Digimon Frontier: The Legend of the Sentinel Goddesses

A pair of long and pale fingers tapped furiously at the black keyboard. Every minute or so, a right hand would shift to the mouse, click around once or twice, then return to typing.

Sarucheese (17:58:02): man! i cant believe summer is here.

Prettyinpurple (17:58:45): ya! and tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

Prettyinpurple (17:59:09): beach fun here we come! im gonna play beach volley all DAY!!

Sarucheese (17:59:15): yay 4 killer tans!

Prettyinpurple (17:59:32): zz who cares about tans when u can spike a vball in takky's face??

Prettyinpurple (17:59:33): lol

Prettyinpurple (17:59:39): o frick i gotta do some last minute beach shopping w/ mom. c u tmr! xox

Sarucheese (17:59:53): yo i care about tans...

Sarucheese (17:59:55): anyway lates! xoxo

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Fourteen-year-old Saruchi Kanbara sat up from her bed and stretched. She closed her laptop, got off the bed, and walked over to the window, surveying the yard in front of the Kanbara's cozy home in the suburbs of Shibuya City. She shut her sky-blue eyes in pleasure as the setting sun warmed her pale skin. Her pure-white hair, which was shoulder-length - except for a handful of strands on the upper left of her head that had been tied up by a slim black hair band -, glimmered in the shining rays of the sun.

What a beautiful day, Saruchi thought to herself. Crap, maybe I should have done something more productive than spending all day online.

A quick rapping at her door interrupted her thoughts. Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! She swirled around in surprise, and beheld Shinya Kanbara, her eighteen-month-younger brother.

Shinya, 13-years old and going into the eighth grade, was essentially a younger replica of Takuya in physical appearance. There were only a few exceptions: Shinya's hair was a darker, redder brown, highlighted with natural copper-colored streaks, and his eyes were duller compared to Takuya's milk-chocolate brown hair and light-filled russet eyes. Shinya also happened to be incredibly smart for his young age, and brought home various awards from school on a monthly basis, much to the chagrin of his older siblings.

"Yo. Dinner. Spaghetti. Right now," said Shinya irritably. He was ravenous and spaghetti and meatballs was his favorite thing to have for dinner. He especially enjoyed putting two meatballs up to his eyes, pretending to be "The Meatball Menace," and basically annoying the hell out of Takuya.

"All right," Saruchi said, then followed Shinya out of the room and shut the door. Instantly, her nose was filled with a recognizable, drool-inducing scent. Her stomach grumbled hungrily as she and Shinya raced down the stairs. He-llo, meatballs!

Mr. Kanbara, Mrs. Kanbara, and Takuya were already seated at the circular dining table. Takuya hadn't even noticed Shinya and Saruchi's entrance because he was in a trance-like state, staring at the food; meanwhile, a small dribble of spit had collected at the corner of his mouth. As Shinya took his seat, which was in between Mrs. Kanbara and Takuya, he paused to give Takuya a hard thwack upside the head.

"Hey! What the hel—heck — was that for?!" Takuya snapped.

"You had the Amazon River forming at the side of your mouth," Shinya brazenly shot back. Saruchi bit her lip, trying not to laugh, as Mr. Kanbara chuckled, while Mrs. Kanbara simply told Shinya to say sorry.

"Sorry, Takuya," Shinya said, his eyes full of fake remorse for the benefit of his parents. Takuya and Saruchi were used to this blazing injustice; fortunately for them, they had long since learned not to say a word.

The atmosphere was peacefully quiet for a few minutes, only broken by the occasional "pass the water, please"s and "here, let me get that for you"s. Takuya was lifting a forkful of BBQ sauce-drenched rib meat to his mouth when the doorbell rang. Takuya sprung up from the table faster than lightening. The fork fell to his plate with a loud clang.

"I'll get that!" he shouted, and before his parents could object, he almost sprinted from the dining room and into the hallway. He was only wearing socks so he slid quickly and effortlessly down the hall, which had recently-waxed wooden flooring, while his long white shirt billowed like a sheet behind him. He stopped himself just short of the door and peered curiously into the peephole. A navy blue eye blinked back at him.

"Kouji?" Takuya said in surprise.

"TAKUYA! HURRY! OPEN THE DOOR!!" Kouji Minamoto, 15, yelled from the other side of the door.

Takuya's mouth curled into a small grin. He was going to have fun with this. How often did Kouji beg, after all?
"Honey, who is it?" Mrs. Kanbara shouted from the dining room.

"No one, Mom – !"

"Takuya! C'mon!"

"Who's at the door, Takuya?" Mrs. Kanbara yelled impatiently.

"It's just Kouji, Mom – !" More heavy pounding.

"Open the god damn door!"

"Hey! This is my house and I don't have to take such language!"

"Takuya!" Kouji pounded on the door some more.

"Won't do nothin' if you don't say please!" Takuya sang.

"God dammit!"

Suddenly, the door handle flew through the door and sailed in a straight path through the air, past Takuya, impaling the wall opposite the door. Above the point of impact, a Kanbara family portrait, painted several years ago, was slightly tilted. The door swung open, revealing Kouji Minamoto, Takuya's best friend and unofficial heartthrob of North Shibuya. Kouji, who was breathing hard, lowered his foot, which was outstretched, and stepped into the house.

The look on Takuya's face was one of pure shock as he surveyed what his friend had done: there were pathetic-looking splinters on the door where the handle had been, a deep dent was imprinted on the wall where the handle, which was now lying on the floor looking pretty pathetic, had impacted it.

Takuya stared at the wall, then at Kouji, then back at the wall again.

"Ahem…" Kouji scrambled for words. "Lovely… portrait up there?" he said awkwardly, pointing at the tilted picture. Takuya burst out laughing as Kouji regained his composure.

"Buddy, you really gotta work on that temper…" Takuya grinned. Why wasn't he mad? Because this was not the first time Kouji had broken something at the Kanbara household; last time, one of Takuya's soccer trophies, this time, the house's foundation.

"Buddy," said Kouji, "you really need to work on listening to everything I say. Now what are your parents gonna say?"

Takuya shrugged.

Kouji rolled his eyes and strode toward the wall. He inspected the point-of-impact.

Even though Kouji would never admit it, Takuya Kanbara was the best friend he had ever had and would probably ever have. They had the classic love-hate relationship, but they were a perfect fit for each other. Kouji was the subdued thinker who only spoke when necessary, while Takuya was the hot-headed man of action, always wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Meanwhile, they were both annoyingly stubborn, endlessly clever (albeit in different ways), and cluelessly attractive.

"So, why'd you come here?" Takuya asked, his curiousity getting the better of him. He was anticipating a nice long explanation for Kouji's rude (but not altogether unwelcome) interruption, so he sat down on the floor against the wall and began to stretch his long, soccer-toned legs.

"Oh, right…" Kouji exclaimed. He reached into the pocket of his North Face jacket and pulled out his phone. He tapped the keypad for a few moments until he found what he was looking for. He held out his black LG Envy for Takuya to read the short text message that was displayed:

important find sentinel goddesses kerpymon hurry

The message had no sender.

Takuya read it once, read it again, and then looked up at Kouji, who was looking at Takuya intensely. Takuya frowned. Kouji arched an eyebrow.

"Well?" Kouji inquired. Hopefully, Takuya had some clue about what a "sentinel goddess" was. Kouji had been puzzling over it for the past two hours. And even if Takuya didn't know, then he'd still realize the importance of the SMS. Either way, the blue eyed teen was expecting a smarter response than –

"Sorry, but I'm not really getting the picture here, Kouji. Is 'Kerpymon' a nickname for a girlfriend or something?" Then his eyes widened in genuine shock. "But Kouji! Me 'n' Izu thought you liked –"

"KERPYMON IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Kouji snapped. He was getting frustrated already, and he had no idea, nor did he want to have an idea, of the name Takuya had been about to say.

"She, I mean, he, is not even human!" His dark eyes darted around the room surreptitiously, expecting to find some sort of eavesdropper. Still not convinced of their security, he motioned Takuya to bring his ear closer.

"Remember in the Digital World how Cherubimon changed into a different Digimon when he was purified? Kerpymon was the name of Cherubimon's purified form!" Kouji whispered fiercely. The cobalt eyes stared intensely into the russet ones. Then, somewhere inside those russet eyes, something clicked.

Takuya's eyes widened. "No way!" Kouji smirked.

This was beyond anything Takuya had expected.

Magic and Might (00:18:09): so ur sayin dat the digimon r calling us again?

Lupine Lasers (00:18:22 AM): For the last time JP. YES!

Magic and Might (00:18:45): sry kouji. its just a little hard 2 believe

Magic and Might (00:19:02): nobody else got the text message but u. maybe takuya is playin a prank on u

Lupine Lasers (00:19:13): No way. He was the first person I talked to about it, and he was genuinely surprised.

Magic and Might (00:19:54): brb

Lupine Lasers (00:22:32):

Magic and Might (00:23:07): ok back…h/o

User Prettyinpurple has joined the chat room (00:23:20)

Prettyinpurple (00:23:21): whats the matter JP??

Lupine Lasers (00:23:28):

Prettyinpurple (00:23:34): oh hey KM! whats up??

Lupine Lasers (00:23:48): I'D LIKE TO ASK JP THE SAME QUESTION!!

Magic and Might (00:24:15): dont get ur granny panties in a bunch. tell z what happened

Prettyinpurple (00:28:33): omg!!

Magic and Might (00:28:44): hat?

Magic and Might (00:28:47): what?

Prettyinpurple (00:28:59): kouji fwded me!!

Prettyinpurple (00:29:01): but wats a sentinel goddess??

Lupine Lasers (00:29:10): I looked up "sentinel goddess" on google and nothing turned up.

Magic and Might (00:29:12): wtf

Magic and Might (00:29:14): dont b stupid

Magic and Might (00:29:19): that's like googling "lobomon" and expecting results

Lupine Lasers (00:29:25): For god's sake. Since you're such a wise guy, you think of something better to do.

Magic and Might (00:29:27): uh……

Prettyinpurple (00:29:32): OMG!! i just googled "kouji lobomon"!!

Lupine Lasers (00:29:35): Really?

Prettyinpurple (00:29:36): ya…

Prettyinpurple (00:29:41): some site called "BOOBGIRLDOTNET" turned up first!! LOL!!

Prettyinpurple (00:30:12): helloooo??

Prettyinpurple (00:30:33): guys?

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"The confusing thing was; there is no 'boob girl dot net'. I made it up. Okay – three, two, one, PUSH!"
With a grunt, 15-year-old Izumi Orimoto and grademates Shinya Kanbara and Tomoki Himi pushed hard, using their entire weight. Finally, the trunk of the SUV closed with a satisfying click. Meanwhile, the Kanbara twins Takuya and Saruchi, who were sitting cross-legged on the grass a few feet from the driveway, laughed themselves to tears. So it was true, there WAS testosterone beneath Kouji's hard exterior.

It was morning after, and the Chosen Warriors (plus Saruchi, Shinya, and Yutaka Himi, Tomoki's older brother) were all at the Himi home (which was rather grand and spacious for being in a suburb of a world city). It was so early, the sun hadn't even begun its ascent over the Tokyo horizon; nevertheless, the air was warm like it was already ten in the morning. With the suitcases and beach towels and parasols and volleyball set and god knows what else safely closed inside the trunk of the car and Takuya, Kouji, and Kouichi's bikes tied securely to the top of the vehicle, the Warriors & Co. could finally set off on their journey to the beach.

"Now all we need is the driver," said Izumi. She turned to Tommy. "Where's your brother, Tommy? Wait…" she looked around, and then was alarmed when she only saw Tommy, Takuya, Saruchi, and Shinya. "Oh my god, where are the others?"

13-year-old Tomoki flicked his jade eyes toward the house. He still had an air of naïve innocence even though he had undergone a major growth spurt and was now as tall as Izumi, at 5"6. While he thought, he adjusted the black cotton beanie on his head. "Yutaka said they were going to the bathroom, so I guess they'll be back in a minute," he supposed.

Just then, the front door to the home opened, and Kouji walked out, followed by Kouichi Kimura, his long-lost twin brother (Well technically, Kouji was the long-lost twin brother, but anyway). Kouichi looked exactly like he had four years ago in the digital world, with the same haircut and the same jaded, but kind light in his eyes. He looked almost exactly like Kouji, with the matching pale complexion, navy eyes, and black hair; however, he was about an inch shorter than his younger brother. Height didn't matter when it came to the strong bond that the brothers shared, so it went by unnoticed most of the time (AKA: when Takuya had more important things to comment on).

Junpei (JP) Shibayama and Yutaka Himi came out of the house after Kouichi and Kouji. JP, turning seventeen that September, had lost a few pounds (and that hideous blue jumpsuit - thank goodness!), but he still possessed the familiar rotund figure, making it obvious that the pounds he had had in the Digital World were not just "baby fat". Yutaka Himi, on the other hand, looked just like his brother: lanky, with warm green eyes and soft chestnut hair. He was jingling his car keys in one hand and holding a steaming silver flask in the other. The outdoor light illuminated the four boys, and Izumi's eyes lit up when she spotted them.

"Hey guys, the car's all packed!" she said enthusiastically. Takuya got up from the grass and stretched his limbs.

"C'mon, you heard the girl! Let's move, move, move it!" he cried.

Yutaka looked disturbed. "Christ, what's wrong with you two? You're both as full of energy as I will be when the caffeine finally kicks in," he said resentfully, taking a small sip from the large flask as he unlocked the doors of his silver-colored 2007 Isuzu Ascender.

Takuya grinned unabashedly and Izumi looked sheepish, but still excited. Because seriously, come on! For the next 2 days and 1 night, they would be having fun with the waves, the sand, and the sunshine. And in the words of our favorite goggle head, "put that all together and what do you got? The beach, baay-beh!"

"All right people, get in so we can get this show on the road," Yutaka said while he got into the car. He turned the car on. The engine revved noisily.

Then Junpei screamed, pushed Kouichi and Kouji aside, and ran to the front passenger seat. He almost tripped over his own feet while running.

"SHOTGUNSHOTGUNSHOTGUNSHOTGUN!" was what Junpei was screaming. Several birds flew from their coops in the trees in the Himi yard and other surrounding yards; also, even the demure Mrs. Himi had to come outside and tell them to keep their voices down. After everybody apologized again for being too loud and Mrs. Himi went back inside (but not before giving them a parental "have fun, be safe" speech), Yutaka slapped JP in the face.

"Out of my car. No shotgun for you, big mouth," the 19-year-old said sternly.

JP's mouth dropped open. He looked flabbergasted. "Whaat?! But I'm the oldest out of everyone here!"

"And Tommy is youngest, not to mention the fact that he's my brother. Therefore, he is shot gunning today. Out of my car, and don't make me repeat it again. I have a killer headache." He took another sip from his flask.

"Umm, should he really be driving?" Saruchi muttered.

Kouji and Kouichi happened to be closest to Saruchi when she said this. They began to look uncomfortable.

JP grumbled as Tomoki sat in the front seat. Tomoki shot the Warrior of Thunder an apologetic look before shutting the door. Meanwhile, Takuya, Izumi, and Shinya had already claimed their spots in the middle row of the SUV.

Takuya rolled down the window and stuck his head out like a dog. He flashed his tongue at everyone outside. "You guys are just gonna have to squish yourselves the back row! Have fun!" Izumi, who was beside him, grinned cheekily. Yutaka's car only seated seven: two in the front row, three in the middle row, and three in the back. However, seeing as there were eight people, four were going to have to squish into a row that was only meant for three.

"Hey! Not fair! I say girls sit in middle row!" Saruchi complained, looking to Izumi for support. Izumi fervently nodded her agreement.

"Saru, what the hell!? Six boys can't fit in the back," Takuya retorted.

"Takuya, there are only five of us."

An embarassed blush spread over Takuya's tanned cheeks. "Uhh… well, no offense… but, JP…"

Everyone sweat dropped and glanced at Junpei.

A noncommittal "hmph" was Junpei's response.

Soon enough, everyone was arguing over who was going to sit where. Yutaka pressed his index finger to his temple. Fuck! I should have known baby sitting eight teenagers was a bad way to start to summer! This sucks I need a smoke.

"Everybody just shut up and chill," Yutaka said in a forced calm voice as he lit up a cigarette, "There's only one fair way to settle this. Four youngest people in the back (not counting Tommy)."

Poor little Shinya threw his hands up in the air in exasperation.

In less than 10 minutes, everyone was inside the vehicle. When Takuya made a scene about not wanting to sit in the middle (as opposed to a window seat), Yutaka dictated that the oldest from each row would get window seats. So in the back row, Takuya and Izumi got the window while Saruchi (who is 6 minutes younger than Takuya) and Shinya sat in between them, and they were satisfied. Meanwhile, Kouji was pissed at having to sit next to JP, considering last night's events, but when Kouichi offered his seat, Kouji declined; Kouichi had a proclivity for carsickness. Before Yutaka moved the car, he double-checked that there was absolutely nobody wanted to use the toilet before they left, and when everyone affirmed, he backed out of the driveway. They were on their way to the beach!

But of course, fifteen minutes afterwards, the SUV pulled up to and parked at a McDonalds. Takuya, Saruchi, and Izumi needed the bathroom.

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