The Kyuubi's Gift: Redux

Chapter 16: Blank

"GYAAHHH!!" Shinta and I yelled as we charged with our monstrous techniques

The lightning of hell against the forces of nature... collided... two titanic attacks at least SS-class forged together... a ball of light enveloped them both

Then... each one begun to see each others past... Shinta was taken back by the young blond's past... and future as well as I saw his past

Shinta's memories

"Where am I?" I asked as I saw the scenery... there was a beautiful garden... there where flowers... very colorful flowers... a young woman with blond hair was carrying her child... on her back there was a seal... it looked like wings-like design... the baby was smiling... then a man that showed power and compassion in his mere presence appeared... he caressed the woman

"Darling... I have grave news... there are coming..." the man said as the baby gurgled on the womans arms

"Is there..." she asks

"I am afraid nothing to be done... the opposing army is at our doors... they are over 400000 men strong" the man said

"Then... we must do what we must" she said

"The future of this kingdom depends on our son" the man said

she begun to cry

"Don't worry... he is strong... he will survive this yet" the man said

"HE IS A BABY" she yelled as she fell to the floor... crying to the impending doom... fire could be seen from a ways back

"He must escape... and so must you... hide yourself... i'll hold them off" the man said

"but even with "that" there is no way you can defeat 400000 soldiers on your own" she said

"I know... but if I don't try... we might as well just wait for them with some tea and crumpets" the man said

"Now go!" the man said as he shoved the woman trough a hidden trap door in the garden

then the air around the man begun to change... something about this image reminded him of something

his hair became wild... his teeth become more feral... his eyes became that of a demon

"A Jinchuuriki!" Naruto thought

"Enemy confirmed... target 1 out of 3 confirmed... we are going in" a soldier said

"Shot him down with the special rounds!" the soldiers said

the bullets rained on them... he dodged them all as he pulled a broad sword with a roman cross emblem on the blade... a Sapphire and a Ruby adorned the hilt

"AS LONG AS I LIVE... MY SON AND MY WIFE... I SHALL PROTECT THEM!!" He roared as he killed 100 soldiers in a swing

"HE IS A DEMON!!" the soldiers yelled as they ran in fear..

A taller soldier cut the soldiers that where running away...

"If you run, you die in my hands... if you fight him... you might die... but you shall serve your purpose" he said as he took a drag of his cigarette

"Hello... older brother" the man said

the older brother then took strange sword...

"Once I kill you, your wife... and your kid... I will rule this continent" he said calmly

"You plan to kill you own nephew and you sister in law... just to rule!?" the man said

"Why yes... until I eradicate you and your linage... I will never truly be the heir"the brother said in a matter of fact

"DAMN YOU! YOU GREEDY LITTLE BASTARD!!" the man said as he charged to him

"Foolish brother... I am always prepared" the brother said

he slashed at the youki... it vanished

"WHAT!?" the man was surprised

"This swords... it eats the demonic energy that powers you... after many a year... I have found it... and with it... you die" he said as he cut his brother's head

"I regret nothing" the older brother said as he cleaned his sword

"Find the woman and child... knowing him he must used an alternate escape route" the brother said.

The woman and child ran away very far of... but suddenly the images changed... the woman laid dead... white feathers where around the chapel... the brother had killed her with a spear.

"And now... the little nephew to get rid off...from this day... I will be the only heir!!" he said as he pulled a dagger

... then... from nowhere... a ball of fire... and a ball of light... descended over the baby, an image of a fox and and lovely woman with long pink hair.

"This boy... he shall be protected..." the fox said.

"His time has not come... and you shall not hasten it" the woman said as wings sprung form her... she was angel.

"hehehe... you can't stop my ambition!" he said as he charged.

Then... the fox made fire erupt... the all consuming fox fire...

"Your madness will stop... this baby shall never be touched by you..." the angel and the fox demon said... as they got into the baby... and disappeared

"SO CLOSE!!... NO... I SHALL NOT BE DENIED MY BIRTHRIGHT!" he said as he turned around his eyes turning black

The baby then ended up on a door-step of an orphanage... the baby's eyes had changed...they where Sapphire and Ruby... like that of the angel... and the demon fox

"What an odd child you are... I see great sorrow waiting ahead for you... what a hapless child..." the matron said

Then everything turned white

Shinta experienced then my own memories as well



the big ball of light they both created with their otherworldly attacks then became unstable... making a huge mushroom cloud

the crowd was blown away... debris flied everywhere

"What... what are they!?" Shikamaru, Ino and the rest said as they held their ground with chakra... thought they where forcing quite a bit

"The technique the boy was using... it was similar to the chidori... yet... something malign was on about it... the electric current for any electric jutsus are blue hue... yet... this one... it was deep purple with black overtones... just what the hell was that?" Jiraiya thought as he covered himself from the tremendous amount of power the collision of both techniques had done

Shinta was standing... while I was kneeling... but it was easy to see that we where both putting a thought front

"You seam to be out of gas... even thought the technique you used to augment your strenght... it is similar to my ultimate form... it is suppose to prevent you from tiring... yet, both of us, we are at our last legs" Shinta said smirking

"You are right, but... how about we finish this? The one who hits first wins?" I said

"You got it" Shinta said

Shinta begun to gather all his inner strength, his chakra, his youki, his reiatsu and other energies he still had left over

I begun to do the same... both of ours wounds where healing, but our power levels where still low.

Shinta put his hands on his pockets... his body slightly bended forward

I placed myself on a Hyuuga gentle fist style... but much much lower.

"Iaken!" Shinta yelled as he darted forward

"DAAHH!!" I yelled

Both contenders punched each others... Shinta's punch was so fast.. it was invisible... yet... to me... it was slow.

"Those eyes... I seen those eyes in a book... the book of the shinigami... but how could it be?" Shinta thought as a powerful punch was coming in

"SHINTA-KUN!!" Ashtir yelled

"Shin-kun!" Anko yelled

"Shinta! Look out" Kurogane yelled

The punch reached... the flace was flattened by the sheer force of the punch

Shinta was send flying out of the stadium... I fell into the floor... tired... the whole stadium was decimated

Shinta then walked... he was swaying back and forth... he walked up to me... and stopped... I looked into his eyes, they where empty, he had walked all they way back, unconscious

The referee was still able to give the result... Winner... Uzumaki Naruto

Ashtir then jumped alongside with Anko... Shinta's eyes where empty... his stare was dead, he was carried out by both of them and his demon friend Kurogane.

Ashtir then put him to rest on her knees... he fell asleep... Ashtir then expelled some of her reiatsu... healing and allowing to recuperate his energy at a much faster rate.

I fell limp... and was caught by Jiraiya...

"You little monster, look at what you done... well I guess the training you gave yourself plus the training I gave you... plus the kyuubi's... this is to be expected... this was not a gennin fight... this was a class SS fight" Jiraiya said... as he patted me

"Well ahem... since the stadium was decimated by the two contenders, we ask a moment of you time as a few of our ninjas reconstruct the stadium" the referee said

The ninja then worked used stone jutsu

The stage was reconstructed after a few hours... the shinobies where exhausted but recuperated quiet fast thanks to soldier pills.

"Will Uchiha Sasuke and Gaara please come on down?" The referee said

Gaara then came down on a whirlwind of sand

"Sasuke Uchiha?" the referee called once more

Then... in a whirlwind of leaves... Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake appeared

"Fancy entrance nonewithstanding... I hope he is not disqualified?" Kakashi said nerviously

"You are lucky... Naruto and the other Shinta guy completely decimated this arena... man... that fight was... well... you just misse a fight of monsters" the referee said... still exited over the fight that had happened a few hours ago

"Uhmm... well that is a shame... do you think they are recording the fights?" Kakashi asked... hopping to see the fight of his other pupil

"I certainly hope so... I wanna replay it again on my home" the referee said

"Anyways... ladies and gentelmans... welcome once more... this is he fight (most) of you have been waiting for..." The referee said


Sasuke then threw his shurikens as Gaara blocked them with his automatic shielding

"Shit...this is dangerous... but I still got one cards under my sleeve" Sasuke said

He charged at Gaara and as he was going to punch and the sand was going to shield... Sasuke then disappeared and re-appeared behind Gaara

"Fast... like him" Gaara thought as he saw a image of Lee behind Sasuke

Sasuke managed to clover Gaara, thought doing minimal damage due to Gaara's Sand armor

Sasuke then activated his sharingan to manage to dodge all the spikes of sands

Then... Gaara encased himself with sand... it was too hard to punch trough

"Whatever you are doing it helping me... what I am gonna need a little time to do this" Sasuke said

he ran up a wall... and did some hand-signs and an electric current begun to form


He charged at Gaara...dodging the spikes, he got graced by one

he hit the sand and managed to pierce trough, then... something odd happened

Inside the sand cocoon

"What is his wet thing? Is warm..." Gaara said

"IS BLOOD!! IS MY BLOOD!!" Gaara screamed

outside the cocoon

"Gaara... Gaara has been wounded" Temari shouted

"Impossible!" Kanguro shouted

then... the whole stage was showered in feathers... Ashtir was not affected by this... it was a genjutsu and as an angel she was immune from suggestion... Sakura and Kakashi both dispelled the genjutsu... Shinta and I however where taken out by the technique... we where too tired to fight it

Then from somewhere far away... many giant snakes appeared

Then, from the kage box seat the kazekage ripped his face off... it was none other than Orochimaru

"Kuhuhuhu... Long time no see, sensei" Orochimaru said

"I have wondered when you will be coming... I heard you had quiet a beating from the youth with white hair" Sarutobi said

"Uhmmm your ears as as sharp as ever, however I have you in my trap" Orochimaru said

"Do you really?" Sarutobi said

The sound 4 lay on the ground... dead

"Impossible! HOW!? HOW!!" Orochimaru yelled

"I was prepared... I trained my shinobies and captured them... and replaced them with my own... we always where aware of your movements my old student" Sarutobi said

"You old decrepid man! I shall not be defeated!" Orochimaru said

"PUT THE BARRIER NOW!" Sarutobi ordered as his own Shinobies put a barrier on the inside and out

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!" Sarutobi said as he created clones of himself

"You become weak old man... you think you can defeat me with that!?" Orochimaru

"This is the sealing method the fourth hokage used... evil sealing technique!" The bunshin yelled as the other bunshins pinned him down

"damn you old man... do you plan to die with me?!" Orochimaru said

"No... I plan on living for a while longer at the very least... I am sorry... but you will go alone" Sarutobi said

"YOU WILL DIE WITH ME!" Orochimaru said in a frenzy as he spit out his kusanagi sword

The clones however managed to stop the sword barehanded

"Orochimaru... you where a wonderful student... why did it has come to this? Farewell my student" Sarutobi said as he finished his sealing technique.

The clones then exploded after having the sealing done... it was taken to by the shinigami rather than the original one... Sarutobi had won... the future has changed

However... Gaara has gone berserker...

Sasuke went chasing after Gaara

"Sakura wake up Naruto and anyone else you can and go after Sasuke... this might make Naruto really happy" Kakashi said

"Why is that?" Sakura asked

"This will be his first A class mission since the land of the waves" Kakashi said

Sakura jumped over and was going to free Naruto from the genjutsu

However, an enemy ninja snuck up to her and was going to kill her

"Not on my watch you wont" a voice said.

From the floor... a puddle of darkness a young man with jet black hair and crimson red eyes came over and deflected the would be assassin and completely ripped him to shreds.

"You okay, honey?" He said as he extended his hand to her

"Y-yes... I am" she blushed at being called honey by the mysterious stranger

"I'll cover your back" Kurogane said

Kurogane then begun engaging the enemy as they come... burning them with his demon fire... or ripping them to bits

"You done yet honey?" Kurogane said as he kicked one on the face breaking his jaw

"kai!" Sakura said as he woke me up

Ashtir however had an unconventional manner to wake Shinta up

"THUNDER!" she yelled as a lightning bolt hit Shinta

"ARGHHG!! HOT HOT HOT HOT DAMN IT!!" Shinta yelled

"Eh? Ashtir? What is going on?" Shinta said

"The boy named Gaara lost control... the other boy... Sasuke I think, has gone after them... we must help them" Ashtir said

"But Ashtir... the mission specs..." Shinta said

"We MUST help them" Ashtir said with big bright puppy stare

"No! Not the puppy stare... anything but that... ah damn it... fine... I'll help" Shinta said sighing

"Let's fly there... is will be much faster" Ashtir said as her wings appeared

"Damn... I gotta change forms then" Shinta said as his clothing changed... his black clothes rippes and a white pants... a large overcoat (white) with blue and gold decorations around the sleeves in a triangle pattern

"Lets do this!" Shinta said as his wings spawned...

His wings where much larger than Ashtir by at least 2-4 feet in length

He kicked up a lot of wind as he flew with Ashtir

Meanwhile Kakashi did his summoning of Pakkun and the team followed... thought Shinta and Ashtir where close by

"Where is Gaara?" Shinta asked as he flew over the forest

"The forest is too thick! I cant see anything downstairs!" Shinta said

"Damn it... I hope those guys have better luck than us" Shinta said

A few minutes later after chatching up with Gaara (Naruto's Team)

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled as a huge arm of sand pinned her to a tree...

"Gaara... you better stop right now... or else I'll do the same performance with you as I did on my turn on the arena" I said

"Mother... mother wants your blood... she says... your blood will be the best... my killing you will prove my existance forever!!" Gaara said as he lunged at me

"Damn it I forgot Gaara was a crazy psycho back in the day!" I though as I dodged him

Gaara was pushed back... he put his last card into play

"Jutsu of the fake sleep!" Gaara said as he fell limp

"God damn it all... he brought out his demon side out!" I thought

"Kuchiose no jutsu!" I shouted

From the ground, an enormous orange toad appeared

"Jiraiya!! You dare to summon me!? After the incident that happened a few months ago!?" Gamabunta shouted

"Uhmmm... it was me who summoned you Gamabunta" I said

"You? Ha! Don't make me laught!" Gamabunta said.

"Look I don't have the time to prove it... just help me out! Look Shukaku has been left loose!" I shouted

"Shukaku eh? Very well... just because he is a troublesome opponent..." Gamabunta said

"YEAH! Gamabunta! Give me some oil!" I said

"You got it!" Gamabunta said

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" I said as he breathed fire off his mouth and was magnified by Gamabunta's oil

"Gamabunta can you hold him down?" I asked

"I only got webbing feet... I need claws and teeth" Gamabunta said

"I got ya!" I said as I did a transformation jutsu

Gamabunta turned into a ferocious 9 tailed fox demon

both animals charged... I jumped from Gamabunta and then... "WAKE UP YOU STUPID IDIOT!" I yelled as I punched Gaara to wake him up

He then slowly woke up...

both of them falling onto the ground

"damn it... I wasted all my chrakra... don't even have the time to summon Ero-hime" I said as I fell into the ground

"I think not!" Shinta said as he grabbed to Naruto

"Idiot you are gonna fall with me!" I said

"I don't think you have to worry about that" Shinta said

I then looked carefully as I saw 2 enormous wings where in his back

"You... you got wings?" I said

"Yeah... is there a problem with that?" Shinta said

"ooookay... in all my years I never seen a human being with wings... let alone a jinchuriki, ok... I give... what the hell is he?" I thought

"My parter is tending to your male teammate... my other friend is rescuing your lady friend... you might wanna hurry... he likes to flirt with girls a lot" I said as he saw me sprung up and run

"Get away from her you leecherous perv!" I shouted

"Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut? Nah... I wanted to see his expression" Shinta said as he laughted

I ran as fast as I could... but Sakura was unconscious... a little of her clothing was cut in some... erm provocative areas to say the least

"What am I going to do with you" I thought as I tied my jacket around her waist

End Chapter no jutsu