A Brief Explanation

Deadly is the warrior – her eyes ice cold blue

Simple is her nature – to the sword she remains true

Absent minded she is never – for a mistake she cannot make

But even a deadly warrior – has a heart that can break

Innocent is the bard – so gentle and full of hope

Glistening are her eyes – as the world she holds in scope

Vulnerable she appears – yet, she understands all sin

But underneath her smile – there is fear of loss within

Together they travel daily – a warrior and a bard

Together they face battles – admirable are their scars

Frightening is every sword swing – that's almost too close to call

But not as terrifying as being alone – and watching the other fall

Two opposites they are – different as day and night

One who conquered darkness – the other who holds the light

Perhaps by serendipity alone – they've created a powerful force

Or rather it's from each other – where they find their endless source