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It had been seven days since going into the bathroom to read that test. She hasn't talked to anyone. There all worried and the only who knows is Lena but she's being truthful to her word and not telling anyone.

"Brian, we need to talk!" Tibby says finally calling after 2 weeks of unspoken communication. "Please call me when you get this."

Brian never called Tibby back. Tibby went into a deeper a hole. She ran away from college. She ran away from her friends and found herself in the middle of nowhere. Her cellphone has no battery and she's got no money left. She lays down in field waiting to be found.


"Her cellphone is dead." Lena says.

"Why would she leave?" Carmen asks. Lena looks away, trying not reveal what she knows.

"Lena. You know something don't you." Bee asks

"Fine I do. But she asked me not tell anybody. But she didn't tell me she would run away. Something must have happened with Brian when she told him or something." Lena says.

"Tell him what?"

"That ummmm she says uhhhh…

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