Sting (and for "Russians" read "Death Eaters"), Queen, The Human League, the Mamma Mia soundtrack and U2.

Weasley Shuffle

LVI. Russians (Arthur)

"For the sake of the children."

This is supposed to be for the children. They are fighting to make a better world for their children. First time round, he and Molly refused to join the Order to protect their children. They still wonder if that was the right decision.

This time they – and most of their children – are in the Order, up to their necks in the war. Fighting for the future – for the grandchildren yet to be born.

But surely those on the other side love their children too? Why are they fighting? To make a better world for their children and grandchildren, as he is doing?

It makes no sense.

But they fight because they have to. Because they believe in what they are fighting for. For the sake of the children.

The battle is over. The injured are being tended, the bodies laid out. There is celebration, and mourning.

And the Death Eaters who have not managed to escape are being rounded up. Arthur sees Voldo Crabbe, and knows that the dead, disbelieving look in his eyes is probably mirrored in his own.

They have both lost a son tonight.

LVII. You're My Best Friend (Fred and George)

Lee is Fred and George's best friend.

But however close they are to him, he is not one of them. Not one of the twins. He is always "Fred and George's friend". Always just that little bit of an outsider.

George's best friend is Fred. Fred's is George. They really don't need anyone else. They rely on each other, stick up for each other, egg each other on. They are there for each other. All the time, whatever happens.

After Fred dies, George discovers what a real friend is. Lee is there for him. He listens to him, drinks with him, stays overnight in the flat over the shop on numerous occasions, helps him rebuild the shop even though doing so interferes with his own plans. He cries with him too. And sometimes laughs.

Lee is George's best friend.

LVIII. Don't You want Me (Hermione)

He is gone. No hope of him coming back. Now she and Harry have moved on, there is no way of him finding them again.

They have lost him.

She has lost him.

Harry is tiptoeing round her, trying to show his sympathy without being too obtrusive about it. Of course, Ron has walked out on him too – but it doesn't feel like that. It feels like he has rejected her, and her only.

She tells herself it's not her. It's the war, it's You Know Who, it's this fruitless search, it's the sodding locket round his neck.

But it doesn't feel like that.

He doesn't want her.

LIX. Voulez Vous (Bill and Fleur)

They both feel as if they shouldn't be doing this.

"There's a bloody war on," Bill said when Fleur suggested it. The rest of it he left unspoken – their membership of the Order, the fact that Ron and Harry and Hermione are off goodness knows where, the horrors Ginny is enduring at school, the danger they live under every minute of every day. "There's a bloody war on" about covers it.

But Fleur got her way – as she usually does – and now they are in a Muggle nightclub, dancing and drinking too much and enjoying the escape.

Tomorrow – when Bill has to get up for work, when their heads are cloudy on the planned Order mission in the evening and Kingsley or Remus yells at them, when they have to lie to Molly or Arthur (or, Merlin help them, to the twins) about what they did this evening – they may regret it.

Now, it is just what they need.

LX. Yahweh (The Weasley Family)

What they have to give may not be enough. But they will give all they can for the cause they believe in. Perhaps their motives are not always pure. Perhaps they are not giving all that they could all of the time. Perhaps (certainly) they are frightened.

But they are doing their best, every one of them. Fighting as they can, as they have the opportunity for, every one of them.

And it hurts, and it costs, and at the back of all their minds is the thought that one of them, some of them, even all of them, may have to give literally everything in the cause.

But they keep going because they hope, they believe, they trust that one day there will be an end to this.

This is the dark before the dawn.

They have to believe it.