Written for the Shuffle Challenge at the HP Fanfiction Challenges forum. You switch on a music player (I used Jango), play five tracks (or more, but I went for five) and write just for the time they are playing, inspired by them. You're not supposed to skip tracks, but I cheated and skipped a couple. (NO WAY was I writing a Weasley drabble inspired by "Mrs. Robinson"!)

Not very polished, but that's the point.

The songs are by Queen; Paul Simon; Plain White Tees (and the name is wrong - I wasn't going to invent an OC called Delilah - pretend it says Ginny!); Dido and U2.

Weasley Shuffle

I. We will rock you (Fred and George)

"So, we're going to take on the world someday?" George asks, with a grin.

"What do you mean someday? What d'you think we're doing right now?" his twin asks.

"It's a joke shop, Fred. Hardly world-shattering."

"Godric, George. I thought we were together on this. Today, a joke shop, tomorrow the world…"

II. Graceland (Molly and Arthur)

"Our place," Arthur grins down at his wife. "Our very own…"

Molly is less certain than he is. Her back is aching already, and she feels as if she has looked at so many houses today that she can't keep track of which is which. Why is he so certain that this is the one?

"Look, Moll… Up here." Arthur is upstairs, and she pulls herself up with the banister to join him. If she has her way, this unplanned baby will be an only child.

Arthur is crouched in one of the abandoned bedrooms. There is practically no furniture in the house, but here, for some reason something is left. A carved oak cradle. It is beautiful.

Molly smiles. Perhaps he is right. This is the place for them. A place to call home. A gift.

III. Hey there Delilah (Ginny and Harry)

Separation sucks, Ginny decides. She knows the reasons for it, and they are good ones. Harry has to do his Auror training. (Although Kingsley was adamant he could skip most of it, Harry insisted he should be treated like everyone else. Like that's possible for The Boy Who Saved the World.)

And she has her training and her matches. She could give Quidditch up, of course, but she doesn't want to. She has to be herself, to find who Ginny Weasley is as an independent person. Being the girlfriend of the Boy Who Lived is bad enough. Being Mrs. Harry Potter before having a life of her own would be worse.

Two years. They can survive that. And it's not like they never see each other. Each weekend they manage together, each stolen evening, is special because they are so few.

Then, when it is over, they will have the life they knew they should.

IV. Don't leave home (Ron and Hermione)

"I'm not going anywhere, but I won't get in your way." Ron is insistent.

Hermione scowls at him. She has exams next week, and she knows Ron being there will distract her. His idea of being unobtrusive does not correspond with hers. He is physically incapable of sitting still (not his fault, she supposes - it seems to be a family trait). And he will ask her how she is doing or offer her coffee just at the wrong point. She knows he is trying to help, but…

But as she gets her books out and settles herself at the table, she catches the look on Ron's face as he watches her.

He loves her. He is here because she needs him as much as he does her.

They belong together, even when it is inconvenient.

She should have learnt by now that he is her safe haven.

V. Vertigo (Bill and Fleur)

She makes him dizzy sometimes. He laughs at her and says that she is actually too beautiful to be legal, and one day Magical Law Enforcement will catch up with the pair of them and arrest them – her for her beauty, and him for being ensnared by it.

She scowls at him (and she is beautiful even when she scowls) and says if he doesn't love her for more than her beauty, she is leaving right now.

She has no reason to leave, and she knows it. There is so much about her that he loves. The way she turns her head to one side when she is listening; the way she needs to understand what is going on; the mistakes she makes in English. And bigger things – her kindness (which people miss sometimes because sometimes she speaks before she thinks); her caring nature; the way she loves him.

Fleur makes him dizzy.