Title: A flight of stairs
Pairing: ByaRen or RenBya, depends on your point of view
Author: me
Beta: shiawaseai from LJ
Summary: Don't jump on Bya if you're not sure you have something soft behind him.
Rating: T
Warnings: implications, bad language, fluff, yaoi, one-shot
Words: about 360
Disclaimer: Blah. You know they're not mine and are adult so they can make legal love.
A/N: based on my school experiences (we have 4 floors and the expression "a FLIGHT of stairs" sometimes seems to be quite... accurate :P)

"Ow… s-sorry, taichou… I… I didn't realize… the stairs…"

Fucking shit! What a lack of brain! How could I not realize that just behind Byakuya were those fucking stairs!

But it was too late. I had already jumped onto him in a wave of lovely affection… and well, sent us both rolling down the stairs. To apologize, after getting up myself, I lifted him from the ground, placed him on his feet and straightened his robes a little. He was unhurt, luckily, but he didn't look too pleased. In fact, he was freezing me with his gaze, so I grinned at him innocently. I saw that his silver kenseikan was a bit askew, so I tried to put it in place, but before my hand reached his hair, he pushed it aside. A hint of mischievous smile appeared on his lips.

I gulped, still grinning. That wasn't a good sign. He took my by the shoulders and turned me around.

When I realized there was another flight of stairs, it was too late. He had already kicked my ass.

The next moment I was flying, bumping occasionally onto the steps. I was too surprised to scream.

"Sorry, fukutaichou. I didn't realize the obvious presence of the stairs in front of you," I heard his almost mocking voice when I landed with a loud crack straight on my head.

Well, I've experienced worse injuries during battles…

I saw his white tabi very close to my face, meaning he was standing above me. I got up without much effort, though my head still hurt a little.

"Next time, make sure there is something soft behind me when you will be having similar ideas," Byakuya said while I massaged the back of my neck.

"Like a bed?" I asked stupidly before I realized the meaning of that word.

"Well, it seems that your thoughts wander around one particular subject," Byakuya said with a shadow of smirk. "But yes, a bed is a good idea. Do you wish to try it tonight to assure that you will be familiar with the situation?" he asked. I grinned widely. Sometimes, he was unpredictable.