Note: WARNING, this story contains rape, sodomy and beastiality as well as other abuse and in a slightly humourous light

Note: WARNING, this story contains rape, sodomy and beastiality as well as other abuse and in a slightly humourous light. But this is supposed to be funny. I hope you laugh and I hope you review.

Her Romp with the Centaurs

"…Harry saw Umbridge being borne away through the trees by Bane, still screaming nonstop; her voice grew fainter and fainter until they could no longer hear it over the trampling of hooves surrounding them."

- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, p. 756 U.S. Ed.

Chapter One: Riding Bane

Dolores Jane Umbridge - the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister and Headmistress and High Inquisitor of Hogwarts was in terrible danger, at the mercy of a monstrous animal. Well at least, that was what she was thinking the moment Bane hurled her over his back and took her away.

She held on with all her might, stubby fingers digging in desperately to the fleshy, bare back of the wild beast. A centaur was leading her away from the clearing, away from those wretched children who had taken her here! She regretted listening to them now and she longed to give them a good punishment for their lies. She was screaming so loud, the sound of Bane's hoofs running could hardly be heard as he tramped rapidly through the Dark Forest, crashing through the undergrowth. It certainly was dark. The sun was slipping beneath the tops of the trees over the horizon. The only light was dappled brown and gray shadows, cast by the almost lifeless foliage of the Forbidden Forest. To Umbridge, the forest passed by in an unseen blur as she rode Bane, a black-coloured centaur, who was rather handsome and strong for his kind. She did not know it, but soon the centaur would return the favour and would be riding her!

Bane suddenly put the brake on his running, and like a horse, lifted his front legs, standing up and wildly shaking the human off him. She clung on pretty well, but finally let go and fell with a thump onto the rocky shore of a placid stream.

Umbridge continued to scream, brown eyes darting around in terror. She could see behind her was the stream and before her was Bane, yet she knew not the beast's name. She pulled her squat frame up by the elbows, planning to attempt a run. But before she could, Bane had pushed her down.

"You have rode me, Human. But not without reason. I have taken you here so that you will pay for insulting my kind!" Bane roared.

Umbridge started to scream again. In a flash, Bane's half-horse, half-human body, was kneeling on the rocky ground. His hands came out towards the witch. But Umbridge wasn't going to put up with this foul treatment without a fight. Although her wand was gone, as another centaur had purposefully stepped on it in the clearing before, she remembered something else. She dug into her deep pockets of her robes and out came a small bottle. She pressed the nozzle and extinguished a spray of perfume, aiming straight for Bane's face as if it was pepper spray.

Bane coughed and sputtered at the smell, which was at once both exotic and disgusting to him. It felt like the human was hosing him down. But then, his bearings returned, and he grabbed Umbridge's wrist, and wrenched the bottle from her, and at once, threw it away across the stream. Next, he tore at the rest of her, removing the black robes and a pink chemise shirt, then her over-sized white cotton knickers. Bane hardly understood how to remove clothing, having never worn any in his life, he just kept yanking until they came off. Then, he ripped her pink bow off the crown of her head, nearly scalping her, but making just a tiny bald spot instead. Bane threw the clothing and bow over Umbridge's head and away into the stream. She gasped and stared at her assailant in shock, eyes widening. Bane looked her over and noticed an assortment of ugly rings. He took her hands in his and plucked them off her stubby fingers one by one. He threw them over Umbridge's head, too and they dropped, sinking to the bottom of the stream.

For a moment that felt frozen in time, Umbridge watched this centaur, and the centaur watched her, wondering how he should rape a human. She became aware of her surroundings, hearing the eerie silence of the Dark Forest. It was an unusually quiet evening and not a breeze stirred the balmy air.

Bane lowered himself even further and suddenly grabbed Umbridge's torso, pinning her against his broad, smooth chest. Umbridge started to scream again as the centaur smashed her frame against the jagged rocks, so that she was now on her knees, no longer facing him.

"NO! ARRGH!" Umbridge screamed. She did not like his grip on her, for she could see his arms now up close, held at her bosom. They were sinewed, finely chiseled with riveting muscles. There was no way to escape his clutches.

"Quiet…Human…" Bane tried to order. But she would not quiet down. No matter. Bane decided he should enjoy the screams, and anyway this human deserved to be punished for her insults and lack of respect for centaurs.

Bane lay down, relaxing on the warm rocks, enjoying the heat on his bare skin. He held the human's body against his. Slowly, he lifted his front legs a little, so that he could gain some leverage when he penetrated her.

And suddenly he was pushing, throbbing into Umbridge's large ass. She howled and howled, as Bane inserted his rather small testicles into her opening. Umbridge felt him go deeper. To her, it felt like velvet, but a moist velvet like a dog's wet nose, and she hated the feeling.

"NO! I don't want children…. Stop!" Umbridge screamed, terrified the centaur would ravish her vaginal opening next. She clung to her pussy, which was rather dry, convulsively, holding on to it. Bane went on riding her like a dumb jackass, and that was how he felt towards this particular human.

"I'm not making children, idiot human!" sneered Bane. And as he continued humping her anus, he kicked at the sides of her buttocks with his hooves. Bruises began to show up on Umbridge's wrinkly, fleshly lobes and she only howled louder.

Bane's hind legs continued to kick her butt, beating her bottom as he rhythmically moved in and out, to the point that Umbridge was becoming exhausted. She was sorer than ever before in her life.

Umbridge tried to think of her lace doilies, and how much she would love to clean herself up right now with them. Nobody knew it, but she secretly used doilies as her preferred toilet paper! How she'd love to wipe herself clean of the Half-breed's touch!

Umbridge's screams of terror had finally died to a pathetic whimper, endless and softly murmuring incoherent sounds, "" In fact, it started to sound like the kittens meowing on the plates in her office! Her eyes glazed, as if about to cry but she did not. Bane shrieked a wild shrill of pleasure as he climaxed, and finally the centaur loosened his hold on her. He felt a loss of control and at once an exhilaration and he screamed with ecstasy, "Arrgh!"

Bane suddenly heard the sounds of many hoofs pounding. He pushed himself and his dick away from the woman's rump, and turned around, cocking his shaggy head curiously. Emerging out of the bushes was his fellow centaurs, nearly fifty of them all arriving.

Bane turned back to Umbridge and spat in her mousy brown hair. Umbridge remained sobbing on the ground, unable to move or think at the moment. Meanwhile, all the other centaurs approached the stream, many of them going forward to get a drink, like horses drink. The water was cool and fresh and they were eager for drink having just dealt with two foals, plus the half-giant who chased them through the woods.

Note: "Some evidence provided by Rowling helps to point us in the direction of discovering Umbridge's true punishment. Umbridge's usually neat appearance is changed in her hospital bed: her mousy hair was very untidy and there were bits of twig and leaf in it, but otherwise she seemed to be quite unscathed. Despite lack of physical evidence, the students know something terrible has happened to her because of her physical and apparent mental states. When Ron jokingly makes the sound of hoof beats, Umbridge frantically sits up in her bed and looks for the source of the noise. Her reaction to this sound and her shock like state are symptoms commonly experienced by rape victims."

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