I Found Someone


Maricruz (A.K.A Mari, Maric, Maricc, Mar, maric106, Anime-iac, and Animeiac)

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Chapter 03: Meeting Now in Session.

The inners, Darien, Rini, and the two moon cats have all arrived at Rei's Cherry Hill Temple for one of their scouts meetings. Only this time it's about Serena and her new found guy friend, Trunks. They are still waiting for the outer scouts to come.

"Do you think we should get started on this meeting." Mina asked quite impatiently. "I have a photo shoot for the new Sailor V action figures in about half an hour."

"Sorry but we can't start until Trista and the outer scouts get here." Rei reminded the scout of Venus.

"Besides it would be rude for us if we start the meeting without them." Ami added in.

"Well can't we least do like short preview until they get here?" Lita suggested.

"Actually I did some research on the Internet about Capsule Corporation and this is what I could find." Ami passed out stapled pages of Capsule Corporation that she printed out. "The company was founded by Dr. Briefs who is the inventor of the capsule storages."

"That might be some what interesting for you Ami," Mina sounded bored, "but what does any of that have to do Serena and this Trunks guy."

"Hang on I'm getting there." Ami countered Mina. "After Dr. Briefs retired he handed over the company and business to his daughter, Bulma Briefs, who is now known as Mrs. Bulma Briefs-Vegeta."

That's what got Luna's attention. "Wait a minute, did you say Vegeta?" Luna asked with a panic stricken look on her face.

"Why yes Luna," Ami replied with no idea why Luna was so frighten when she heard that name. "There's even a picture of him." Ami flipped through the pages until she found Vegeta's picture and showed to Luna.

Luna shook all over when she saw the picture and began to stutter. "It's... it's... it's PRINCE VEGETA!"

"What's a Saiyan Prince Doing Here On Earth?!" Artemis was also panicking.

"Huh? Now wait just a minute." Rei called out the scaredy cats' attention. "What exactly is a Saiyan?"

Luna managed to regain her dignity and began her own version of the tale. "A very long time ago there's used to be mighty alien race called Saiyans and they claimed to be the strongest in the universe."

"Really?" Mina seemed some what interested of what Luna was saying.

"Yes but they were also the most dangerous." Luna continued, "they used to travel around in space always looking for fights and destroying whole planets. The last thing I remember hearing about them their entire planet was destroyed by a comet. Nearly wiping out the entire Saiyan race."

"Oh my God!" Amy gasped when she heard that last part.

"But some how he survived." Luna pointed at Vegeta's picture.

"I heard that they also have terrible tempers!" Artemis put in his two cents. "If you look at them funny they can kill on the spot in less then a second."

"You don't think that Serena could ever get mixed up with people like that?" Darien was now starting to worried.

"Now let's not jumped to any conclusion Darien." Amy tried to put Darien's mind at ease.

"Yeah Serena maybe an air head but she wouldn't do anything that foolish." Rei chimed in.

"Who knows, it may not be even the same guy." Lita confirmed.

"Besides Amy said that this Vegeta guy here is married." Mina reminded.

"That's right and they have two children." Amy continued showing her research. "A daughter named Bra Briefs-Vegeta. Age: now just turned 6. And she'll be starting first grade soon."

The scouts and Darien turned to the page that has the info on Bra.

"First Trunks and now Bra?" Rei said in a critical tone. "What is it with these people and naming their kids after underwear?"

"Aw she so cute." Mina gushed. "It's hard to believe that she has such scary looking guy for a father."

"Hmph. She's not that cute." Rini snorted at Bra's picture. "At least I'm not named after underwear."

"But who's their second kid?" Lita questioned.

"I'll tell you but I don't think you guys are going to like the answer." Amy warned them and took a deep breath. "Their oldest is their son named Trunks Briefs-Vegeta. Age: 18. And he's next in line to take over Capsule Corp."

When they all got to to Trunks's page they were shock at what they saw.

"Oh My God! It's that guy!" Lita was the first to speak up. "The one Amy and I saw Serena with!"

"So if his family owns a large company and he's going to take over someday then that means..." Mina heard ca-ching in her head. "Alright! Way To Go Serena! She Got Herself a Rich Boyfriend!"

"MINA!" The others scolded at her for not taking this situation seriously.

"Sorry." Mina meekly apologized.

"You mean you're saying that Serena is with some guy who is the son of some former intergalactic terrorist?!" Now Darien has something to worry about.

"It's worst than you think." said a mystery voice.

Darien and the scouts were looking around to see where that voice was coming from until Sailor Pluto and the outer scouts suddenly materialized in the middle of their meeting circle. Making everyone jumped up from their seats.

"Sheesh Trista I wish you wouldn't do that." Lita regain her composure. Now she understands why Serena doesn't like it when Guardian of Time makes those kinds of entrances.

"Um excuse me but what do you mean that it's worst than we think." Rei needed to understand by what was Trista was talking about.

"Forgive me for interrupting the meeting but this can't wait any longer." Trista begins her explanation. "While I was doing my usual routine of observing the time line I felt a disturbance."

"Well don't keep us in suspense!" Rei was impatient as usual. "What was it that you felt?"

"So I check the time line and saw two possible futures." The Plutoian Scout continues. "One is the Crystal Tokyo that we've been fighting for so long and the other is... is... I can't even say it."

"What!?" The scouts exclaimed.

Amara took over. "It's the end of the world as we know it."

The inners and Darien gasped.

"Yes, Trista told Amara, Hotaru, and I all about it." Michelle picked the story up. "And if we don't do something then that boy will bring down Crystal Tokyo." The scout of the sea was pointing at the picture of Trunks.

"You mean this Trunks guy?" Mina couldn't believe that some cute guy could bring the end of the world.

"Yes, he's the reason why Crystal Tokyo will not come to exist." Trista sounded a little bit to morbid for her own good.

"But if Crystal Tokyo won't exist then that means...?" Rini was scared of what the conclusion will be.

"Yes Small Lady I'm afraid so." Trista couldn't lie to her little pink haired princess. "You won't exist as well."

"But how is that possible?" Ami questioned Trista's theory.

"Well for starters, this Trunks will lead Serena away from her destiny and the bond between her and Darien." The Uranian Scout portrayed.

"What do you mean he might get between me and Serena." Darien jumped up to his feet.

"For one thing, there's a possible chance that Serena will fall in love with Trunks." Michelle said it with an unhappy look on her face.

"No way!" Lita couldn't accept that fact. "Serena would never do anything like that. She's loyal to Darien and the scouts."

"That maybe so." It was Hotaru's turn to speak. "But have any of you are still loyal to Serena?"

Everyone was surprised how very grown-up the Scout of Saturn is acting.

"Of course we are Hotaru." Mina was defending the scouts and herself. "Why would ask such a thing."

"Because lately I've been sensing that Serena feels very sad and lonely." Hotaru explained.

"Serena sad and lonely? Impossible!" Outcried Mina in disbelief. "She's the most cheerful and energetic person we've ever met."

"Yeah and even if something was wrong with her why didn't she come to any us?" Lita stepped in.

"Mainly it's because she knew all of you would just called her a silly little cry baby and turned her away." Amara hit the nail on that one when the inners cringed.

"No we would never do that to Serena!" Amy countered but was knocked down by Michelle's statement.

"Yet for the past year you guys have been more distant from her than ever."

"We admit that we have been a bit busy." Rei confessed, "but that doesn't mean we stopped being her friends."

"Some how I don't think that's how Serena feels." Luna finally spoke out.

"Yeah we all have been treating her really crummy lately." Artemis confessed with head hanging low in guilt.

"Never the less we have to get Serena back before it's too late." Trista reminded everyone.

"You're right Trista. Lita and I will take the inners, Darien, and Rini to Capsule Corps." Amy volunteered.

"And the outers and I will go to Serena's parents and tried to find a way to tell them about this situation without giving away of our secrets." And with that Trista and the outers vanished without a trace.

"Well come on you guys!" Lita urged the group. "You heard what Trista! We gotta go and get Serena back to our side so that Crystal Tokyo can come true."

"And since Lita and I were at Capsule Corp we can take you there." Amy added into the encouragement.

"Then why are standing around here for? Lets get going already." Mina finished it off with a quick run out of the temple.

And so the meeting ended with the inners, Darien, Rini, and the cats simply getting up and headed toward the temple's exit.

A/N: Will the scouts be able to win Serena back? Will Serena ever wanted to be with them again? And what will happen if the scouts meets the Z-warriors? Find out in our next exciting conclusion of "I Found Someone"