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Then I woke up :(

Murder. Edward. Kill. Murder, was all that was running through my head now, as I walked towards him at the kitchen sink.

Edward spun around, putting his arms up defensively, and a look of surprise crossed his face like he was expecting someone different. Putting his arms down, he slowly walked over to the other end of the counter and opened a draw. I saw something glint off the kitchen light and then he pulled out a big kitchen knife.

I automatically stiffened. "Put the blade down, Edward," I warned in my professional police tone. He continued to walk towards me with the knife held tightly in his hands, knuckles white. I just kept on staring wide-eyed.

He raised his hand quickly and I flinched and squeezed my eyes shut. I waited for the pain, but when it didn't come I ever so slightly opened one eye, and realized that he was holding the knife out to me.

"Take it," he said his voice hoarse with depression. "Just take it and kill me, Charlie. I deserve to be murdered."

I just stared at him not really knowing what to do. I wanted more than anything than to kill him right then. But the pain in his eyes was what stopped me; it was the same pain I had been holding back since the first night I got the news of Bella's accident.

Jake POV

"So you're name's Renesmee," I asked her. She just nodded, not talking because it would hurt her jaw. "It's…unique, but it suits you well. Can I call you Nessie for short?" I smiled at the name. "I mean not to name you after the Loch ness monster or anything…" She smiled but then her face twisted into a pained frown.

"That would be ok," she said softly.

Sam, Emily, and Billy had all gone after Charlie and it was just me and Renesmee here watching some rerun of a television show. I had asked her a lot of questions since they left and they still haven't come back, not that I wasn't enjoying my time with her. She explained to me how her mother, Bella, died last year in a car crash on her way to pick her up from school, and her dad, Edward, had gotten drunk every night after that and beaten her when he was angry.

"But it wasn't that he didn't love me," said Renesmee, tears streaming down her face now. "After my mom died, he just went crazy without her, like she was a part of him that held him together. But when she was gone, he just couldn't take it."

"I remember how my parents used to look at each other," she was staring off into space now, a happy, far off look in her eyes. "They loved each other so much. They never had to work because they had invested so much money from my dad's family, so we were always together. We were the happiest family there could be…" she trailed off.

I got up from the arm chair I was sitting in and went over to hug her tightly. "It isn't your fault, Nessie," I said quietly. She leaned her head on my chest and closed her eyes.

"Thank you, Jake," was the last thing she whispered as she fell asleep in my arms.