Hey everyone

Hey everyone!

I got a story idea a couple days ago, thot it mite be fun to write so I am :

Ok short explanation, uhh, so its set way back in time but with Lily and James and friends. That's the only real explanation needed, the rest will be written in the story.

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It was the year I turned 17 years of age that my life changed forever. I was happy and content, or as much as I could be in an orphanage. I had many friends, but only two close ones, Elizabeth Remmell and Mary Grace Osley. Oh, right, my name is Lillian Marie Evans, I never knew my parents and I honestly never want to. They were supposedly killed for breaking the law, and the law should always be upheld. They dishonored me, to such a point that I myself who was barely a year old is now treated poorly for their thoughtless actions.

I have therefore been attending St. Dymphna's Orphanage for 16 years, and I will never call it home. It's an evil place with good intentions. From the outside, the building looks clean, well put together, a sanctuary. Walk inside, and you'll notice the missing floorboards, the stair railing that has cracked and split in two, the stained rugs and grimy barred windows. Yes the front looks beautiful, but the inside is ugly. Strange, this building reflects many a person I know.

The Head of St. Dymphna's is Madam Agnes Hester, and her soul is much darker then any who should own a building named after a saint. Her ways of order are strict and her ideas of punishment are brutal. I don't think my scars will ever fade, and the ones that had are still obvious in my memory.

I never thought I would escape the horrible place. As soon as I turned 18 I would be legally allowed to, but where would I go? Nowhere. My only chance of survival was staying in this place.

But then hope came to me. Hope, and love, and happiness, and meaning to my sad pathetic life came to me through a terrible story of hate and death, confusion and misunderstandings. And it all started with the simple command, the simple order, the simple job to go and deliver a letter.

"Lily, I like your hair this morning." Elizabeth smiled sadly at me as she patted my shaking hand. I had woken up late. Deserving of 10 hits with that witch's cane. Elizabeth was always the one to comfort me when things like this happened. They happened all the time to everyone, but more to me. I was 'rebellious' at times. Waking up late was by accident, however.

"I braided it." Mary Grace stated loudly. "Isn't it lovely?"

"Just." Elizabeth agreed, ignoring Mary Grace's obvious boasting. That was what we all knew her for. She was loud, blunt, and self-obsessed. But she had a big heart, which was always in the right place, and she was very good at sneaking into stores to buy healing herbs while we went into town with the rest of the orphanage. We needed her, and even if we didn't I would still love her with all my heart.

"Yes, thank you Mary." I smiled warmly, my voice quavering slightly on her name. I suppose I was the strong one in the group. I'd seen both of my friends cry, Elizabeth in sadness, Mary Grace in anger, both in pain. But I never cried. At least, not in front of them. They didn't need more problems on their mind.

"Lillian Marie Evans!" the shout rang out through the dining hall. Breakfast talk grew quieter as Madam Hester thumped her cane against the wooden door leading out of the huge room. I quickly stood up, banging my leg in the process.

"What does she need you for?" Mary Grace began, glaring at the devil.

"You haven't broken another rule, have you Lillian?" Elizabeth asked anxiously. I shook my head and made my way across the room. I turned around and glanced at my two friends. Elizabeth had golden hair, straight and long. It was tied back in a low ponytail as it almost always was, flowing down her back gracefully.

Mary Grace was glowering, eyes now focused on her burnt toast. She had short-cropped brown hair, barely passing her chin. Her dark eyes revealed more emotion then Elizabeth's blue ones ever would. Her chin jutted out in annoyance as she glanced up quickly over at me. They both wore the same as me, grey floor length dresses, long sleeved, tight around the wrists. Elizabeth and I were wearing our worn brown shoes, though I had a feeling Mary Grace was barefooted. She hated her too small chaffing shoes.

I turned back and continued my way between the long wooden benches and tables, ignoring the girls and boys all dressed in grey watching me. I made my way up to the tall woman, her dark brown hair pushed back into a tight knot, her black long dress was similar to mine though obviously of better material. She was slightly overweight, but only just. She tapped her cane against the floor as she waited for me to do something. I curtsied low to the ground, not making eye contact.

"Good Morning, Madam Hester." I sighed slowly, before rising back to full height, eyes not leaving the floor. "I hope you are well this morning."

"Quite," the witch answered in her gruff voice, her nose in the air. "I have a job for you, Lillian. You are to deliver a letter to the Lord's Mansion. He has just made a very gracious donation and we all need to thank him. Change into something cleaner, brush out you hair and braid it again, make sure you look perfect. Let him know his money is not being wasted, and hopefully he will make yet another donation in the future."

"But Miss, my clothes all look like this." I whispered, not wanting to be hit again, though I didn't fear the stupid woman.

"Don't be idiotic, girl." She scoffed. "Clothes have been laid out in your room, go dress in them and deliver this letter." She handed me an envelope, flourishing writing decorated the front and a red wax seal close the back.

"And be quick about it, I want you back before dark."

"Of course, Miss." I took the letter from her pudgy hands and began to move quickly around her. She turned and whacked me on the back with her cane, causing me to stumble forward.

"Do not push past me, girl, you are being honored with job, do not make me give it to some one else."

"Of course, ma'am, my fault ma'am, I apologize, ma'am." I stuttered and struggled over my words as I curtsied again and moved away from her, dashing down the hall and up the rotting staircase. I entered my room, which I shared with Elizabeth and Mary Grace. It was a small dark room, it had only one window and it was small, and barred. In the room there was one shared wardrobe and three small, uncomfortable beds in a row. There was a single table in the corner, a dirty mirror hung above it, a chair pushed roughly underneath it, and a rusting broken lantern sitting on top of it. I lit the candle inside quickly, in order to clearly see the clothes I had been given.

It was a simple dress of two layers, the bottom was white and blank, and the top was blue and more like a coat. I threw off my old grey uniform and slipped the white dress on, the linen was soft unlike the normal rough material of my day dress. Grabbing the blue cotton over-coat, I pulled that over my head as well. A brown belt sat underneath the dress, which I strapped around my waist. I slipped on the new brown high-heeled shoes, buckling them tightly. They were much more comfortable then my old shoes,

A red waist length hooded cloak was last to put on. I tied the strings into a neat bow under my chin. I then moved to the table and pulled out an old brush from the drawer. I undid the braid and brushed out my long red hair. Carefully, I braided it again. I looked over at the bed and saw a green and silver clip. Folding the braid several times, twisting it and turning it, I made a respectable hairstyle, which I clipped down.

The door banged open, revealing Elizabeth and Mary Grace.

"Oh Lily, you look beautiful." Elizabeth rushed forward, smoothing my petticoats and adjusting my cloak.

"I can't believe she told you to take out my braid, it was perfect!" Mary Grace fumed.

"Oh well, Mary, Lily did an amazing job redoing it."

"Well yea, she had a fancy clip to go with it." Mary Grace frowned then shook off her sour feelings. "You do look beautiful, though, Lillian. "

"Thank you, Mary."

"I wonder why the witch is making you take the letter." Elizabeth wondered as she picked up the envelope I had tossed to the side.

"Who knows." I shrugged slightly as I took it from her. "Maybe she hopes I'll be murdered. I'm not exactly who she would consider 'responsible'."

"Oh, do be careful Lily." Elizabeth worried. "The streets are very dangerous, especially for a woman of your age, and its worse at night. It's quite a long walk to the Lord's mansion from here and you must be back before the sun goes down or Madam Hester will be angry-"

"She'll have worse things to worry about if she's still out when it's dark the Madam Hester." Mary Grace pointed out. "Be safe."

"I will, don't you guys worry." I smiled as I walked out the door, my new shoes clicking as I stepped on the old floor. "I'll be back long before the sun goes down."

"You see you are." Elizabeth frowned. I grinned and closed the door behind me, holding the letter in my hand tightly.


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