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This is a sort of... movieverse AU. I know it doesn't fit in with the movie's chronology... that bugged me too, haha... but that's what makes it AU! (Actually, I'm not even sure that they look like they do in the movie. Picture some sort of interesting blend of the movie and the various TV series.)

Rated T for mechmutilation, "sci-fi action violence" (as they say in official ratings XD), and some vague sort of m/m.

This is chapter 1 of 3. I hope you enjoy it!


Starscream's descent is so sudden that he can't break the fall. Fortunately, he hadn't been very high up, so the drop only stuns him. Much higher, and even his durable armor couldn't have saved him.

He has only a short moment to reflect on his foolishness—how could he have hoped to outrun Megatron, even in the air?—before the ground shakes under the larger mech's landing. Huge hands lift him effortlessly and slam him face-first into the side of a building. Remarkably, he doesn't break through; it must be a thick wall. Even so, he sees the steel dent and crack and feels his armor protest at being abused.

"This will end, Starscream," Megatron growls, his voice rumbling directly into Starscream's auditory sensors. Before the smaller mech can even think to respond, Megatron's sharp claws are clamped onto his wings. All logical thought is drowned by pure panic as Megatron pulls. White-hot pain sears through him, intensifying into unspeakable agony as claws puncture his sensitive wings.

"You will learn this lesson now," Megatron adds. He doesn't need to say more. In some distant place that the pain can't reach, Starscream knows full well what would become of him without his wings. He would be flightless, crippled, useful to none. There was simply no way that he could re-adapt. He would prefer death to such a fate. He writhes in vain, struggling to gain some sort of leverage, but his body won't move the way he wills it to.

"You will fly for me, or not at all," Megatron says. "The Decepticons have one leader, and one alone. That leader is me."

Something must have satisfied him, for his cruel grip on Starscream's wings relents and he is turned so that his back faces the wall. For the moment, at least, his wings are safe, but he knows that this episode can easily be repeated. He still trembles, pain wracking him with even the slightest movement. His vocal processors hurt, too, and that is how Starscream knows that he has been screaming aloud. This is the most probable cause of the cold smile twisting Megatron's mouth.

"How many times must this happen, Starscream?" the massive mech asks conversationally, as though he hasn't just nearly ripped the other's wings from his back. "You are lucky to remain in one piece. My patience is at and end, however. Tell me why I shouldn't destroy you."

"F-Forgive…" Starscream chokes.

"Again, Starscream? I've given you more than your share of forgiveness. If that is the best you can come up with…"

Starscream's back strikes the wall again and he tastes energon. He keeps his mouth shut. He's been weak enough already, and he won't give Megatron the satisfaction of another scream. This seems to intrigue Megatron, who holds off on further violence for the moment.

"Why should I keep you?" he asks, more gently. "You are a strong warrior, and clever. Your uses are many, but that does me no good if I am unsure of your loyalty."

"Chance," Starscream rasps. Megatron laughs darkly.

"Another chance? Very well, you may have one last chance. But this time, you will use it wisely. I will make sure of this."

Before Starscream can move or speak, Megatron's hands are tugging at his chest armor, pulling it open easily, his fingers reaching inside to grasp—

He can't contain the scream this time. This is agony beyond anything he's ever experienced, beyond his power to describe. The base sensation is one of pressure and a careful pull, of a chill making him shudder again and again as Megatron holds his spark.

But worse even than the pain is the pleasure. The ecstasy is deeper by far than the agony and he finds himself fighting, not for less, but for more. And all of this want, this need is directed at Megatron, the only being who has ever dared to touch so intimately—more than "touch," Megatron has boldly taken a hold of his Spark, shown that he will not hesitate to dominate the traitorous mech… and to Starscream's utter amazement, he submits, his entire body arching, shifting to put itself more at Megatron's mercy as his tortured vocal processors let loose a moan that is not anguish so much as pleading.

"Will you fly for me, Starscream?" Megatron whispers, taking what he is given. "Will you prove yourself again and again? Will you submit to my authority? Will you acknowledge me as your lord and master, the leader of the Decepticons?"

And Starscream can do nothing but nod and gasp "Yes, yes," over and over as Megatron holds his Spark, and both the negative and the positive reinforcement shows itself, for now he feels sick at the mere idea of going against Megatron again, both from the lingering agony of his wings' near mutilation and the thrilling joy of this burning grasp which leaves him shuddering, gasping, staring at his leader through wide scarlet optics.

When Megatron lets go, the dented wall is the only thing that keeps Starscream standing.

"You have your chance, Starscream. Don't waste it."

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