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The Legend of the Sentinel Goddesses

**********Saruchi's room

6:30 PM. The time on the clock indicated that it was getting late; however, Saruchi noted with some disdain for her oh-so-annoying siblings, the house was almost empty. Both of Saruchi's siblings were still out with their friends, leaving a bored Saruchi alone at home to do… nothing. So far, she had reorganized her closet for the second time that week, alphabetized her CDs, changed the sheets, and cleaned her desk. She was a compulsive cleaner; she had to have her room as clean as her white hair, or she felt terribly discomposed.

Now that her room was tidy, she had enough spare time to contemplate the mysterious blue card. It shone in the light glowing from her bedroom ceiling. Moving it from side to side produced a rainbow of colors on its surface. It was just long and thin enough to fit into the disc drive of a Mac computer, fulfilling its primary purpose of transporting Saruchi to another world.

Speaking of other worlds, telling Kouji what had… happened… to her had been a good idea. Saruchi felt calm for the first time since her "dream".

Suddenly, Saruchi stood up and moved over to her Mac, deciding to check her email. She placed the card on the desk next to her and pressed the Mac's on button. The computer booted and soon, the familiar desktop of white stars against the purple cosmos appeared. She noticed a new icon on her desktop: a yellow dragon much like the one on the blue card. The mouse hovered over the icon. displayed on the monitor. Interested, Saruchi clicked it. An error message window opened, asking the user to please insert one (1) blue card. Saruchi glanced at the blue card. She instantly felt that her next action would be something she'd really regret in the morning. Despite her hesitation she inserted the blue card into the Mac's disc drive. She shut her eyes expectantly, expecting a flashing light from her memory. The computer made a low beeping noise. Saruchi opened one blue eye.

In a window labeled , the pixel dinosaur was on her screen. Its arms were moving up and down and its tail side to side. A quote bubble with half a page of text told Saruchi her full name and her IP address and asked for a 'destination', naming ten areas each with a checkbox next to their names: Flame Terminal, Light Terminal, Ice Region, Wind Region, Thunder Terminal, Earth Region, Forest Terminal, Water Island, Steel Terminal, and Dark Terminal. Without thinking much, Saruchi selected Wind Region and hit 'ok'. The window closed. The screen glowed, a familiar blue hue. Saruchi closed her eyes.

**********Wind Region

Saruchi opened her eyes again finding herself sitting on a tree branch.

"Woah, where am I?" Saruchi quickly checked her surroundings. She appeared to be at the top of a tree. Above her, rays of sunlight glowed through green leaves and brown branches. The nearest tree was a stone's throw away. The ground was visible below her. The distance seemed like miles. She immediately wondered how the heck she was going to get down.

Saruchi swung her legs up and over the branch and pulled herself to a standing position. The next lowest branch was about five feet below her, but unfortunately, it was a quarter of the way around the tree. She wrapped her arms around the trunk and began jerking her leg in the direction of the branch. If only her legs were a little bit longer, she could reach.

A mauve fruit shaped like an avocado was hanging among a cluster of leaves just above her. She picked it off and struck it against the tree trunk until it cracked open. The inside looked just like a pear. Saruchi pressed her tongue against the flesh and licked it, to taste, then immediately pulled away. It tasted like spinach. She rubbed her tongue on her clothes.

A whooshing noise came from above. Saruchi dropped the fruit and instinctively wrapped her arms around the tree trunk. A pink bird about 6 feet tall with big blue eyes and a red beak landed on the branch right above her. It stared at her with one black pupil.

"H-hello," stammered Saruchi after several long moments.

The mutant bird, clearly a digimon, cocked its head to the side.

"What's your name?" Saruchi said.

"Biyomon," said the pink digimon. "What's yours?"

"Saruchi Kanbara," said Saruchi, shifting her position. Then she yelped.

"What's wrong?" asked Biyomon.

"Rock in my shoe," Saruchi said. She sat down on the branch and removed her boot.

"What are you doing in the Digital World?" asked Biyomon. Saruchi shook the boot. A gray stone fell into her hand.

"I don't really know. There was an old woman, the blue card, and Renamon," said Saruchi, tossing the pebble to the ground below.

Biyomon looked at her searchingly. Then she pressed one nail to her mouth. "Shh," she hissed

"What's happening?" Saruchi asked, putting her shoe back on.

But on the word 'What', Biyomon jumped onto Saruchi branch and placed its claw on Saruchi's mouth. Biyomon's claw smelled like berries. Moments passed. Saruchi made the unfortunate mistake of looking down. She tightened her arms around the tree.

After several moments, a large shadow darkened the leaves of the tree. Everything color went a couple of shades darker as if something had blocked the sunlight. Saruchi looked up and gasped quietly. A dragonish creature with a navy blue underbelly and navy blue, blue-green, and rose pink wings flew overhead, its head swiveling from side to side and focusing on the trees intently. It was so gigantic, it took almost thirty seconds for the tail alone to pass Saruchi. When the beast was a safe distance away, Saruchi glared at Biyomon.

"What was that thing?"

"That thing was DarkOrnismon. He's been looking for me for days. He wants to destroy me."


When the pink digimon spoke again, it spoke in a tone of anguish and hopelessness. "He has no reason. My friends, the other Biyomon, all got destroyed… and so did the Harpymon family… and the poor Blossomon, although they were quite unpleasant to be around…" she counted off several other species of Digimon that had been lost. "…anyway, it is my turn to play this cruel game of hide and seek," she finished.

"How can I help?" she asked.

"You can't."

"What! That's not fair!" Saruchi protested. "You have to do something… can't you destroy him?"

"I'm nowhere near powerful enough!" snapped Biyomon.

"Well then, is there a way you could hide?" asked Saruchi.

"There is one way," said the digimon thoughtfully.

"And that is…?"

**********In Shibuya

Tommy, walking at the back of the group, walked swiftly to catch up with Hideaki at the front of the group.

"Where are we going, Hideaki?" asked Tommy.

"We're going to Aya's house."

"The girl me and my friends saw at the train station?" Tommy asked.


"How come you didn't meet Aya at the train station last week?"

"I saw you and your friends in the station. I couldn't risk being seen."

"You saw us? Where?"

"Entering the elevator," said Hideaki. "I was on the stairs."

"How did you recognize us?" Tommy asked.

"I have pictures of all of you on my laptop," said Hideaki.

Tommy's eyes widened. "Oh-kay…"

"Do you like computers?" asked Hideaki.

"Yeah, I like them a lot!" Tommy said. "I'm a proud geek."

"I didn't know middle schoolers knew what a geek was…" Hideaki smiled. "You must be pretty smart."

"You know how it is," Tommy said smoothly. Although, Tommy didn't think it took too much genius to know a little thing called 'labeling'. "I used to take apart and put back together my video game consoles from when I was younger."

"Cool," said Hideaki, turning his head to look behind him. Tommy looked too, but he only saw Takuya and Kouji talking in quiet tones. "Hey guys, we're almost there," he said to the rest of the group.

"Okay," they chorused.

Tommy turned his eyes to the sky. The sun was almost at the horizon. A crescent moon, half-transparent, was visible in the sky. It was getting dark. How were they going to meet Aya and go to the Digital World before bedtime?

Hideaki took out his cell phone. "I have to make a call," he said to Tommy. Tommy watched as Hideaki lifted his wrist to his mouth. On his wrist was a black cylindrical device that circled Hideaki's wrist and went up to the middle of his forearm. It snapped open revealing a rectangular screen and black buttons.

"No way. That looks awesome!" Tommy said, amazed at the device.

"It's an LG Cosmos 2009. State of the art," explained Hideaki. Which meant that it was next years model. Tommy stared at the device lovingly. Hideaki pressed a few buttons on the device. Then he snapped the screen shut and connected his headset.

"Hello?... Aya, this is Hideaki, we're going to be at your house in ten minutes. Please bring a small backpack and fill it with water and food…. dress lightly as if you were going to your friend's house. …okay. Say hi to Naruto. …tell him you'll be back tonight…...Bye."

"Who's Naruto?" asked Tommy.

"Her dog."

"Oh." Tommy said. He had been wondering who the mysterious Naruto from the love note was.

In Shibuya

Takuya and Kouji were talking heatedly. "So do you really want to trust this guy?" Kouji asked.

"Well we have no other choice. He's our only hope to get to you-know-where," Takuya said pointedly.

"But … we don't know his past… where he comes from… how he got Kouichi's number…" Kouji counted the list off on his fingers, seemingly confounded by the amount of items on his list. "He's so mysterious."

"You're imagining things," Takuya said finally.

Kouji looked at Takuya with cold navy eyes. "I am not imagining things. It's freaking weird how he just appeared out of no where, and if you think about it the relationships he has with Teddy and Aya is weird too."

"He seems like a nice, normal guy that happens to have a connection that we need… and possibly a secret love of young, impressionable girls," Takuya said. "Speaking of connections, have you heard from Kerpymon?"

"Not since he asked us for help." Kouji glanced at Takuya. Takuya's face betrayed days of worry.

"Maybe he's hiding. Waiting for us to get there." Takuya said confidently, but Kouji could tell Takuya didn't really believe it.

Maybe it was over. Maybe the worst had already happened.

"Maybe," Kouji said shortly.

In Shibuya

"Here we are," said Hideaki.

They had arrived in front of a wrought iron gate with a brick fence about 7 feet high. Hideaki looked behind him, checking that they were all there. Satisfied, he pressed the buzzer. A girl's voice answered the call immediately.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Aya-chan, it's me, Hideaki."

"Oh, come on in! The gate's open!"

Hideaki reached for the handle and opened the gate.

The group walked to the front door of the home, a two-story house. The front yard was decorated with squat gnomes and stone statues of Japanese demons. As they were walking to the front door, the front door suddenly opened and out came the petite girl that they had seen in the Trailmon station. A big yellow golden retriever bounded out of the house behind her.

"Hide-kun!" she exclaimed, running towards Hideaki and giving him a big hug.

"Aya-chan," said Hideaki. "And Naruto," he said, petting the golden retriever. "How are you doing?"

"Terrible. It's just terrible…" she sniffled, "My boyfriend just broke up with me."

"Uh, wow…" Hideaki looked at the others with wide eyes.

"That sucks so much," said Izumi, putting a hand on Aya's shoulder.

"My boyfriend is a scumbag!"

Izumi and Teddy gave each other knowing glances as Aya started to cry.

**********At the library

"Okay, everyone get in front of my laptop," said Hideaki. "Don't push, just stand right behind me in a straight line."

"I'm going to be first," said Tommy, excitedly.

"If you're first, I'm second," Takuya said.

"I'm third!" Junpei added.

"Can't you guys just get in line in a regular fashion?" asked Izumi, flipping her hair behind her head. "We are in a public place," she said seriously, gesturing around at the library. Not that anyone would have seen what the group was doing. They were in a secluded area of the library far from any people.

"What are we doing?" asked Teddy, somewhat impatiently.

"Yeah, no one exactly filled me in on why I had to pack all this stuff," Aya said with a slight whine, who had calmed down from the crying spell she had had earlier.

"We're going to be doing something important. It's going to be dangerous, but I need you guys to trust me," Hideaki said.

"I'm in, whatever it is," Aya said.

"Me too."

Hideaki opened several folders with long names until he finally opened a folder called Project Terrier.

"What's Project Terrier?" asked Takuya curiously.

"Something me and my master made." Hideaki replied and opened a file called . A large window appeared.

"I have a bad feeling about this in my toesies," Aya muttered.

"Ready?" Hideaki looked at everyone, his eyes unseen behind the sunglasses.

"Yeah," the group chorused.

"Alright, here we go. He double clicked a button. The screen glowed white. "When I say go, everyone put your hand on my laptop."

"…Ready… set… go."

They all pressed a hand on whatever part of the laptop they could touch. The laptop glowed white, then the white light spread to each of their fingertips. The light spread up their arms and covered their bodies like a glowing white liquid. Then they were sucked into the computer and they were gone. Incidentally, everyone in the library continued doing what they were doing, paying no heed to the unoccupied black laptop.

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