"You actually went inside the Lord's house

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"You actually went inside the Lord's house?!" Mary Grace gasped. "You are so unbelievably lucky!"

"What did it look like, Lily?" Elizabeth asked as she helped me undress, hanging the dress carefully on a hanger and placing it in the shared wardrobe.

"Beautiful, they had fountains of different colors and the Lord was so handsome and kind." I answered, pulling the clip from my hair and letting Elizabeth brush it out. "Though the servant boy there was very rude."

"They don't tolerate bad behavior, high officials." Mary Grace said promptly. "He'll be out of there in no time."

"I can believe that." Standing, I took of the final layer of the dress until I was only wearing my shirt, the long white under dress, and my stay or my corset. Elizabeth and Mary Grace did the same.

"Tomorrow, we're going into town again." Mary Grace told us Elizabeth put out the candle. "I wonder if the witch will let you wear your dress again."

"I really doubt it." I scoffed as I rolled over in my uncomfortable bed.

"You would really stick out in a group of children all dressed in grey." Elizabeth yawned. "What did Hester say when you came back?"

"'Good' and then she sent me to my room without dinner." I growled unhappily.

"Oh, that horrible woman, we'll give you our breakfasts tomorrow, won't we Mary Grace?"

"Of course."

"Oh that's too kind of you guys." I smiled into my pillow, glad to have friends like these two.

"You barely had half a piece of toast today and you've been traveling all day, you need it more then we do."

"I love you guys." I sighed. "I don't know what I would do with out you two."

"We need you as much as you need us, Lils." Mary Grace answered. "Good night."

"Night." Elizabeth sighed.

"Sweet dreams." I murmured, slowly drifting away from reality…


"Lily, wake up before I'm forced to tear apart your newest dress." I woke suddenly, Mary Grace and Elizabeth on either side, pushing me back and forward, trying to wake me from my deep sleep.

"Newest?" I questioned, my word slurred slightly.

"Yes Lily!" I heard Elizabeth squeal excitedly. "Hester left us all new dresses!"

"The devil gave everyone new clothes?"

"No just us, I think she's afraid we'll see some one from the Lord's Manner so she's making you and any one who regularly stays near you wear nicer clothing."

"That's great!" I cried excitedly, jumping to my feet, all feelings of sleep gone.

"Here's yours." Mary Grace handed me a pile of new clothes. I set them down and pulled the first layer over me, two white petticoats, a kerchief, which I tucked underneath my stay, and the top layer, a green gown. It ruffled at the back and was open at the front to show the layers of petticoats underneath. A silk white cloth was to be used as a belt to bring the materials in and give me shape. The last was a cap or bonnet, white as well with a flap over the front to shade my face from the sun. I had not been given new shoes, but a new basket and a light black cape.

I turned to see that my friends all had the same matching black capes and bonnets. They had the same styled dresses, but Elizabeth's gown was blue and Mary Grace's was red. They had new shoes, which Mary Grace looked very happy to wear.

"This is amazing, wearing new clean clothes." Elizabeth commented as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"You look beautiful in blue, Elizabeth." I smiled as I pinned up my hair with the green dragon fly comb as I had the day before. I brushed out Elizabeth's hair and did the same to her, using a blue butterfly comb that had been given to her. Lastly, I put up Mary Grace's hair with a red rose design-covered comb.

"I wonder if these are real gems in the combs." Mary Grace questions as she put her new bonnet on.

"They look real." Elizabeth commented, tying the caps bow underneath her chin.

"We're all going to be the most hated people in St. Demphy's today." We all laughed at my comment as we took our baskets and walked with pride out of our room.

"Lillian, Elizabeth, Mary Grace." I heard our names being shouted. We all made our way quickly down the stairs, finding Madam Hester at the bottom of the steps. We walked all the way down and stood in front of the feared woman, Elizabeth and Mary Grace on either side of me.

"Madam." I greeted, curtsying. I saw my friends follow my lead. "Fair thee well this morn?"

"Go eat." She commanded, ignoring my greeting. "Then going to the market. Then, I'll teach you what happens when you're late for breakfast." We all shared a knowing glance before walking away, heads down.

"Here." Elizabeth shoved me her plate as we sat down, Mary Grace doing the same.

"Are you sure? Here have a little atleas-"

"Lily. Eat it." Mary Grace said bluntly as she yawned. I started eating the black toast, starving.

"Mary, we're running low on some of the medical supplies, pain-killing herbs and bandages. I think it would be wise to go stock up on those things after what that horrible woman just said…" Elizabeth's comment was all that was said. I finished the toast and we all sat in silence as people stared at us with envy, eyeing our expensive new clothes.

"Everyone!" A shout was heard as Hester rapped her cane against the door loudly. "Line up by the front door if you've been given permission to go to the market today. Check in with Master Dunsley if you are. If you are staying behind, stay seated until I return, where I will give you further instruction."

I stood quickly, my friends following suit. All three of us walked gracefully between the tables, more envious jealous looks following us as we went. Silently, we walked up to Master Dunsley, a tall bony man with white-slicked back hair.

"Names?" He questioned, eyeing us suspiciously. He knew what our names were, I don't know why he asked.

"Lillian Marie Evans." I answered before passing him without getting a curt nod. I knew I was on the list. The other two did the same.

The other kids of St Dymphna's moved away from us a few feet, still giving us jealous looks. I ignored them and turned to my own friends.

"This is so weird." Mary Grace commented, examining her feet. "Wearing shoes." I rolled my eyes.

"Only you would say that."

"Only Mary Grace doesn't wear shoes." Elizabeth laughed as Mary Grace walked awkwardly in her new footwear.

"Chil-DREN!" a trill shout rang out, coming from Madam Hester. Three others stood behind her, all men. "Time to go to the market. Head out!" Hester and the three men stood on either side of the mass of children, two on each side. Elizabeth, Mary Grace, and I lead the way down the cobblestone street. People along the street must have not realized that the three beautiful young women walking together were in any way associated with the large group of poorly dressed children, for the waved and nodded, greeting them with 'good mornings' as if they were any other person.

"I like being normal." Mary Grace grinned as she waved back to another man. "It's so…. Normal."

"It is refreshing." Elizabeth said, nodding towards a woman saying 'good morning' as she did so. "How much money do we have?"

"Only about 10 gold pieces and 4 or 5 silver pieces." Mary Grace grumbled, but I just grinned widely.

"Lily… That isn't something to be smiling about. Our clothes might make us look like we fit in, but we have more or less the same amount of money as the rest of St. Dymphy's kids." I shook my head, reaching deep into my pocket and pulling out a handful of gold and silver coins.

"Lily!" Elizabeth gasped. "Where did you get that?"

"Stole it." I answered, grinning. "When the witch wasn't looking."

"Oh my god, Lily! Your amazing!" Mary Grace praised me as I took the coins from my pockets and put them in her purse.

"Stealing is wrong." Elizabeth said firmly, but she was smiling. "But from that horrible person, I'll let it slide." I smiled at her, I had been worried about what she would think of my decision to take the money. And now I knew she approved, I had nothing to worry about.

It wasn't long before we reached the market, which was as filled with bustling people and bright tents as ever before. Mary Grace wanted to treat ourselves by buying something we didn't need but looked beautiful – like three necklace or some other type of jewelry. Elizabeth completely disagreed, saying we should buy the things we were lacking – like more sheets for the winter, new shoes, more candles, gloves, and extra food.

I had to agree with Elizabeth on this one, it really did get cold during winter nights and my hands always froze off from October to April. Finally Mary Grace gave in and agreed with us. Together, we walked through the market, purchasing more candles, three new lanterns, and three pairs of soft warm gloves. Elizabeth pointed out we shouldn't buy too much or we would be questioned on how we were able to afford it.

"These carriages," Mary Grace complained as yet another horse drawn carriage sped carelessly passed us. "Are extremely annoying. Who that can afford a carriage would go shopping down this way?"

"Who knows." I answered, "But we better stay close together."

"Agreed." Elizabeth replied stepping forward, towards an herbs tent. I was about to follow, but another speeding carriage threw me back away from my friends. I waited patiently for it to move, and as I waited, I didn't realize the other carriage coming at me from behind.

"Lily!" Elizabeth screamed, I turned and saw the horses, but it was too late. Crash. Shouts. Horses crying. And pain. A lot of pain.


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