The Kyuubi's Gift

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Chapter I

A Second Chance, and a Kekkei Genkai

(? P.O.V.)

'So, this is how I die, is it?'

Looking around, I see the dead bodies of sound and leaf shinobi. Glancing at the ground before me, I see Orochimaru, well, Sasuke, Orochimaru took Sasuke's body over recently.

"Damn Sasuke, letting Orochimaru take over, baka." I mutter to myself.

I had a large hole in my stomach; the result of a Chidori, there was a minor gash on my arm, and my leg had a few kunai in it in short same old same old.

"I'm surprised that I'm not dead from blood loss; probably the fox."

'Maybe I should see if I can find Sakura's body.' Tears trikle down as they make their way to my eyes.

I remember the incident, like I was watching it over again, in my head.


"Ku ku ku, Naruto-kun, you look like you are tired." Orochimaru stated rather then asks.

"You think I'm tired after that, gezz Orochimaru, you must be getting old!"

"Silence you brat!" He hissed at me, then he smirked, "Chidori!"

'Fuck!' I thought, as he appeared right before me, shoving his hand towards me. I tried to dodge, but he was to close. As I realized that I was going to get hit by the attack, I brace myself. When I felt a pair of hands on arm, and then force applied to them, I was shocked. By pushing me out of the way, a woman with pink hair had taken the blow for me.

"Sakura-chan!" I yelled, as I made my way towards her, tears burning my eyes.

"N-Naruto, you baka, pay attention to the battle." She says as I get in hearing range.

"Sakura-chan, you need medical attention, I just can't leave you here!" I yell as I pick her up.

"Naruto, you won't make it." She says flatly, coughing up blood after speaking. She shivers in my arms

Tears stream down my face as I look at her, a smiling adorning her face.

"Why are you smiling?" I ask, tears still flowing.

"Because…I-I-." She says before coughing up more blood. Looking at me, she smiles as she starts to go limp in my arms, Shinigami taking her soul and letting her rest at long last.

"I love you, Sakura…" I say, but she didn't hear, she was dead, and I was engulfed in rage, wanting blood, Orochimaru's blood.Years of wanton destruction, years of losing my precious people… I become Hokage… but of what? A Hokage without his people… what is he Hokage of?

Being ravaged by Orochimaru costed so many lives… so many innocent civilians… Ayame… and old man Ichiraku… they were all dead

Placing her body on the ground gently, I stand up to have another Chidori shoved at me.

It connected to my stomach, but I didn't budge, my anger canceling out pain as Kyuubi stopped the bleeding. I formed the perfect Rasengan in one hand and a demon one with nine tail like appendages in the other.

"MANTEN RASENGAN!" I yelled as I pulled back the hand with the complete Rasengan and shoved it in his gut.

"KYUUBI RASENGAN!" Shoving this one in his face, causing his face to be completely massacred by the powerful attack. Orochimaru slid to the ground, but not before he dragged a kunai down my arm, trying to get in one last attack.

"Orochimaru, this be my judgment as the Rokudaime, you are condemned to death!" I hiss coldly, as Orochimaru took his last breath through his mangled face.

Then… before going limp… I hear Sasuke's voice…. "Thank you"

(Flashback End)

'The only dream I gained was becoming the Rokudaime, one I didn't fulfill was protecting Sakura, and the other was marrying her…' My thoughts kept trailing on.

"Kit, please, stop mopping about. You need to carry on for your friends." I heard Kyuubi, trying to cheer me up.

You see, in the past six years of being back from Jiraiya's training, the Kyuubi and I had become like father and son. The fox reasoned… if I can't get out… I might as well make the best of this situation

'Nice try Kyu-kun, but it won't work.' I say, hearing him growl lightly at the nickname. "Why should I carry on? What was left for me? Even Gaara was killed… he died protecting his siblings… whom they died shortly after Orochimaru's troop took Suna…"

"All I'm saying is that you shouldn't give up, it's not like you."

'Kyu-kun, this is my fate, and I accept it.' I respond solemnly. " I am tired… to tired of all of this"

"OKAY, NOW YOU SOUND LIKE THAT DAMN HYUUGA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Yelled the Kyuubi, starting to get pissed off at my attitude. "Kit, I ask you, do you want to see your friends again, even if it might cost you your life?"

'Of course I want to see my friends again! I don't care if I might die! How!? Just tell me how!?' I yelled… a glimmer of hope was not lost

"Simple, time-travel." He says, like an everyday thing.

I got irritated

'Time-travel? Kyu-kun, that's almost impossible! Chakra can't control time; you and I both know it. That, and unless I can keep my memories, I won't be any help. Last time we were talking about this, you said the possibility of keeping our memories is very slim.'

"Kit, what do you think I do in here? Just sleep? Yeah, right! You may not use my chakra unless you need to or want to because you want a change of pace, that and your chakra captivity rivals mine, but I do research, and, I've found out, that if we fuse our chakras, we can use it to control time!"

'Wow, how long did it take to learn that!?' I ask, totally shocked.

"Do you want to or not? You don't have much time left."

'Just show me the hand signs!' I say as I sighted…

Flashing the hand signs in my head, we go through about five hundred.

"Chronos Release: Time Flux Jutsu!" I mutter as a strange feeling washes over me.

"Okay, Kit, how far back to you want to go?" Asks the Kyuubi, although his voice wasn't coming from my head, but to my right. Looking in that direction, there stands Kyuubi, over a hundred meters in height, and thirty-three meters in long.

"So, until I chose, you can stay out?"

"Yes kit, but what time do you chose?"

"To were this nightmare started, my birth. I want to see my parents before they die…" I speak sadly.

"Hang on, this is going to be a bumpy ride!" He says as the same feeling washes over me again.

"Kyu-kun, will I remember all this?" I ask

"Of course, how else will you change the time-line." At those words, I start to feel smaller.

When it stopped, I opened my eyes to see a pair of dark green ones staring into mine.

With a sigh, the woman says, " At least he got to see me before I die. Arashi, you should take him now, so we can save the village." The woman, I presumed, was my mother, who I was told died at childbirth.

"Please forgive me? I want to be here by your side as you take your last breath, but I must save the village, forgive me, Reiku." Said the man, probably my father. I looked at him to find that he was the Yondaime.

'What the hell!? My father was the freaking Yondaime, my hero!? Damn, I am the luckiest kid on the planet!' I yelled in my head, not being able to speak for I was only an infant.

Looking back at my mother I see her fall in an eternal slumber. I start to cry, but silently.

'At least I kept that dignity.' I thought to myself.

"Not crying out loud are we? You're more mature then a child should be, but I guess that's a good sign!" My father says, kissing my forehead.

As we got to the site of the Kyuubi, I gurgled happily. My father looked at me with a questioning face. Understanding the look, I point to the Kyuubi. He smiled a sad smile and says, "That, my son, is the Kyuubi no Yoko. I must seal him into you, please forgive me."

When we got there, he quickly sealed Kyuubi into me.

'Hey, Kyu-kun, do you remember me?' I ask him

"What the, how the hell can you speak to me?" Asks the Kyuubi, shocked that and infant could communicate to him.

'Fuck, that means then we have to rebuild our friendship!' I shouted in my now infant mind


'Hey, Kyu-kun, you there?' I ask

"Wait, I just searched your memories, knowing me, I probably set my memories some were in the depths of your mind. Look, I'm not going to talk for a while, I'll be searching for my memories, so talk with your father" 'Damn, I must have grown soft, or he grew on me, probably both, fuck!' cursed the old demon fox

'Ah, Kyu-kun, I can hear your thoughts too.' I said

"Shut up and pay attention to your father!" Demands an irritated Kyuubi.

Switching my attention back to my father, I see him talking with Shinigami.

"Please, Shinigami-sama, can I have a few more moments with my son?"

"Hm, ten minutes, and only ten minutes, understood?"

"Thank you, Shinigami-sama!" Minato says, bowing.

Looking at me, he brings me to ojii-sama.

"Sarutobi, I ask that you tell the village to look upon Naruto as a hero, and not a monster. I know they will most likely ignore this, but some might respect my last wish." Minato explains.

"I will try, Minato-sama." Sarutobi responds, giving a quick bow.

Looking back at my father, I see him crying, gazing at me. Turning my head towards Shinigami, I glare fiercely at him, furious that he must take my fathers soul. To my surprise, he glares right back, before a smirk makes its way to his inhuman like lips.

"Minato, your son, he is a fierce one! I have a question, Uzumaki. Would you believe me if I told you your son has a Kekkei Genkai?" At this, both the Yondaime and I give him a quizzical look.

"Turn your attention to his eyes."

Doing as he says, he gapes, face showing complete shock.

"H-how? I nor Reiku have a Kekkei Genkai!" He asks, eyes back on him.

"My eldest son, the god of prophecy, once said that a child would be born with a Kekkei Genkai like no other. He said that this Dojutsu would be known as Mantengan (Perfect Eyes), and put the Sharingan and Byakugan to shame. Looks like your son is the one he prophesized. Congratulations! Sadly, I must take your soul."

"Shinigami-sama, may I ask for one more favor?" The fourth asks.

Giving a sigh, he responds, "What is it?"

"Although my soul will be put through unimaginable pain, I ask that you tell me about my son every so often, is this acceptable?"

Breaking into a fit of hysteric laughing, stopping a moment later, he finally answering, "Yes, Minato, I will tell you about your son when I think it is important."

"Then I have no regrets, Sarutobi, take care of Naruto for me." With that, Shinigami took his soul, and his body fell lifeless on the ground.

"Kit, I'm sorry…I found my memories in the back of the seal."

"Thanks, Kyu-kun! Well, we should probably start training tomorrow, in the mindscape of course!"

Looking at ojii-sama, I notice a few tears making their way down his cheeks. On instinct, I reach out my small hand and wipe the tears away, drawing a smile from the old man.

"Naruto, you will grow to be a strong and kind Hokage one day!"

At those words, I gurgle happily.

For the next few years, Naruto would train with the Kyuubi in his mindscape, learning many a jutsu. Be the time he reached the age of three, he knew many human jutsus and knew more then enough demon jutsus, but he never stopped learning them. By training in his mindscape, Naruto had increased his chakra captivity to far beyond that of a kage, Kyuubi, knowing that he would be to powerful, put a restraint on his chakra storage, effectively lowering it to above a low ANBU, high jonin.

(Naruto's P.O.V.; first year of academy and six years after Naruto's birth)

'Hey, Kyuubi, what time is it?' I ask, finishing my normal routine, which consisted of creating two thousand shadow clones, having each group practice a different way of chakra control, then dispelling them. Up next are one thousand laps around the training area, five thousand punches, six thousand kicks, three thousand push ups, four-thousand sit ups, two-thousand crunches. After taking a quick break, and a lunch, I practice with my Dojutsu, which has many abilities. Such as seeing tenketsus and seeing 360 degrees, like the Byakugan, and reading an opponent's movement. The Mantengan split the irises into eight even sections, in a pattern that went, red, blue, red, blue, and so on until it comes back to the original sections. My pupil turned silver, with a ring around it, like the Sharingan, but the tomoe are shaped like tears and are silver as well. I have two in my right eye and one in my left eye, so I was only just scratching the surface. Kyuubi also said unlike the Sharingan, Mantengan had four tomoe in each eye before completion.

To help with the physical training, I wore chakra weights, and as the name implies, they increased whenever more chakra was added to them; which at the moment reached slightly over five hundred Kg. Recently. Kyuubi had put on a gravity seal, which doubled the gravity on my body and doubled each time I grew used to it. Which I was on level three gravity seal. In the end of practice, I finish up with learning one new jutsu and two hundred laps.

"About Five thirty in the morning, so you have a half an hour to get to school."

"Thanks, I think I'll take a walk." I inform him, leaving the training grounds. But before that I go to eat my morning ramen

(After school that day)

A few minutes later of glaring, threats, and name-calling, I'm at Ichiraku Ramen, announcing my arrival, "Oi (Hey), guess who's here?" I say, grinning as Teuchi's head pops out from the back of the little shop.

"Hey Naruto, nice to see my favorite customer is here for his free daily ramen," He says chuckling as he goes to work making my usual.

Hoping on a stool with grace unlike a normal four-year-old, I grin, "Of course! And don't worry! I can pay for the rest!"

"How, may I ask, does a four-year-old pay for a couple of bowls for ramen," I hear a voice behind me, and turn around to see Itachi about to take a seat.

"Uchiha Itachi?" I ask, and I see him look at me in surprise at know his name.

"Yes, and you are?" He asks, and I shrug.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you're the Uchiha prodigy, right?" I ask, and turn back to Teuchi as he places his bowl in front of me, and Itachi orders his.

"Correct, but you didn't answer my question," He says, and I chuckle as I slurp down some noodles.

"I get a monthly salary from the Hokage because of my living conditions," I say, Itachi receiving his order.

"Hm, and you seem well mannered for someone who does not belong to a prestigious clan, why is that?" He asks, and I couldn't help but be surprised by this behavior. Even before he killed his clan, I had heard he was kind of cold, yet here was, talking to me, of all people, and he was the one continuing the conversation!

"Oh, and I heard this rumor that you wanted to achieve this Sharingan state called the Mangekyou Sharingan, am I correct?"

Itachi was taken by surprise at this…nodded his head hesitantly, apparently uncomfortable with the subject.

"Well, I have a scroll that was given to me by my father, inheritance of course, that tells of a Uchiha that gained the Mangekyou Sharingan without killing his closest friend." I said… his body language did not give it away… but his voice…

"Is what you say true, Naruto?" He asks, clearly disbelieving of me and cautious.

"Why would I lie to my first brother like figure?" I ask, the smile on my face growing. He responded with his smile growing, smaller of course.

"What makes you say that?" Smile still on his features.

"Hm, maybe I can tell you later, but I need to get going," I say, jumping down from the stool and waving to Teuchi, "See you tomorrow, Teuchi, and see you some other time, Itachi-san," I say before jumping onto the roof with a little difficulty, seeing as my four-year-old body wasn't supposed to be able to do that.

I arrive into the training grounds… sighing, I feel like holding nothing back, as I create a strange hand-seal, "Adobansudo Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Advanced Shadow Clone Technique)," I say, and I'm leaning on my knees a moment later, a near perfect clone in front of me.

Getting into my stance, I see it do the same, as it activates the Zekkougan, before we charge each other. The point behind this exercise was to find all the weak points in my defense and offense, by the clone using the Zekkougan, it can see and take advantage of all my weak spots, and then in turn I can find a way to improve my style. I have almost perfected my taijutsu (Body Technique), granted there were still some spot here and there that needed fixing.

We continue this for about three hours, the lights of dawn seeping over the horizon. I have an audience of about four ANBU by now as I grab my clones shoulder as its about the throw a punch and flip over him before kicking it in the back and making him lurch forward, before, he turns around and sweeps with his foot, which I back flip to avoid, before he charges from his position, keeping me on my toes, and breaking through my guard as he jumps, and kicks, making me grab his foot, but he was already in the motion of bringing his fist down on my head as I am sent to the ground, and my clone is still standing. Getting up quickly, I can see we're both badly bruised, beating on each other for hours and this being the result. Sighing, I dismiss the clone, and get a load of information as I lean against the tree, all the blind spots and openings the clone found being transferred to me.

"You can come out if you want, I know you're there," I say, and the four ANBU jump out of the trees, one with a dog mask, an elephant mask, a cat mask, and a bird mask.

"That was impressive, Naruto, especially for someone who hasn't even started the academy yet," Says the one with the bird mask, and I nod, panting.

"Well, it's not nice to spy on your own ninja," I say, and he chuckles, along with the rest.

"True, but you should get going, the academy starts in a quarter of an hour, even though you don't need it, apparently," He says, before they spread out across the village to keep the peace. Resting there for a bit longer, I start dashing through the trees to school.

Once I reach the main road, I jump down from the trees, and happen to come upon a lone Sakura.

She quickly hides behind a nearby pole, and hesitantly asks a question, "W-who are you? A-another b-bully?"

I blanch at her, but remember that Ino will help her out in the future, so I shouldn't interfere, but decide that I could help her today. Damned be the consecuenses

"No, I think we're both going to the academy though, so if you don't mind, I'll join you?" I ask, and she gives me a once over, before nodding hesitantly, and continuing on cautiously. Eventually, I had to take the lead, because she didn't seem to know where to go, but she followed me.

When we get to the school, I realize that everybody was still outside, and that the parents were there, and realize that I forgot that it was normally a custom for the parent to attend the first day of the academy with their child, which made me curious.

"Where are your parents?" I ask, and she looks at me before looking down at the ground.

"I-I got lost, and couldn't find mommy," She confesses, looking up and at the parents, probably searching for her own, "Where are yours?" She asks, and I chuckle, and see her look at me oddly.

"Don't have any," I say nonchalantly, and I see her face, and she's completely shocked, "Thanks for walking to the academy with me, see you," I say, before walking towards the group, and seeing Sakura's mother appear, looking worried.

"Wait, what's your name?" She asks, and I give her a grin.

"Uzumaki Naruto and you?" I ask.

"Haruno Sakura," She says, and I smile again.

"We probably won't talk like this again, so thanks," I say, before walking to the back of the group, and she's about to ask a question when her mom comes and hugs her, before she sees me, and she turns to Sakura, her face cold as she tells her not to talk to me, or not to trust me, just like all the other parents.

Typical… you know? Humans always tend to fear that witch they have no understanding… sometimes… Is not fear… but rather hate… hate that the thing that ravaged this land is sealed in me… and be beating me they think that by proxy they hurt my tenant… I have always thought… hey would it be funny if I had lost it and turned like Gaara? After thinking of the scenario a few times I smile in a sadistic manner… yeah… it would be great…. But… I would be alone…

Alone… that word… is so very painful… alone

To my surprise, instead of seeing Fugaku and Mikoto, I see Itachi and Sasuke, both of their parents probably busy. Debating wether I should go over and say hi, Itachi makes it for me as he walks towards me, Sasuke on his heels.

"Hey Itachi, where's Fugaku-sama and Mikoto-san?" I ask, and see him chuckle as Sasuke looks at me oddly.

"Okaasan and otousan are busy today, and they asked me to come in their stead, although I'm sorry to see that you have no one to come along with you," He says, and I chuckle.

"Your concern is appreciated, Itachi, but I'm used to it by now, sad as that is," I say, before noticing a young Iruka walk out of the academy, "Looks like class is about to begin," I comment, before walking with the rest of the group into the building as Iruka waved us in, Itachi on my heels.

I couldn't help but sigh. Throughout the entire time, I've been stared at by EVERYONE, except Itachi, and it was starting to get on my nerves. Right now was something like free time or recess, the parents were allowed to mingle, and the kids could go outside if they wanted. I decided to stay in just because I wanted to hear what the parents would talk about, although I already knew well enough what their subject of conversation would be, Demon spawn and hellboy where among the most used… but their favorite was the demon boy

I go on my guard when Sakura's mother stomps over towards me, "What did you do to my daughter, demon," She demands, and I sigh at her arrogance.

"What makes you think I did anything to Sakura-san?" I ask, deciding against using chan, as it might upset her.

"So you're denying you did anything?" She questions, and I see her anger rise, and decide to humor her.

"All I did is meet her, answer her questions, follow her around, before I realized she was lost, and then led her back to the academy, I didn't do anything wrong to her, or you," I say, and she just doesn't seem to get it as she looks about ready to punch me. I smiled… not a happy smile… but a smile you give to a person when they don't know better, like when you are correcting a child's mistake

"I would believe him if I were you, Naruto isn't one to lie, and I bet I could find a few ANBU to vouch for him," Says Itachi as he comes up behind her, and she turns around, staring him down, but I laugh when he just stares right back at her. She leaves after a minute, mumbling something about 'damned Uchiha.'

"Thanks for backing me up, I swear she was about to kill me," I joke, and see Itachi's face say apathetic.

"She probably would've, Naruto, it's not a laughing matter," He says in complete seriousness, and I sigh.

"If she was going to try and kill me, I would've run, and you know that I'm elusive," I say, and see him nod, before he takes a seat next to me.

"I've been offered a position as an ANBU Captain," He says out of no where, and I look at him, a smile on my face.

"Well, that's good, isn't it? I mean, ANBU Captain at the age of, what, thirteen, twelve, is a feat in and of itself," I say in a jovial tone, and he smirks a little.

"Yes, but that would mean less time with you and Sasuke," He says, and I realize his dilemma.

"Oh, so that's it, well, if your worried about me, you shouldn't be, I can take care of myself, and your bound to be assigned to guard me a night or two, and as for Sasuke, I can try and become friends with him, but he has kids his own age around him, he should be fine, now," I say, and see Itachi nod and sigh, with a slightly amused smile.

"I guess that means your forcing me to become an ANBU Captain?" He asks, and I chuckle, while nodding.

I hum a bit, before shaking the thought from my head. If I confront him now about the massacre, he might still run, or worse, do it early, so it's best if I just wait…

Looking outside the window to all the kids having fun, I could only smile slightly.

It's hard to imagine that they all become so serious and deadly in the future, I think to myself, before chuckling again, I sound like an old man! I'm only twenty seven for Kami's sake!

Yes, but you've always been wiser for your age, even when you were just a 'failure.'

True, true, but still…

You still refuse to accept that Itachi killed his entire clan, even though it's true?

He hasn't killed his entire clan, not yet, not this time, and I plan to keep it that way…

Just then, the bell rings, and the kids flood back in, and as usual I move to the back, putting my head down and letting my eyes droop.

I bring my head up fast enough that it pops, and wince a little as the bell rings and everybody else starts to leave. Getting up, I stretch before I see Iruka staring at me.

"What?" I ask, and I see him shake his head before asking.

"Did you sleep throughout the entire lecture on the Ninja Caste System?" He asks, and I chuckle as I start to walk down the stairs.

"Gennin (Low Ninja), Chuunin (Middle Ninja), Tokubetsu Jounin (Special High Ninja), Jounin, ANBU, Sannin (Three Ninja), and Kage (Shadow)," I say, before looking over my shoulder and smirking at Iruka's surprised face.

"See ya, Iruka-sensei!"

"Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for him…" I whisper to myself, jumping into my apartment, and brace myself as I hear the banging on the door, customary sign of my next beating.

I sigh, before smiling masochistically, "Bring it on."

You've gone mad…

No, I just like to think of this as pain resistance training…I respond, chuckling.

No, you've gone mad, and that's that…

Well, maybe just a little…

"Thank Kami, Kakashi told my how to achieve Mangekyou without killing!'

(Two Years Later)

I couldn't get to sleep, it was like the first time, I was too excited to go to school, which was simply strange.

How long have we been friends, Kyu-kun? I ask out of no where, and I hear him chuckle.

Since you were about eighteen, so three years before the time-travel, and a year before you became Rokudaime, He answers, and I nod, shaking my head.

I need to do something… I think to myself, before flipping off my bed and heading out to train.

As I walk through the empty streets of Konoha, the silence makes me smile at the tranquility.

So different from the war…

It slips into my head, and I shake the bad memory away, before remembering the last two years.

One of the more memorable things in the past two years I've done is save Hizashi, and Hinata. They don't know I did it, but it was surprisingly easy to trap the Jounin in a high rank Genjutsu (Illusion Technique), and take Hinata from him before he was found by the Hyuuga guards, and drop her back off in her bed, convincing her it was all just a bad dream.

But, one of the most surprising things is that Itachi visited Ichiraku ramen at the same time, every day, as if waiting for me, and I had little choice but to befriend him, and surprisingly, he was kinder then I thought. He paid attention to Sasuke's progress, and said he was proud and surprised, as well as saying that he loved his family, but was ashamed that they paid no attention to Sasuke. It was all quite surprising, and I couldn't believe that it was him that supposedly massacred his entire clan, which, I hope to stop in this next year if at all possible.

Stopping in front of a random store, I look at the glass, before activating the Zekkougan. I was still marveled at its beauty, and power. They iris was split into eight sections, alternating colors from light red to light blue, my pupil becoming sliver, and a ring hovering just around it, also silver, and the tomoe looked like teardrops.

But I was still dumbfounded by its most prominent ability. As I was walking through the village one day, a rogue Kaguya was struggling against his arrest, when he used the Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse), firing a few fingertips at a nearby Jounin, although a few flew in my direction and I had to activate my Zekkougan to dodge, although one still scratched me, and he was instantly detained. When he used the Teshi Sendan (Finger Bullet Drill) though, I felt a slight stinging in my eyes, but I ignored it. Although, the next day, when I woke up, I felt a little sore, and tired, and when I was training, Iaccidentally used the Teshi Sendan. I knew that should've been impossible, so I was quick on question Kyu-kun, when he told me that my Zekkougan had altered my genes when it witnessed the Kekkei Genkai, and when the fingertip scratched me. Ever since then, I've had the ability to use Shikotsumyaku, which I have trained with ever since, as well. The strangest thing was, I had basic knowledge of the Shikotsumyaku, which was even more surprising then even having it.

Hey, Kyu-kun, have you found out why I lived through the Kekkei Genkai Souseiki (Blood Inheritance Limit Genesis), because you said it takes massive amounts of chakra, enough to even wind you, and I don't have that much chakra in this body, I inquire, and hear Kyu-kun, grunt, as I probably woke him up.

Hm, actually, I have, but I've been hesitating on telling, He says, and that gets my attention.

Hesitant on telling me? What for?

Because, I don't want you using it too much, it reminds me of someone that I don't really like, He says, and I can't help but be curious.

Really? Someone that you don't like besides Madara? Who? I ask.

None of your business, but I think it about time I told you anyways, He sighs as I make my way to the training grounds. When I was feeding my chakra into you when you needed it for the time-travel technique, I wasn't exactly feeding my chakra into you, I was fusing my chakra with you and in result, and we created a new chakra.

Created a new chakra? As in a I have a chakra storage of this new chakra? I ask, quite curious as to why Kyu-kun would want to hide this information.

Yes, you could say that, but it's vast, even with my near limitless chakra, it still is larger, because, from what I've deduced, we're both feeding chakra to it constantly, and its just getting bigger and bigger, but you can't use it! First off, this small body couldn't handle this much chakra right now, and, it seems tainted, not evil, exactly, but not good either, He explains, and I nod my head, even though he can't see.

But, what about Kekkei Genkai Souseiki? I didn't mean to use the onnen chakra (Malice Chakra), but the Zekkougan took from it.

That, you don't have to worry about, the Zekkougan took from the onnen chakra because it is the largest storage of chakra, and it would be less harmful if taken from there, and as long as its only the Zekkougan taking from there, I don't care, just as long as you don't willingly use this onnen chakra, He warns, voice grave and serious, Oh, and nice name by the way, He says out of no where, and I chuckle.

Hey, might this be the reason that the Zekkougan awakened in this life time, and not the last? I ask, and hear the Kyuubi hum in interest.

Possibly, but all I know is that you have the Zekkougan now, and the onnen chakra, and its up to you how you use them, He says, before breaking off the mental connection as I land in the training grounds.

(Night of the Uchiha Massacre)

I sigh as I camp out in a tree in the Uchiha Compound. I was going to stop Itachi, by force or reason I didn't know yet, but I was worried when I heard Shisui was killed.

Okay, so far so good, no sign of Itachi yet, I think to myself, concentrating on sensing chakra alone, my range approximately two miles. I had been working on chakra control a LOT!

That is, until I sense a foreign chakra, but not all together unfamiliar.

"Madara…" I whisper, before jumping full speed across the roof tops towards his destination. He was heading straight for an Uchiha. Wincing as I jump, I pull out of my shoulder a blade made from my upper arms, increasing the density of the bone to make it harder then steel. I come in sight of the on the ground and injured Uchiha as Madara posing as Itachi comes closer.

Jumping down, I block the katana Itachi was swinging down, struggling with his force.

"What the-," He starts, but I ignore him and turn my head towards the Uchiha.

"Get out of here now! Go find an ANBU!" I yell, before turning my attention to Madara again.

I could see his anger in his eyes as he glares at the running Uchiha, quickly taking out a kunai and launching it at his receding back. Reacting on instinct, I thrust my hand up, feeling the cold steel pierce my skin and go all the way through. Flinching, I feel the pressure in my stomach before I'm sent back.

"Well, well, who do we have here? A little hero?" He asks in a mocking tone.

Looking up, and standing with a little difficulty, I see his surprise, "You could say that, but I like to think of myself as a good citizen," I respond, smirking at his surprise.

"How are you still standing? That should've broken your ribs…" He asks, and I smirk again, flipping the bone-sword in my hand.

"It's called the Shikotsumyaku, baka," I say, before charging him, remembering to use the Tsubaki no Mai (Dance of the Camellia), being more effective then just swinging the sword. I could see he was having a little trouble dodging, and accepting the fact that a six year old was putting him on his toes.

Unluckily, he finds an opening, and knees me in the chest, knocking me back as I grunt a little, before he heel drops the back of my head.

"I have to admit, pretty strong for a fuckin' six year old, but not good enough," He says, before he brings the katana on the back of my Kage Bunshin's (Shadow Clone's) head, and I chuckle from atop a roof nearby.

"And I'd say you're a little cocky," I say, before jumping down with grace, and forming another hand seal, creating six other clones. Nodding my head to one side, they all go in different directions.

"I'm sending them off to get the real Itachi, and some back up," I say, seeing Madara look surprised and confused.

"And what makes you think I'm not Itachi," He asks, and I just glare.

"What's my name?" I ask, and see Madara look confused.

"How should I know?" He says, before realizing that it was a mistake.

"My name's Uzumaki Naruto, and Itachi, is one of my best friends," I say, before charging him again, this time ditching the bone-sword, and going for the other technique I remember from Kimimaro's repertoire, the Yanagi no Mai (Dance of the Willow). I could see the surprise as he sees sharpened bones grow from my knees, elbows, shoulders, and palms. Using acrobatics I have practiced for a couple of years, I start to flip and dance around Madara, cutting him up and giving him a hard time to catch me.

"How is such a little kid giving me such a hard time?!" He asks himself, irritated with me as I smirk. He kicks me in the chest, but his eyes grow wide, and my smirk deepens.

"Karamatsu no Mai (Dance of the Larch)," I answer his unasked question, and take a palm blade and stab him in the stomach, seeing him lurch back.

"Being careless is getting you beat by a little kid, Madara," I address him by his real name, and see him stare at me, "And unless you get out of here, I'll have more than enough ANBU supporting me to take you down."

I could see the anger growing behind his eyes, and harden my own face as I activate the Zekkougan, see his anger be doused by surprise, but only for a moment.

"I say, you take this seriously, or everyone will know that Uchiha Madara, the founder of the Uchiha, was beaten by a six year old kid," I say, seeing right through his disguise with the Zekkougan. It was quite powerful, enough for him to withstand damage without it falling, but still not as strong as Tsunade's.

I knew egging him on wasn't the best idea, but I didn't want to be taken TOO lightly, but I knew I was screwed when he activated the Mangekyou Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye). I only had three tomoe in each of my eyes, and if I lived through this, I was bound to have four in at least one.

"Your mistake was mentioning my name," He says, before I feel his hand in my gut, my Zekkougan seeing, but my body to slow, before I smile as best I can.

"Your mistake is underestimating me," I say, before a Kage Bunshin hits him in the back of the head, being released for a second, spinning around and flipping through a few hand seals, already feeling the drain on my chakra.

"Fuuton: Yaiba no Mai (Wind Release: Dance of Blades)," I say, a gust of wind faster then the Sharingan could hitting Madara and sending him back and into a house, cuts appearing all over his body. He gets up like nothing happened, all his wounds healing, and I just chuckle, coughing up a little blood.

"Don't you get it yet, I'm immortal, you cannot defeat me," He says, walking towards me slowly.

"But even you can't resist over thirty ANBU, they'd get you in custody eventually, and then you'd be stuck in Konoha," I say, and he scowls.

He picks me up by the neck; as I was severely weaken by that last technique, it being S-rank, which for a six year old should be impossible.

"Give me one reason to not kill you," He says, tightening his grasp on my neck. I try and chuckle, before pointing over his shoulder to the large group of ANBU, with Gai and Kakashi there as well.

"Itachi, put Naruto down," Orders one of the ANBU, and I see Madara frown in annoyance. A moment later, he has his arm around my neck and a kunai to my temple.

"Stay back or I will kill him," He says, and a smirk, adjusting my elbow so that it was close to his heart, before extending my elbow bone to jam it in his chest, weakening it at the point of contact, and hardening the part inside of him, before breaking the bone at the weak point. I also harden my skull, as he only just cuts my temple, and doesn't pierce it, before he drops me, grabbing at the bone inside of him, which was undeniably painful. Turning around, I bring my finger up to his gut, and call out a magic word.

"Kai," And the genjutsu Madara had on breaks like glass, revealing his true self, as I bring my hand back, before shoving it in his gut, with a Rasengan in hand. Everyone watches in astonishment as Madara is sent flying back words, and I stumble forward a bit, all this exercise and fighting draining almost all my chakra.

Turning around, and limping towards the group, I look around, Itachi not in my sight, "Where is Itachi?" I ask, and everybody just looks at me, before I turn my head to the right because I hear a noise, and smile as I fall to the ground unconscious, knowing Itachi could clear things up.

"Oh, what a headache…" I mutter to myself as I sit up, knowing I'm in a hospital by the smell of alcohol and blood in the air.

Popping an eye open, I see Fugaku, Mikoto and Itachi at the foot of my bed, and I sigh. They either wanted an explanation, or to thank me, I was going for the former.

"And what might bring the prestigious head of the Uchiha clan here, Fugaku-sama?" I ask, rubbing my temples.

"First off, I'd like to thank you for probably saving the Uchiha clan, although I don't know how," He says, bowing slightly, and I respond as best I can in the bed, "And I'd also like to know how you knew it wasn't Itachi, and how you even fended him off."

I chuckle a little bit, and it surprises Fugaku, "I saw through his genjutsu with my Kekkei Genkai," I answer, and see the three fault a little as they receive the information. Surprised I didn't tell Itachi? I couldn't, otherwise he could've come up with a way to beat me, and that would have put a dent in my plans.

"Kekkei Genkai? Why didn't you tell me Naruto?" Itachi asks, and Fugaku and Mikoto look at him strangely.

"Because, I can't tell you everything, Itachi," I say, looking at Fugaku and Mikoto's reaction.

"You've met this boy before?" They ask, and I'm a little surprised.

"Yes, I have lunch with him almost everyday," Itachi says like it was a common fact, but I could tell it wasn't.

"Lets just put it this way, Fugaku-sama, he keeps me company at lunch by giving me someone to talk to, since no one else will, considering my tenant isn't favored," I explain, and Mikoto glances at me with surprise.

"So, you know about the Kyuubi," Sarutobi says as he walks in, and the other three bow while I grin.

"Oi, Ojii-sama! How's it goin'?" I ask, and see the old man chuckle as the three start to leave.

"Don't leave just yet, you may finish your conversation, I just want some time alone with Naruto afterwards," He says, and the three stop, before returning to their spots as Sarutobi goes and sits in a corner.

"Well, since there's nothing much more to ask then this, what is your Kekkei Genkai?" Fugaku asks.

Shrugging, I activate them and see Mikoto gasp, and Fugaku and Itachi stare on in surprise, "I call them the Zekkougan, since this is the first time they've surfaced in my family, and I'll write scroll for you later," I say, looking in the mirror to see if I had any more tomoe, and I smirk as I see four in one eye.

Thought so… I think, as the three exit the room and Sarutobi comes up and sits on the bed, drawing my attention as I deactivate my eyes.

"So, Naruto, how long have you known about the Kyuubi," He demands, in a kind tone, of course, Sarutobi wasn't one to be cruel.

"Since Mizuki told me while he was trying to take the Scroll of Sealing from me which I stole because he told me to," I say fast enough to confuse him, but not enough for him to miss it.

"Okay, first of all, there is no Mizuki in this village, I know, I've memorized everyone in the villages name, second, the Scroll of Sealing is in my office, I know because I was just examining it, and you've been in here the entire time," He says, and I sigh, before flipping through hand seals.

"Okay, how about I just show you?" I ask, before finishing with the tiger seal, "Reitensou no Jutsu (Spirit Transmission Technique)." I whisper, holding my wrist and placing my palm on Sarutobi's forehead as his eyes role into the back of his head, and I feel Sarutobi's spirit leave my body, and sigh when I take my hand away, and Sarutobi closes his eyes.

"Naruto," He rasps with a dry voice, "What was that?" He asks, and I chuckle and lean back.

"Those were your memories," I say, and see him open his eyes and stare at me.

"So, what I just saw, it's all true?" He asks, and I nod.

"Not pleasant, right? I've had to experience your memories for the past six years, so I know how you feel right now," I say, and see Sarutobi sigh.

"If all this is true, then that means you've been changing lots of things," He says, and I nod, "Be careful Naruto, you don't know how much you could've changed, the future might not be the same anymore."

"Exactly," I answer immediately, not at all fazed by his warning.

"I considered that when I made the choice to come back in time. I'm not an idiot, I was the Rokudaime for a reason," I say, and I see Sarutobi nod.

"You transferred some of your memories as well on purpose, didn't you?" He asks, and I nod, before he gets up and dusts off his robes. "I will be seeing you as soon as you get out of the hospital, we need to talk about your training," He says, shutting the door right after before I could even ask a question.

"Training," I ask to an empty room, leaning back on the wall.

"I can only imagine…"

(Itachi's P.O.V.)

'Naruto, huh? You are like me, strong, but striving for more. It will be interesting to spar with you. ' I thought to myself.

As I near the compound, I see father training Sasuke.

"Father, my I speak with Otouto?" Itachi asks

"Of course Itachi." Was his tired reply.

"Otouto, is there a boy named Naruto in your class?"

"Yes, nii-sama, why do you ask?"

"He is an interesting child, Naruto. You would be wise to befriend him." I state, walking to my room; not missing the questioning glance he gave me.

(Naruto's P.O.V.)

"There, done!" I exclaim happily.

Reading through it to make sure no mistakes were there, I smile.

"So, Kakashi told you how to get the Mangekyou Sharingan, huh?"

'If you're wondering why you can't find that memory, is because I locked it away, to make sure no one got a hold of it.'

"So, what does it say?"

'Well, you must deplete your chakra, then you try to focus chakra into the eyes, it burns for a while before calming down. Repeat three more times. Then you must use so much chakra you pass out, but as you pass out, force all of your chakra into your eyes. When you wake up, you should have the Mangekyou Sharingan!'

"Doesn't sound to hard…"

'You could die of chakra depletion." I state bluntly.

"Oh, yeah…"


"Kit, rest. Then I'll wake you up for training, and then tell you when to head to school."

'Hai, Kyu-kun…'

I hear the doorbell ring, and yell, "I'll be there in a minute!"

Answering the door, I see a man leaning against the frame.

"Yes mister?" Seizing him up as I spoke.

"You're Naruto, right?" I nod, "Good, you have been summoned to dine with the Uchiha's."

"What for; if I may ask?" Curious as to why the Uchiha's wanted to speak with me.

"Both Itachi-sama and Itasuke-sama have asked for you." The man states as he looked bored.

"Well, tell them I will be with them shortly." I reply as the man took the information to his superiors.

Shutting the door, I walk to the closet to see if there was anything worth wearing to the Uchiha compound. Eventually I find a black shirt, with equally black pants and a red jacket.

"This should be suitable…I hope." I say, a little depressed that I had nothing fancy to dine in.

Sigh, "Demonic Style: Kitsune Fire Teleportation!" I mutter as I flip through hand signs.

In a burst of flame, I'm gone from my apartment and landing in front of the Uchiha's residents.

As I approach the compound gates, I flare my chakra, hoping to catch someone's attention. Just then, an Uchiha guard appears and opens up the gate and leads my silently to the dining room. As I enter the dining room, I see Itachi.

"Hello Itachi-nii-sama!" I greet, happy to see him.

Looking to his right, I see Sasuke, "Greetings, Sasuke-san." Farther to his right, I see a man which I presume is their father, "I take you are Itasuke-sama?" I ask, bowing.

"I am; and you are Naruto, right?" The man asks, kindly.

"Hai!" Turning to his right, I see Hiashi, "Ah, and Hiashi-sama, what brings you to the Uchiha compound?"

"Actually, Naruto, we are all here to talk about you." I hear ojii-sama from behind them.

"Hey ojii-sama!" I speak, happy to see him. That's when I notice a man that looks remarkable like Hiashi, "Ano, who are you?" I ask, noting the boy behind his leg.

"His name is Hizashi, my brother, Naruto." Hiashi answers.

'That must mean the boy behind him is Neji!' "Hello, Hizashi-sama! Is that boy behind you your son?"

A smile makes its way to his face as he responds, "This is my son, Neji."

"Greetings, Neji-san!" I exclaim. 'Holy crap… is like I am seeing a Neji with all the angst sucked out of him. That reminds me, I should probably try and save Hizashi.'

"Kit, if you change to many things, you may change the future too drastically for you to know what happens next."

'Don't worry Kyu-kun, if I don't try at the academy, I'll still end up with Sasuke and Sakura.'

(Six years later. Naruto's P.O.V.; day of the Gennin exams)

"Okay class, we are going to call you one at a time for the test; if you pass, you become Gennin, fail, another year at the academy!" Iruka told the class.

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