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Chapter Five: The Rescue

The next morning sunlight filtered in through the trees. Half in a doze, Umbridge's head snapped up in fright and she squinted through the light. Fully awake now she started to scream high-pitched wails.

It was not until nearly midmorning that she thought she heard something approaching her. She stopped screaming and sniffled nervously. She continued to sniffle and raise her nose up high in the air, as if she smelled for a whiff of some kind of beast. She only hoped her screams had not attracted a beast from the forest and instead it was a rescue party sent out to look for her. In her arrogance, she actually believed one should and would certainly be out looking for her.

Until finally a tall man was strolling at ease down the slope and into the hollow glen. Umbridge could hardly believe her eyes to see Dumbledore.

"Oh, so you decided to return?" she said coldly.

Dumbledore glanced at her strangely now. He would expect just a bit of gratitude from the woman for finding her. But apparently not. He chose to ignore her condescending speech.

"It was extremely difficult to find this place Dolores," he answered back explanatorily.

"Dumbledore!" Umbridge yelped, recognizing him latently, but of course she had known it was him sooner. Now she was doing her best to writhe in her bonds that tied her to the tree. But this proved impossible. "Get me down from here."

"Certainly Dolores," and with a tiny flick of his wand Dumbledore broke the bonds free.

With a heap, Umbridge landed on the earthen floor. Suddenly she became aware of the fact that she was stark naked and in front of Dumbledore! Her face grew red.

"Luckily, I remembered to bring you some warm clothing. I figured you might need them."

He handed Umbridge a plain black robe and she snatched it from his hands. Out of respect, he turned slightly to the side as she got herself dressed.

Once done, Dumbledore turned back to her and beckoned for her to follow. They climbed back up out of the glen. But Umbridge's hands were flying to her mousy brown hair and then she was staring at her fingers. "My hair bow…And my silver rings. All gone!" she whined. "Why couldn't you find them for me Dumbledore?"

"It would be impossible to find them in this forest Dolores! Besides one can always go without material possessions. I ask…are hair bows and rings really a necessity?"

"Huh!" huffed Umbridge, as she landed on the summit of the glen with Dumbledore in front waiting for her to catch up.

Dumbledore looked at her curiously suddenly. "Was your time in the forest fun? How did the centaurs treat you? With me, I've always been treated as an honored guest."

Umbridge gave him a dirty look, but did not answer. Dumbledore watched closely, his eyes beaming into hers. Until he saw in flashes of insight through his Legilimency what had happened to her last evening.

"I see…Well it's over…But first I must tell you something that I want you to remember Dolores…You are no longer headmistress or to be the High Inquisitor…"

He paused, allowing this knowledge to sink into the woman's brain. She was stunned into silence, until finally she opened her big toad-like mouth in rebuttal.

"What? Dumbledore!? You can't do this to me! I-I"

"I already have," Dumbledore quipped in an uncharacteristically, deep harsh voice.

And now Umbridge's voice had reached hysterical pitch. The reality was that she feared what leaving the school would mean for her own life. "The Minister will never allow it. He made me High Inquisitor for a reason Professor Dumbledore!"

Dumbledore smiled, feigning kindness or what was more to deal with the crazed bureaucrat politely. "I've just spoken with Fudge earlier this morning, Dolores. After much diplomacy, he finally agreed with me that it's best that the ministry removes it's presence from Hogwarts...Once you recuperate at the hospital wing,…you will leave my school…" He said the last two words with sharp emphasis, clearly stating it was never meant to be and never really was Umbridge's territory.

Umbridge whimpered pathetically as her sign of compliance. "And what of Fudge Dumbledore? Surely he has other plans?"

Dumbledore's face fell slightly for a second. Clearly the minister's Senior Undersecretary had no idea what was going on all the time she had spent holed up at Hogwarts, away from the wider Wizarding world. "I'm afraid...He shall have to remove himself from power soon enough...His approval ratings are at their lowest and he's completely ineffective. I've already urged him to resign as soon as possible, and pass the torch to someone else. But he refused, thinking I wanted the post!" And Dumbledore actually rolled his bright blue eyes under the half-moon spectacles.

"He- he can't resign" she answered weakly. "What will happen to him if he does? And what will happen to me?!"

Dumbledore shrugged. He had no answer to foretell Umbridge's future and frankly, he'd lost all patience with her and hardly cared.

And then Dumbledore raised his wand and concentrated on exactly what he wished to clear out of the woman's consciousness. "Obliviate!" there was a blue light and then Umbridge looked like she was struck dumb. She would no longer remember her time with the centaurs thanks to Dumbledore's compassion. Not only his tiny ounce of compassion, but he was cognizant of the added trouble Dolores Umbridge would cause if she knew the centaurs had hurt her, it would only cause a greater rift between the magical races in their society.

Dumbledore waited a moment and then they went onward with their long trek out of the forest. Dumbledore put an arm around Umbridge's shoulders kindly. Secretly, he did feel a tad sorry for her ordeal, as he'd discovered in his mind, through his Legilimency power that Magorian and Bane had both raped her.

All along the way Umbridge was constantly scourgifying her robes. Clearly she felt dirty. Dumbledore tried to explain that the robes were clean and she was safe. But she seemed unable to understand. Modifying her memory had made her temporarily even more dazed and confused, and her subconscious still understood what happened to her and was trying to compensate for it through cleaning. The modified memories could not change her feelings for what had already commenced.

Several minutes later the two arrived inside the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey in her apron and robes was a flurry of activity coaxing the woman into the nearest bed. Luckily, the patients were still in deep sleep from a potion and unable to awaken themselves, otherwise they might have been poking fun at her and whispering about it amongst each other.

"Poor woman! Is she in shock Albus?" Pomfrey asked him tentatively.

"I'm afraid so…She won't remember anything. And please when she does come back to her full awareness, don't question her Madam Pomfrey. Just tell her it's time for her to leave Hogwarts."

"Yes. Well she won't be able to leave at least until the afternoon." Madam Pomfrey scooped out of her pocket a bottle of dreamless sleep potion, which she had handy on her.

She poured Umbridge a gobletful of it and handed it to the woman. She took it without making a fuss. Madam Pomfrey waited a moment until the woman slipped into a deep slumber. She could that Umbridge's mousy brown hair was very untidy and there were bits of twig and leaf in it, but otherwise she looked to be unscathed.

Dumbledore, meanwhile remained with the mediwitch, hovering over the bed watching.

Madam Pomfrey said anxiously, "At least she's asleep…I think I'd better examine her. Headmaster, please allow some privacy for a moment?"

"By all means," said Dumbledore politely. He stepped back from the bed and in a whirl Madam Pomfrey enclosed the white curtains all the way around the bed.

Madam Pomfrey, using all her effort barely managed to get the woman out of her robes, for she was so heavy and Madam Pomfrey was not exactly the most brawny witch. Once naked she saw her skin was sagging all around, with thighs full of wrinkly cellulite. But otherwise she was okay.

With great effort she turned Umbridge over on her stomach. She could see now that Umbridge's entire lower back was badly bruised, purple splotches on it and her round, squishy buttocks were also mangled with cuts and bruises.

"Tut, tut,…Poor woman," said Madam Pomfrey sadly.

Dumbledore was still evidently listening just beyond the curtain. He noted gravely, "Yes. I think she might have been raped Madam Pomfrey!"

Madam Pomfrey's eyes widened and a fleeting look of horror flashed on her face. From adrenaline and fear gripping her, she was able to flip to lie on her back, much faster than she had getting her to lie on her stomach.

Madam Pomfrey stuck her hands into the woman's pelvis nervously. She pulled Umbridge's fatty legs apart and looked in curiously. She felt a wave of relief at the sight of the woman's vagina still apparently tight. She could see her hymen had not been stretched.

"I don't know," she said nervously to Dumbledore. "She is still very tight. Thank Merlin she's still a virgin!"

Dumbledore smiled and almost chuckled at that. Yet Madam Pomfrey hadn't meant to be funny. His face behind the curtain went back to seriousness again. "Check her other orifices Madam Pomfrey…You know, the posterior. I'm certain she's been maimed."

Madam Pomfrey groaned and then turned the woman back over on her stomach. Madam Pomfrey reported, "Yes. Her buttocks and back are badly bruised, professor."

Madam Pomfrey put her hand all the way into the woman's rectum as if she was fisting her. But it was really a medical procedure.

Madam Pomfrey said sadly, "Yes. It appears something did happen to her. She might have been…" and her voice trailed away. She couldn't bear to admit that the woman had been raped.

She took out another bottle from the pocket of her robes. With dexterity Madam Pomfrey began to rub the salve into the woman's sodomized anus, working her fingers all the way inside.

Once done she said, still sounding melancholy, "Yes. It is going to hurt for her to go poo now. For awhile I'm afraid. I can't fix these injuries. It's too late. Unless we took her to-"

"St. Mungo's won't be necessary," said Dumbledore abruptly. "I don't want her to discover what happened to her. It's better this way for her sake."

"I suppose…But she will have problems going to the loo for awhile. It's not going to be easy for her to go poo."

And Dumbledore chuckled loudly and unabashedly this time. Madam Pomfrey jerked in surprise and the curtains flew open.

"Good day, Madam Pomfrey," he said absently, as he turned to depart.

And Madam Pomfrey could swear she heard Dumbledore say to himself, "You-Know-Poo."

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