Disclaimer: Max, the Flock, Ella, Mom and any other people and events from the original Max Ride books belong to James Patterson.

!Warning! Contains spoilers from MR4.

Getting To Know Me.

Crystal POV

A foot swung towards me. I ducked, then blocked a punch from behind. I faked a punch and he, as predicted, dodged behind me... making it, oh so easy, for me to drop and kick his legs out from underneath him. He fell and I took the opportunity to sprint off. I hid in the woods nearby and, when I was sure no-one was looking, I spread my beautiful black wings and took off. The Erasers may have called me a freak but at times like these, with the breeze gently lifting me up and my powerful wings beating strongly, I felt like nothing could be more right. I sighed as I thought about the Erasers. I mean, I hated them and all, but still, they had had emotions (though most of them were hate, fear, etc.). However, the Flyboys, being robots with Eraser skins, couldn't feel anything emotion-wise and the latest experiment from the School, the Alphas, were based on the Omega model, being without souls.

By now, you're probably asking, what wings? Who are Erasers? And what's the School? Most of those questions can be answered if you just read the Maximum Ride series. But if you haven't read the books I'll have to do a quick re-cap. The School is a branch of Itex and so is the Institute of Higher Living, where I grew up. They experiment with DNA, trying to create the ultimate hybrid. The Erasers were human/wolf hybrids and the Flock and I are the bird kids. The Flock tried to rescue me but I didn't trust them to look after the other experiments and I tried to look after them myself. Triedbeing the operative word here. They all died, one by one as their genetic make-up fell apart. Now I'm the only one left. So I tried to find the Flock again but they aren't so easy to track. At least Fang's Blog helped a bit, even if he was vague on the location issue.

Spotting a town underneath me, I landed gently in an abandoned warehouse. I dodged around the security guard and set off for the shops. I was ready with the credit card with my name on that I just happened to find. Yeah right. I have to admit, I'm lucky, even for a teen runaway with, oh yeah, wings! 'Course I know it's not really luck, just another one of Itex's "tests". I swear, whoever thought up Itex must've had a really twisted mind.

"Ah, excuse me," murmured the shop assistant in front of me, bringing me back to earth with a bump. "Do you wish to purchase these items?"

"Oh, ah, yeah, of course." I stuttered, bringing out my credit card and blushing with embarrassment as I realised I had been standing there for a full five minutes. I bought the stuff, then hurried, hastily, out of the shop. The last thing I needed was to draw more attention to myself. All it needed was one kindly person to enquire about the slits in the back of my tee-shirt and BANG I would be all over the news.

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