So here you go, a Batman(ish) fanfiction, I'm branching out and leaving my safe zone... so if it's awful i'm sorry. Uhm, it's a nice ambiguous Robin-centric fic that challenges you to use your'll see what I mean...

Robin woke with a groan, Alfred had brought breakfast and mercifully Aspirin. What did I do last night? He thought for a moment and then it hit him all too hard. Last night had been his 18th birthday and Bruce had spared no expense in throwing him a party.

"Good morning Young Master, glad to see you made it to your room. I would have helped you myself but a small emergency required my presence in the kitchen." Alfred said as he watched the young man maneuver himself into a sitting position, the covers falling to reveal a bare chest. "Is there anything else you require?" The butler asked the corners of his mouth twitching in a repressed smile.

"No thank you Alfred, I'm fine...Oh Alfred! Did you open the windows? I had them closed for the rain yesterday afternoon."

"No sir, they were open when I came in."

"Alright, thanks Alfred." He said dazedly as he swallowed the pills and forced down a bite of toast.

"Ah, forgive me for asking sir, but did you perhaps entertain a young lady last night?" Alfred tried again to stop the corners of his mouth from creeping upwards.

"No, well um, I don't think so." The hung over Boy Wonder replied "Why?"

"No reason sir, ring the bell if you need me."

"Alright." He said as he reluctantly took another bite of toast. Who were the girls at the party? He tried to remember. The only two that stuck out were the stunning Selina Kyle, who always made him a little nervous, and Barbara Gordon. She had wished him a happy birthday with a kiss on the cheek that left them both blushing furiously. Forcing down a third bite of toast he vaguely remembered someone helping him to his room. The only detail he could remember clearly was the way they smelled was wonderful. Hauling himself to his feet he managed to find the shirt he had been wearing, he picked it up and buried his face in it. It still carried the same deep dark scent as his mystery assistant. It reminded him of crisp night air and something softer perhaps, it was in a way familiar but he couldn't place it. He also noticed a button was missing up near his collar. He silently hoped he had popped it off himself in his inebriated state, if not someone had helped him undress. Abandoning his shirt he shuffled to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face he looked into the mirror. he froze seeing his own reflection for the first time. There on his left pectoral, dead center, was a reddish-purple bruise which upon closer inspection was revealed to be a bite mark. Apparently he HAD "entertained" someone last night. But who?

hmmm...interesting very interesting so, ah, i leave it up to you to decide all the juicy details...