the living room and brought out a suit and tie with a detective hat and pipe to match. He even had the black pants and shoes to go with all of it. Shadow wanted to laugh, but he needed Espio's help and didn't want to upset him to the point he wouldn't help him at all. "Let's go!" Espio ordered, opening his apartement door, getting ready to lock it on his way out.

"Where are we going?" Shaodw asked, not having mentioned a 'field trip'.

Espio just blew into his pipe and looked directly at the hedgehog. "All in good time, my friend. All in good time. Now let's get going..." Espio and Shadow headed out the next instant. Espio locked the door before the two ran off into the distance. Espio was leading the way, Shadow was just waiting to see their destination.


"Cosmo, where are you? Cosmo?" Tails called out, walking through the surrounding forests that neared his workshop. It was then that he caught sight of her. She was talking to Old Man Heatherbottom. Tails prayed that the old man was in a good mood today. He didn't normally like to talk to anyone but that old eagle. But then he noticed Cosmo had been planting him some flowers? That seemed pretty odd.

"My, my, aren't you just the sweetest little helper on this side of the forest, eh? What did you say your name was, dear?" Heatherbottom asked.

Cosmo did a little bow, "Cosmo, sir. It's really nice to meet you." Heatherbottom actually smiled once in a long while. He began to chuckle, too. What? Tails thought, never seeing the old goat so happy before. "Well, I must be going now, sir." Cosmo said in a peaceful tone. The old man waved to her as she left, "You come back soon, ya here?!" he called out happily. Tails' thoughts became jammed up. He couldn't stand to think anymore for the most part. Suddenly he noticed that Cosmo was returning to the workshop, coming right his way. Not wanting to be spotted, he dived to the side, hiding behind a bush. But his entry made a bushling sound, making Cosmo suspicious. She looked to the bush, but suddenly just turned away.

Could things possibaly get any weirder around here? Tails thought in disbelief. His world was flipping upside down and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop it. The matter alone was frustrating.

A few minutes passed and Cosmo was long gone, probably back at the workshop. Tails got out from the bush, and ran back through the forest to the workshop. He hoped he hadn't waited to long. They may question his wearabouts. He could always lie, but Tails wasn't exactly the best lier in the history of the world. The yellow fox took a deep breath and continued to run back, finally reaching it. Well, guess I should go inside. Tails thought to himself, not wanting to face the strange events.

These events...their occurances seem predetermined, all the more making Tails suspicious, and more blaming towards Dr. Eggman. All of this seemed to happen that day he found the program on that disk that explained the creation of a new weapon. But now, things are all becoming wild and uncontrollable. Sonic's attacked, Amy ended up in the hospital, Cosmo returned (though that can be explained), and to top that all off, that good for nothing android was on the lose! What of Shadow? What was he doing? All these questions surrounding the subject made Tails' feel dizzy from the overthinking. He only hoped that it would end soon.


Shadow walked slowly behind Espio as they approached the Forgotten Canyons. Shadow didn't even know much of the place, and yet, even HE began to feel just a bit of nervousness. Not of Eggman, or this new weapon, not even Sonic2. It was just the environment. It seemed to radiate waves of fear through all living things. It'd be likely that Eggman would pick a place like this. For a moment, Shadow believed they were heading to take out Eggman. The black hedgehog leapt over the surrounding rocks, ready to dive into action. Espio, however, quickly stopped his actions, and held him down.

"Ow, what the? What're you doing?" Shadow asked.

"Hold on a second, Shadow. That's not why we're here." Espio explained, knowing what Shadow was going to do.

Shadow crossed his arms as Espio released his grip. "Fine then. We'll do it your way...!" he grunted. Shadow always hated doing something another person's way. Especially when it would involve waiting to get what seemed to be a simple task to the Ultimate Lifeform done in such long periods of time. In times like this...or on most occassions, Shadow didn't care for patience. Nor did he have any.

Suddenly he began to wonder, Wouldn't Knuckles no more about this stuff?

Finally, he decided to ask, "Espio?"


"How do you know all this. I thought Knuckles was the ruin expert."

Espio just chuckled for a moment. "He's a treasure hunter. You think he'd actually take the time to research this stuff? Don't be silly. I know this stuff 'cause I read about over and over again when I was a child."

"Okay. I didn't ask for your life's story." Shadow commented, rolling his eyes. As irritable as he was, Shadow tried to control his anger towards annoyances, especially with Eggman at it again. He couldn't let anything Espio said get the better of him. Sometimes people would say something that bothered him, same with Espio.

Espio looked out beyond the sun filled skies, using one of his hands to block out the intense brightness. But when they got closer, it seemed as if the sun had begun to disappear. The entire landscape grew dark and gray. The radiating fear became almost overwhelming. Espio remembered learning about this as a child. The Reliex was definately awake, and surely it was here.

"Be careful. We don't know if Eggman let that thing out for a stroll or not." Espio remarked. Shadow nodded. Get caught by that thing, and hello dinner...for the beetle, anway.

"So what are we here for, then?" Shadow asked in complaint. It was obvious he was tired of waiting for something to occur. Espio sighed, knowing that keeping the hedgehog cool was going to be tougher than he had hoped. "We're looking for a Syber Tooth(pronounced as cyber), one of the most sacred artifacts you can find in this dump." Shadow nodded in response.

"Unfortunately," Espio began once more, making Shadow gain an expression that said, 'What now?', "Knuckles is the better treasure hunter. The only thing he did for me was taught me how to research this stuff, not how to find it."

"Of course...that's just great, Espio! Bring us to get lost...why don't you just have us walk off a bridge or something!" the hedgehog snapped out of anger.

"Easy, Shadow. That's why I always have a back-up plan." said Espio.

"You better, or I'm just gonna smash that base off the face of the planet." Shadow warned. His tone was icy cold, not a very good sign.

"Don't worry...let's get going..." Espio trailed off. He had already set out into the distance, Shadow sped up to catch up with him. The two of them dived down into the canyon along the base's blindspot. Here they would not be able to be spotted so easily. If they were, they could duck for cover behind the rather large boulders that lay scattered among the landscape, though they are hard to tell from the actually cracked surface since everything was gray.

Alright, Syber Tooth, here we come! Espio thought in pure confidence. It was time to take action!


"Wow, Sonic. Breakfast and lunch at the same time?" Amy asked, suprised to see he'd done everything so perfectly. Not a single inch was burnt. Everything he set out on the table was cooked to perfection. The pancakes, the eggs, the toast, the toasted sandwitches, even the hotdogs were splendidly prepared. Everything was absolutely wonderful.

"You bet! Hope you're hungry, 'cause there's plenty here!" he exclaimed exitedly. Amy sent a devilish grin his way, "Well, I can't eat it all by myself. If only some kind hedgehog would help me," Amy acted sad, giving off fake tears. "Of course, I'll help, princess." Sonic played along, performing a formal bow, then reaching for her hand, placed a light kiss upon it. "That's very kind of you, sir." she couldn't help but to let out a laugh. Sonic couldn't resist the urge, either. They felt the happiness surge through their bodies, something they never expected to feel.

Sonic pulled out a seat for Amy, and made her comfortable. He served her first, serving himself last. After they had finished their meal, Sonic did the dishes, while Amy sat back down on the couch and pulled out a book to read. She didn't know what it was, but she felt like reading something, so it would just have to do. Dishes weren't Sonic's favorite job around the house. In fact, he didn't like doing most things that weren't fun. But he figured it to be easier than to complain on and on about something so pointless, even in the most serious of arguments it seemd pettyful and childish.

The blue hedgehog soon finished up the dishes, putting away the last of the pots and pans he had used to cook the meal, and soon headed out to the living room to hang around Amy for awhile. There wasn't much to do but that. But it was also times like this Sonic felt uneasy. Uneasy about a certain android that could come and spoil his day faster than he could ever imagine.

"Hey Amy, what ya doing?" he asked. He knew the answer, of course, but he wanted to perhaps start a meaningful conversation.

"Reading a book." Amy said plainly, paying more intentions to the page she was reading rather than the one she was speaking to. Beaten by a book. Sonic thought. It was pretty pathetic of him to have someone pay more attention to a book rather than himself. More like a disgrace, honestly.

Sonic looked out the window for a moment. And also for a moment, he thought he saw that menacing robot. But it was only an illusion of his mind. Only the sun shining in through the window was visible. The marvelous flowers blooming outside was all the scenery to see. The hedgehog whipped his eyes, seeing if he had been decieved in which he most definately had. The icy feeling of evil was starting to seize his emotions. He was unsure of what to expect. Evil had many ways of finding weaknesses in its' enemy. In this case, he was evil's enemy.

For now he couldn't afford to waste time wondering about future events. He would just be getting Amy worked up as well. The future alone can not be determined. It can only be predictated, and even then it wasn't carved in stone. Sonic, deep down, knew he had to accept that.


"Cream, my dear," Mrs. Vanilla called out from the other room. Her dear daughter turned to the doorway, and sprang up from the coach. The little rabbit ran into the kitchen.

"Dear, me. You must be excited!" Her face lit up as she picked up her daughter and held her close in her arms. She hummed and kissed Cream's forehead. After moments or cheerished love between the two, Vanila set her down on her feet again, getting more to why she had been called.

"Have you seen Tails at all?" asked Vanilla. Cream shook her head. "No, mother. I thought he was with you." Cream's voice gave off a tone of diappointment. "Alright, then. Carry along now," she waved her hands, letting Cream know it was time to go play.

Mrs. Vanilla sighed as she looked to the dishes that still neede done. They grow up so fast... she thought. She remembered being a kid herself once. A time when she herself could enjoy the leisures and luxuries of life. But now she always seemed to wonder where those days ran off to. She grew up, and gave birth to the joy of her life, Cream. Years have been spent taking care of that joy. Like polishing a gem, it was only proper to make sure that her treasure was looked after. Cream was to priceless to ever give up.

If Eggman thinks that he'd be able to get them to acquiesce to him, then he was more foolish than she had thought him to be.

Why would he want to harm Cream? Vanilla wondered. It puzzled her greatly. Cream was such a good girl. She was candid, kind. Never a tantrum to remember. Did Eggman honestly think such a gril deserved this act of irrational cruelity? He had to be out of his mind.

I WILL protect you, Cream. I promise. Vanilla vowed, looking at a snapshot of Cream with her friends: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chris, and Cosmo on the Blue Typhoon. It had always seemed that Cream was saving her. It was time for a change. It was her turn now, and she would make sure no harm would come to her treasured angel.


"I'm back, doctor!" Bokkun exclaimed happily, surving into the room through the hallway.

"Well done, Bokkun. I assume you were successful?"


Dr. Eggman's expression turned red with anger. "I need a weapon, doctor." Bokkun explained. Eggman nodded and sat back down into his seat. "I see," he said faintly. He pressed a switch and the wall behind him turned around to view a vast collection of lethal artillery, etc.

"Now may I ask why you need these? Did you even FIND that cat?" Eggman began to question. The situation was beginning to get on his nerves, which was obviously not good considering the fact he was already upset. Both his success and Dr. Eggman Nega's success had something to do with this badgering cat. It was simply chaos.

"She's with Knuckles at Angel Island."



"You got your butt handed to lost, didn't you?" Eggman asked, his brow raised.

Bokkun nodded sadly towards his boss, "Yeah, sorry Eggman."

Dr. Eggman only nodded and spun in his seat to face the weapon's gallery. "Well, choose wisely, Bokkun." Eggman said. Bokkun couldn't believe his eyes. It was amazing to think Eggman had the time and effort to actually develope these weapons for destruction, support, supply, or simply to smash things. Considering he was a genius, it'd be possible. But this was just too much. Too much to comprehend, and too much to choose from.

"What does this thing do?" Bokkun asked holding up a ratherly large cannon-shapped ray gun.

Eggman smiled seeing that old invention, and the fact Bokkun would want to know about it. "Ah yes, the Demobilizer XK1. My very first weapon invented. How very strange you'd pick my very first."

Bokkun seemed to blush from some sort of embarrassement. Eggman's plain expression turned to a smiling and happy one. Eggman chuckled to himself and stood up from the chair. He walked over to Bokkun, and stood before the enormous weapon vault. He knelt down to Bokkun and patted him on the head, "Wise choice, Bokkun." Eggman tapped the side of the wall, flipping the weapons vault back around, and the vast selection of weapondry once again appeared to be a normal wall.

"Eggman, what does this thing do?" Bokkun re-asked.

"The demobilizer," Eggman began, sitting back down in the leather chair, turning back to face the numerous computer monitors, "was a prototype for the present Matter Shot. Because it is a prototype," Eggman typed in a few things, bringing up a diagram of the weapon, "it is not nearly as powerful and can only stop an enemy from moving for a short period of time, about 10-20 minutes is all."

"So, I'm guessing this wouldn't do much against Sonic, huh?" Bokkun questioned.

Eggman shook his head. "No, but you aren't looking for Sonic, you're looking for that cat."

Bokkun nodded.

With that, an eager Bokkun flew through the doorway, out through the halls. He'd have to be quick and professional about this. Their success depended on it.

Several minutes passed since Bokkun's exit. Dr. Eggman sighed and opened a computer window that read, "Matter Shot Control Panel" in which several options were listed. This included: Change Formation, Change Settings, Refresh Passcode, Shut Down/Restart/Boot-up, and Additional Options. Eggman clicked on Change Settings, which actual meant change operations.

Eggman then clicked on, Target Individual. Prepare for the worst, Sonic! Eggman thought with an evil grin across his forehead. With each cold steel key he pressed, Sonic's apparent doom drew closer. Suddenly a large world map appeared, and Eggman targeted by global positioning where to strike next. Finally I will destroy you! The evil thoughts continued to swurve their way through his mind. As the doctor looked up at the enormous screen, he looked at the map, and then he saw his target.

Sonic was helping Amy outside in the garden. Eggman zoomed in on the picture and the screen showed him planting flowers, Amy next to him watering as he went down the long rows. They were probably fixing the damages Sonic2 caused in the past. They had been apparently filling in the dirt ruts formed from the massive energy blasts. The ruined brown grass also was being replaced.

Then the doctor remembered, he hadn't spoken to his creation in awhile. He opened up an additional window overlapping the view of Sonic and Amy. Sonic2 appeared before him.

"Greetings, Sonic2. I trust you've been well?" Eggman said. Sonic2 only nodded, "Of course. And as for yourself, master?" it asked. Eggman only sighed, and looked down at the tiled floor. He looked back up and swallowed his pride. "Not so good, I'm afraid. I need your help with something."

Sonic2 appeared to be listening intently. He was in the forest, as the trees towered behind him, and he was standing on a log, lying across a flowing river. "What can I do for you?" Sonic2 asked. His voice was still plain, and heartless. Eggman sighed once more and typed in a few things, "Blaze the Cat, you must find her as soon as possible."

"Dead or alive, sir?"


Sonic2 understood. "Send me the mission data and I will accomplish this task." Eggman sent the mission data as quickly as he could. With a farewell, the window closed. Now it was time for vengence.

The computer read, "Target aquired...Sonic the Hedgehog."

"Hooo!!" Eggman howled with laughter. Next to him on his command chair was a large red button reading launch. With a fist he slammed it down, and Matter Shot gathered all of the energy it absorbed and launched it in one shot.


"Should we plant over here, too?" Sonic asked, slidding down into the dirt rut that ran down into the ground, spraying the side of his house with dust and rocks. Amy ran over to him with the sprayduck still in hand. "Sure, I don't see why not." The both of them knelt back down onto the ground. Sonic wore a bag full of plant seeds. He swung the bag to be in front of him and removed it from his shoulder. He then pulled out several sunflower seeds, and placed them gently on the soil.

Amy lowered the sprayduck and carefully watered it. Sonic, however, payed less attention to the plant than he did to Amy. He starred deeply at her while she wasn't looking his way. He couldn't understand why all of a sudden he gained feelings for her, but whatever the reason, it should be known as destiny.

Suddenly, a cold icy feeling passed through his spine. He knew things weren't well. He looked to the sky, in which it was no longer lit. Amy noticed the forgoing shadow on the ground and looked up. "Night already?!" she seemed to be baffled. Though he didn't want to admit it, so was he. "This can't be good." he said. Amy grabbed him in a tight embrace, one to cope with fear. For once he didn't push her away, but instead, he held onto her as well.

Suddenly, a black and white outlined beam of light lowered from the dark shadow in the sky. Sonic didn't move. He didn't run or even walk away. Amy closed her eyes tightly in fear and held onto him even harder than before. She dug her head into the confines of his chest and wanted to hide from the view of the world. The ray seemed to be growing nearer. But still he didn't move. Still he remained by her side. At all costs he'd protect her. He wasn't sure whether they'd die or live. If they died, he prayed others would save the planet, and if they lived, he and his beloved Amy would forever know this day as the early nightfall. An early nightfall they'd never forget.

The beam of light finally impacted the two. Sonic heard nothing but Amy's screaming and the rendering screech of the ray's power. Suddenly he felt his weight grow and grow. Unable to withstand his ground, the blue hedgehog collapsed onto the ground, leaving Amy standing. Amy opened her eyes and noticed that she was not being affected by the beam, but looked down onto the ground in horror. She could see her hero squirming on the ground in agonizing pain. But the beam wasn't doing anything, was it?

"Sonic! Sonic, are you okay? Sonic!!" she tried to comfort him by pulling him off the ground, but she could not. The instant he left the ground, he collapsed again. "Sonic!" she cried out again wanting to help. Amy couldn't bare to see him like this. The pink hedgehog looked up through the immense light, and saw the shadowy figure. It had to be the cause of this. What was it doing to poor Sonic?

For no apparent reason, the beam that tortured Sonic so vanished into nothingness. As Amy looked back up at the sky, the sun was out again and the shadowy figure that nearly doomed her love was gone. Almost as if it had never happened. But it did. For Sonic lay distortedly on the ground, twitching every so offten. Amy knelt down in a comforting manner, rubbing his back. She moved closer to his ear and whispered to him softly, "Sonic, please, be's over now."

The blue hedgehog opened his eyes as if waking up from a dream and flipped himself onto his back, looking up at Amy smiling down onto him. Sonic no longer felt the intense surge of pain he had just moments ago. He looked at each of his hands and his feet, wondering what had happened. He noticed Amy holding out a hand to him, and he grabbed it without hesitation. With her help, Sonic was pulled back onto his feet.

"What was that all about?" Amy asked.

"I...I'm not sure." Sonic rubbed his head on its sore...or what appeared sore to him.

"For a moment there you looked like you were dying. It was scary." her voice shuddered. Almost like she had seen a ghost. Sonic shook his head quickly, and snapped back into the here and now.

"I'll head inside and get us some lemonaid, okay?" Amy called as she walked down the paved path to the front door. When she was finally out of sight, Sonic took some time to think about the occurrances. He remembered that blaster that Sonic2 had in his posession. It was Matter Shot. But that beam was far to large to be shot out of such a small weapon. Aside from all of that, it had been shot from the sky, not even on the ground.

But whatever the cause may be, it was most definately Eggman who was behind it all.


"What the? What happened?? Eggman was about ready to pull the ends of his facial hair. An error message was dispalyed before him. Filled with untamed rage, the doctor pounded his keys and entered in a retry code. But another error message appeared. "No!! And so close!!" he exclaimed. His temper seemed to raise to its limits. This kind of thing always seemed to happen to him.

Why am I worried? the doctor asked himself. With both Bokkun and Sonic2 hunting down Blaze the Cat, I have nothing to fear. Besides, a smirk came across his face, Sonic doesn't even know where to find me! With that, Eggman relaxed and layed back in his seat. With a deep breath, he calmed his rage.

It also gives me time to fix this glitch. After a moment's rest, the doctor got busy punching in more computer code than ever, and cracking down on the error that had occurred.

Matter Shot must be operational...fully, in order for his plans for the perfect empire to come into reality...